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Learn These 6 Phrases to Help You Survive in Japan!


While watching your favorite drama, have you ever wished you could travel to the same places? Well, here is your chance to travel along with the popular recent drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love”!

In Episode 8 of “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” Hae Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin) and Jae Yeol (played by Jo In Sung) make a last-minute decision to go to Okinawa, Japan, for the weekend. Luckily, they could use English most of the time, but wouldn’t knowing some helpful phrases in Japanese have been much easier? We think so!

Here are six Japanese phrases that will help you to survive in Okinawa — or any other part of Japan — on your next trip there.

How to Say Hello

“Hello, good morning.”
“Hello” – こんにちは (Kon-ni-chi-wa)
“Good morning” –おはようございます (O-ha-yo go-zai-masu)

This is the standard greeting that is always a great way to start the day. The words are different in every language, but the meaning stays the same. Say it with a smile, and you’ll get one in return!

How to Get a Room

“Excuse me, I was wondering if you have any other rooms. Two rooms please.”
“Excuse me” – すみません (Su-mi-ma sen)
“I was wondering if you have any other rooms” – 他の 部屋 は ありますか (Ho-ka-no he-ya wa ari-masu-ka)
“Two rooms” – 2部屋 (Fu-ta he-ya)
“Please” – お願いします (O-ne-gai shi-masu)

Upon arrival at the hotel in Okinawa, Hae Soo discovers that Jae Yeol only booked one overly luxurious room. She asks the staff if there is another available, which starts their long search in both the same hotel and at other places for a room fitting her much lower budget. She won’t rest until they’re in two separate rooms at a reasonable price!

How to Pick Up a Guy/Girl

“You’re just my style.”
“You are” – なたは (Ana-ta-wa)
“My” – 私の (Wa-ta-shi no)
“Type” – タイプです (Type de-su)

Note: In this case, it is more common to say “type” instead of “style” in Japanese

Jae Yeol and Hae Soo are the perfect match as they both admit to being each other’s style, or type. They’ve both never met someone quite like the other. Jae Yeol even confesses his love!

Check out their hot makeout session at the beach below!

How to Ask for the Bill

“Excuse me, bill please.”
“Excuse me” – すみません (Su-mi-ma sen)
“Bill” – 会計 を (Kai-kei wo)
“Please” – お願いします (O-ne-gai shi-masu)

Hae Soo is concerned about paying for everything equally with Jae Yeol during their trip. Before the check comes for their meal, she asks the waiter for “dutch pay,” which means splitting the bill in half.

How to Respond to Someone Waiting for You

“Okay, I’ll be right down. Thank you.”
“Okay” – わかりました (Wa-ka-ri mash-i-ta)
“I’ll be right down” – 今 うかがいます (Ima uka-gai-masu)
“Thank you” – ありがとうございます(A-ri-ga-tou go-zai masu)

Hae Soo calls the hotel staff about the availability of another room. She learns there is one and responds that she’ll be downstairs right away in order to get the key. Little does she know that the room is still a little too grand for her liking.

How to Ask the Price of Something

“Is it really 24,000 yen?”
“Is it” – それは (So-re-wa)
“Really” – 本当に (Hon-to-ni)
“24,000 yen” – 24,000円 ですか (Ni-man yon sen en desu ka)

The happy couple enjoy a fun date and end up painting little lion dogs called Shisha. Hae Soo is starting to loosen up, but we suspect she’s still shocked after learning how much the hotel room originally booked by Jae Yeol cost – for that amount, we would be, too!

Note: $1 USD = 109 yen; 24,000 yen = $221 USD

Which Japanese phrase do you think is most useful? Tell us and share other helpful phrases that you think we should know in the comments below!

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