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Why Takumi Saito Is the Hottest Star in Japan Right Now!


With the Japanese drama “Doctors’ Affairs” just launched exclusively on Viki, lead actor Takumi Saito has become a hot commodity in Japan. Since 2014, his popularity has skyrocketed in Japan and many fans want to know more about the actor.

The interesting and surprising thing about Takumi Saito is that he isn’t just an actor; that’s just one of the many titles of this multitalented star. Here are five other entertainment titles associated with Takumi Saito and and the reasons why he’s one of Japan’s hottest stars right now.


At the height of 184 cm (about 6 feet), a fit body and a handsome face, Takumi Saito began his career as a model at the age of 15. He has made appearances in the popular Japanese magazines MEN’S NON-NO and POPEYE. Takumi Saito has modeled in fashion shows, not only in Tokyo but also Paris, for Japanese designers Issei Miyake, Keita Maruyama and SHINICHIRO ARAKAWA, as well as popular global designer Calvin Klein.


Takumi Saito began his acting career in 2001 and has been active ever since. But a supporting role he played in 2014 catapulted him to megastardom, making housewives all across Japan fall in love with him.

Takumi Saito also has appeared in numerous commercials promoting everything from fashion e-commerce and a wedding venue search engine to cup noodles and soda. He’s also not afraid to wear goofy outfits when the situation calls for it!


Because of his love for acting and movies, Takumi Saito has branched out and directed several movies. This love and talent could have started from the time he was a child and his dad worked at a production company. So his love of movies may be a family trait!


Takumi Saito has written and published a book titled Escaping from Japan 1981 (ニッポン脱出 1981) on his experiences traveling abroad. Because of his love of movies, he writes a lot of movie reviews in his blog. So if you ever need movie recommendations, what better way to get them than from an actor himself!

Books and blogs aren’t the only things Takumi Saito writes. In 2007, he wrote and sang his first mini-album, “Kokoro no Gururi.”

Radio Show Host

Takumi Saito has hosted his own radio show, “TAKUMIZM” since 2007. So Japanese listeners can listen to his sexy voice all the time? Wait, why aren’t we all in Japan right now?

Watch the exciting trailer for his new drama, “Doctors’ Affairs,” below!

And don’t miss this special message from Takumi Saito himself about his new drama!

We can expect great things from Takumi Saito with “Doctors’ Affairs” and whatever the future may hold for him — because one thing is for sure: his popularity is only going to grow. Send your love to Takumi Saito and tell us what you love the most about this sexy Japanese actor!

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