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Language Learning: 10 Chinese Firefighting Terms to Pick Up!


In our last Language Learning blog, we explored the world of crime-fighting and the Korean terms that go along with that high-stress, but exciting, profession. This week, we’ll delve into the intense and often-unpredictable realm of firefighting through the popular Hong series “Elite Brigade F.S.D.”!

While it’s common knowledge that firefighters battle flames on a daily basis, they also deal with a wide array of situations ranging from chemical leaks to building collapses and even suicide attempts. Although this profession may not be for everyone, step into their world for a bit through the world of dramas and learn some of the professional terms that that they use from the different scenarios they face!

FIRES — ‘Elite Brigade F.S.D.’ Episode 1 and Episode 3

消防員 (xiu fong yun): firefighter
候架 (hao ga): fire hose
水浸 (soi zum): flooding
火海 (for hoi): sea of fire (a large amount of fire)
防煙門 (fong yin moon): smoke prevention doors

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES — ‘Elite Brigade F.S.D.’ Episode 5

救護車 (gao hoo chare): ambulance
醫院 (yee yun): hospital

CHEMICAL LEAKS — ‘Elite Brigade F.S.D’ Episode 7

化學保護袍 (fa hawk bou wu pou): chemical protection gowns
核生化部隊 (he sheng fa bou doi): Nuclear, Biological, Chemical protection team
呼吸輔助器 (fu kap fu zor hey): breathing apparatus/oxygen mask

Which term is your favorite? Learn any new words? Share what you know and keep the conversation going in the Language Learning Discussions!

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