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How Well Do You Know These Stars Born in September?


September is such a popular month that we had to group all our favorite celebrities together to wish one big “Happy Birthday”! Did you know that the following stars all have September birthdays?

If you’re born in this month, then your zodiac sign is either Virgo or Libra. People born from September 1 to 22 are Virgo, a sign known for being understanding, caring and compassionate. Those born from September 23 to 30 are Libra, a sign identified as being organized and peaceful. 

Check out which stars are born in September below and see if they’re a Virgo or Libra!

September 5 — Mandy Wei, Cyndi Wang and B1A4’s Baro

Mandy Wei only debuted five years ago, but her rise in the industry has been fast! She’s currently starring as the lead actress in “I Do 2.” Her past drama appearances include “Deja Vu” and “Love, Now.”

Cyndi Wang started out as a singer after signing with Avex Taiwan in 2003. She successfully branched out into acting with roles in “Second Life,” “Heaven’s Wedding Gown” and “Smiling Pasta.”

Baro is B1A4’s rapping cutie, but lately he’s received critical acclaim for his acting in “God’s Gift – 14 Days” and “Reply 1994.” Fun fact: While still a trainee, Baro asked TVXQ’s Yunho for an autograph and the message said, “Let’s meet on stage in the future!” Two years later, Baro met Yunho on his debut day and Yunho remembered him. How awesome, right?

September 9 — Jung Il Woo

Even with his military enlistment planned for next year (we’re sad to see him leave!), Jung Il Woo is busy doing as many projects as possible until then. He currently stars in the thrilling historical action drama “The Night Watchman.” As he gets older, his acting also has become more mature and we hope the experience of military service will add more depth to his future roles! Which of his dramas have you enjoyed watching the most — “Golden Rainbow,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun” or “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”?

September 11 – Leroy Young

With his ‘The Way We Were’ co-star Ruby Lin
Leroy Young can speak English? Yes! He graduated with a degree in information systems from the University of California at Irvine. He’s definitely easy on the eyes with a perfect smile complimented by hot dimples, but he can actually act, too! See his acting skills put to the test in “The Way We Were,” “Two Fathers,” “Love Forward,” and “Marry Me.”

September 16 — Amy Poehler and Lee Jin Wook

Amy Poehler is respected for her comedic chops and memorable sayings. One of her life quotes is “Sometimes painful things can teach us lessons that we didn’t think we needed to know.” Well, enough with the seriousness — keep the laughs coming by catching her in “Parks and Recreation Season 1” and “Season 2”!

Lee Jin Wook got his start as a print model for Panasonic in 2003 before transitioning into acting the following year. He’s best known for his leading role in “Nine: 9 Times Time Travel,” which had the same writer and director as “The Three Musketeers.” Fun fact: Lee Jin Wook recently broke up with Gong Hyo Jin (from “It’s Okay, That’s Love”) after dating since May!

September 19 — Saki Fukuda and David Zepeda

Saki Fukuda is a veteran actress with 10 years in the industry, but she’s only turning 24! In her young career, she’s already received a Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Watch Saki in “The Tragedy of W” and judge for yourself how well her acting has developed over the years.

Can you believe hunky telenovela actor David Zepeda is turning 41? We think the native Mexican doesn’t look a day over 30. If you’re looking for more skin, see David in “Trapped”!

September 25 — Hyun Bin

We couldn’t possibly leave out Hyun Bin! The Korean actor is known worldwide for his leading roles in such popular dramas as “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon,” “Secret Garden” and “Worlds Within.” His relationship with Song Hye Gyo didn’t work out, so he’s still on the market, ladies! 

Let’s wish a big Happy Birthday to all these September babies!

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