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Want to Watch Taiwanese Dramas But Don’t Know Where to Start? Let Us Help You!

The Taiwanese version of ‘Fated to Love You’ still holds the record for the highest viewership of a TV drama

Have you been interested in getting onboard the Taiwanese drama train but didn’t know where to start? Here are our suggestions for eight of the best/most popular dramas in recent years to get you started! After watching the following list of dramas, we are sure that you will turn from a newbie into a hardcore fan of Taiwanese dramas!

My MVP Valentine

The heart-wrenching break-up scene in Episode 15 of ‘My MVP Valentine

Production Year: 2002

Synopsis:Duan Chen Feng (played by Johnny Yen) is a talented high school basketball player who is on his way to the most important competition of his life when he is involved in a car accident that paralyzes Angel (played byMichelle Lin), the younger sister of his biggest rival, Iceman (played by David Chen). With Iceman missing from the competition, Chen Feng easily wins the MVP Award, but he becomes overwrought with guilt after the tournament. To do the right thing, Chen Feng gives up basketball and leaves school to help care for Angel, much to the bewilderment of his girlfriend, Xiao Xi (played by Angela Zhang).

Fun Facts: 
  • One of the first few Taiwanese drama adaptations of a Japanese manga
  • The theme song Wo Nan Guo became a classic and the show skyrocketed 5566’s fame. 
  • Johnny Yen was actually a high school basketball star (nicknamed The Basketball Genie) and after turning professional, he led the FIBA Asian Championships at his peak. 
  • 5566 (the band with Tony Sun) released a song Without Your Love with an alternative ending to the drama, where Tony Sun gives up his life for Angela Zhang to live.
Favorite Scene (above): Xiao Xi wants to break up with Chen Feng and hides from him. Chen Feng is devastated. But sensing that she must be nearby, he screams out his love confession for her, trying to win her back.

Watch this hilarious dorm scene in Episode 5 of ‘Hana Kimi

Production Year: 2006

Synopsis:Based on Japaneseshōjomanga series “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e,” more commonly known as “Hana Kimi.” Taiwanese high jumper Zuo Yi Quan (played by Wu Chun) is a rising star and a documentary movie about his accomplishments is seen far and wide. In the United States, Lu Rui Xi (played by Ella Chen) sees Yi Quan in the documentary and is instantly smitten. Determined to meet him, Rui Xi decides to transfer to Ying Kai University in Taiwan, where Yi Quan attends school. But there’s a small catch! Ying Kai University is an all-boys’ school!

Fun Facts:
  • Propelled the members of Fahrenheit to crazy popularity. 
  • Danson Tang (who is currently starring in Murphy’s Law of Love”) is the only reason you need to watch this drama!
Favorite Scene (above): Rui Xi comes back to the dormitory exhausted, and accidentally falls asleep next to Yi Quan. Yi Quan is amused and mumbles to himself about how careless Rui Xi is, since she’s a girl and he’s a guy.

Who gets to come to the aid of Jimmy Lin in this exciting scene in Episode 17 of ‘My Lucky Star’?

Production Year: 2007

Synopsis: In this sweet drama about opposites attracting, Zhong Tian Qi (played by Jimmy Lin) is the son of a major jewelry label who runs away from his family after stealing an important piece of jewelry. He meets Xia Zhi Xing (played by Yoo Ha Na), a talented young woman who produces imitation jewelry. As they fall in love, Tian Qi’s belief in Xia Zhi’s talents inspires her to becoming a legitimate jewelry designer.

Fun Fact:
  • Jimmy Lin was a race car driver in real life but quit rally racing in 2011 due to the death of one of his racing buddies. He insisted on doing some of the stunts in this drama himself.
Favorite Scene (above): Injured, Tian Qi is weak from crawling around in the rain looking for an earring. Ya Ruo (played by Jennifer Hong) comes to pick him up. Zhi Xing is worried and runs after the car but cant catch up to it.

The dance that starts it all in Episode 1 of ‘Fated to Love You

Production Year: 2008

Synopsis: When Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) tries to save her relationship with her no-good boyfriend, she mistakenly sleeps with a total stranger, Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan). Although they try to forget about the one-night stand, Xin Yi later discovers that she is pregnant.

Fun Facts:
Favorite Scene (above): Cun Xi shares a dance with Xin Yi after he saves her from her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her.

Vanness Wu comes to the rescue in Episode 4 of Autumn’s Concerto

Production Year:2009

Synopsis: Ren Guang Xi (played by Vanness Wu) has the world at his feet. The law student is the sole heir to a wealthy family business, is athletic, and blessed with great looks and charisma. After he falls in love with Liang Mu Cheng (played by Ady An), a new employee in his school cafeteria, he undergoes emergency brain surgery that takes away his memory.

Fun Fact:
  • The drama holds the record of the second-highest average viewership rating (after “Fated to Love You) at 8.23, peaking at 9.5 for Episode 18.
Favorite Scene (above): Guang Xi rushes to save Mu Cheng, who is kidnapped.

See what happens when Jiro Wang spends a drunken night with Rainie Yang in Episode 2 of ‘To Get Her

Production Year: 2009

Synopsis: Chen Mo Mo (played by Rainie Yang) suffers from agoraphobia, which makes her feel anxiety in public places or in an overly crowded setting. When she takes in superstar Zhuang Jun Nan (played by Jiro Wang) as a tenant after he hits rock bottom, her peaceful world turns upside down.

Favorite Scene (above): Jun Nan’s drunken confession and night spent with Mo Mo.

Ethan Juan’s hot kiss with Cheryl Yang in Episode 3 of ‘My Queen

Production Year: 2009

Synopsis: At 33, Shan Wu Shuang (played by Cheryl Yang) has always put her schoolwork and her career above her romantic relationships, rising to become a top magazine editor. When Wu Shuang falls for Lucas, a 25-year-old part-time assistant (played by Ethan Juan) at the magazine, does the December-June relationship have a chance?

Fun Facts:
Favorite Scene (above): Lucas kisses Wu Shuang after she was tricked by his partner.

Jerry Yan can’t resist Ella Chen’s amazing makeover in Episode 8 of ‘Down With Love

Production Year: 2010

Synopsis: Xiang Yu Ping (played by Jerry Yan) is suddenly forced to care for his brother’s children after his death. In need of a nanny, Yu Ping hires Yang Guo (played by Ella Chen), who passes herself off as gay to get the job. But what web of lies will they find themselves in when Yu Ping’s superstar girlfriend and his best friend both come into the picture?

Fun Facts:
  • The drama was a joint project of China and Taiwan and was filmed in both Taipei, Taiwan, and Hangzhou, China. The show was broadcasted in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore simultaneously.
  • Xiao Xiao Bin has acted with three out of the four members of the F4: as Vanness Wu’s sonin Autumn’s Concerto, as Jerry Yan’s nephew in Down With Love and as Vic Zhou’s son in Perfect Two.
Favorite Scene (above):Guos makeover scene, complete with dance lessons from Yu Ping.

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