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10 Must-Watch Dramas/Movies This Fall


Get excited — the seasons are changing and great new TV shows and movies are coming to the fall lineup. We know you’re all busy people (who isn’t, right?), so we’re making it really easy to help you figure out what you should watch next!

G-Dragon can’t wait for these new dramas, too!

Follow our list of 10 dramas and movies you should see this fall. With the weather turning colder, it’s the perfect time to snuggle under a warm blanket and have a video marathon of new fall shows and popular past shows!

If you liked George Hu in “Love Around,watch him in “Love Cheque Charge.

George Hu is switching it up this time by starring opposite newbie actress Yuan Ai Fei instead of Annie Chen. Would you ever promise to marry a stranger just to stop her from crying after a break-up? If he looks like George Hu, then yes, please!

If you liked Puff Guo in “Just You,” watch her in “Love Myself or You.

Puff Guo is on a roll after her first role in “Inborn Pair.” The in-trend Taiwanese actress is so great at portraying realistic on-screen chemistry that it doesn’t matter who her partner is — including Aaron Yan in “Just You” and Jasper Liu in “Love Myself or You.”

If you liked Lee Dong Wook in “Hotel King, watch him in “Iron Man.

Lee Dong Wook isn’t taking any break — immediately following up his role in “Hotel King” with “Iron Man.” We don’t mind seeing more of his handsome face and charismatic acting skills. See what happens in this supernatural action drama!

If you liked Mario Maurer in “The Dog, watch him in “To Each a Flower.

Thai-Chinese-German actor Mario Maurer started his career as a model at the young age of 16 and has slowly made a name for himself, mostly in films with a few dramas here and there. He even won “Best Film Actor” at the Top Awards 2010 ceremony. Check out what all the buzz is about now!

If you liked the music in “Rock ‘n’ Road,” watch “She’s So Lovable.

Just as the storyline in “Rock ‘n’ Road” was about a music producer who gets back on his feet after hard times, Rain’s comeback on the small screen explores the same theme. However, you may be more interested in watching his hot idol co-stars Krystal from f(x) or L and Hoya from Infinite!

If you liked “Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO,” watch “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO.

This series starring Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa is the fifth drama adaptation of the original Japanese manga, “Itazura Na Kiss.” A special episode was recently released following the newlywed couple on their honeymoon in Okinawa, Japan. Get excited for the second season premiering later this year!

If you liked the Korean version of “Fated to Love You,” watch the original Taiwanese “Fated to Love You.” 

Sparks were flying for the Jang duo (Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra who played Gun and Mi Young, respectively) in the Korean version of “Fated to Love You.” If you liked the just-ended series as much as we did, you should see how it all started with the original Taiwanese drama!

If you liked the history in “A Tree With Deep Roots,” watch “Secret Door.

Han Suk Kyu stars in another historical drama with “Secret Door.” We do admit that the look does suit him well! Watch as the truth unfolds behind the mysterious death of Crown Prince Sado (played by Lee Je Hoon), which was ordered by his father, King Yeong Jo (played by Han Suk Kyu).

If you liked Marlene Favela in “Wild Cat,” watch her in “Passion of the Heart.

Marlene Favela is a telenovela queen as a veteran actress with 15 years of experience. In “Passion of the Heart,” will she be able to open up to love after being emotionally scarred from a past relationship?

If you like high school shows like Hi! School: Love On, watch “Sixteen.

High school can be a confusing time as everyone tries to figure out their identity. If you’ve been watching Woo Hyun (from K-pop boy group Infinite) in “Hi! School: Love On,” we think you’ll enjoy one of our new Bollywood films, “Sixteen”! It has all the things you want — tension, romance and comedy.   

Which show are you most looking forward to watching? Tell us in the comments!

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