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The Most Terrifying Drama Villains

Even if you have never watched Batman, Star Wars or The Little Mermaid, youve probably heard of the notorious bad guys Joker, Darth Vader and Ursula.

These villains always try to go after the heroes and heroines we admire, but good eventually overcomes evil in the end. However, it’s hard to deny that these evil characters are irresistible in their own ways.

Here are some of our favorite villains and their delightfully wicked deeds that you can witness in the following dramas on Viki.

Min Joon Gook From I Hear Your Voice

No other character sends chills down your spine quite like Min Joon Gook, the killer in the highly rated 2013 K-drama I Hear Your Voice.” Played by actor Jung Woong In, who seems have been born to make that evil smirk, the character runs down Park Soo Has father in a car, and then when that doesnt quite get the job done, he takes a metal rod and beats the man to death in front of the little boy. Hes also equally relentless in killing Jang Hye Sungs mother and repeatedly going after Hye Sung and Soo Ha. And we cant even mention the dismemberment. Youll have to watch for yourself to see how far this villain will go to seek revenge against the two people he blames for his wasted life.

Min Joon Gook played pure evil in 'I Hear Your Voice'

Yuka Kagusai From Sacred Monsters

In this suspenseful 2012 Japanese medical drama, nothing is as it seems. Dr. Kengo Shiba, our protagonist, tries to do his best to save peoples lives and generally do good as a surgeon who is transferred to work in the financially struggling Okubo Hospital. But one rainy night, when he is forced to perform a C-section on a pregnant woman and deliver a baby, the baby survives and the mother dies, sealing the young doctor’s fate in becoming a pawn in an unknown, evil scheme. 

Central to the evil plot is chief nurse Yuka Kasugai, the cool and calculating woman who is a master at manipulating the young doctor and everyone else around her, including her sister, Keiko Fuga. Keiko is desperate to have a baby but is unable to carry one on her own. Driven by greed, Keiko will do anything to have a son who can become heir to her husband, Toshio Fuga, and his wealthy family. But how far will the sisters go to get everything they want? Youll have to see the drama to find out!

Eduarda Arismendi From Wild Cat

As far as Venezuelan telenovela evil villains go, Eduarda Arismendi is as evil as they come. This wicked character from Wild Cat will stop at nothing to play with the lives of the people around her just so she can get her way. And let us say, you wouldnt want her as your sister-in-law, thats for sure!

After Eduarda decides that her brother, Luis Mario, should marry the wealthy Eva so that they can save their financially troubled family ranch, she does everything in her power to break up his relationship with the poor Rosaura. When Luis Mario marries Rosaura anyway, Eduarda (in no particular order) orchestrates a horse-riding accident so that Rosaura miscarries her baby; frames Rosaura for theft and has her sent to jail; has Rosauras father killed; perpetuates lies about Rosaura’s behavior so that Luis Mario thinks she is flirting and kissing other men; and otherwise makes Rosaura's life a living hell so that she is forced to divorce Luis Mario. Need we say more?

Joo Da Hae From Queen of Ambition

In this suspenseful 2013 K-drama, Joo Da Hae is the steely main character who rose from extreme poverty to become First Lady, and she is determined to let no one take away everything she has worked so hard to achieve. If that means killing her good-for-nothing stepfather, using and then throwing away her first lover, and then later trying to kill a prosecutor, then so be it. If you can help her, the evil Da Hae will use you. If youre in her way, she will stomp on you. There is nothing more terrifying than absolute greed and blind ambition!

Joo Da Hae is a beautiful villain 

Ou Ya Ruo From My Lucky Star

In this 2007 Taiwanese drama, Ou Ya Ruo is the type of woman you love to hate. She goes out with the main character, Tian Qi, until she realizes that his older brother, Tian Jun, is first in line to inherit the family jewelry empire. So Ya Ruo dumps Tian Qi and goes out with Tian Jun instead — because, lets face it, Tian Jun is a better bet to give her the life of luxury and power that she wants. But her delightful evil streak doesn’t stop there. Ya Ruo also tampers with her own father’s car in an attempt to kill him. With a daughter like that, who needs enemies?

Bang Young Ja of A Hundred Years Inheritance

There is no other villain in drama history who will have a more chilling effect on marriages for years to come. In this popular 2013 Korean family drama series, Bang Young Ja is every womans worst nightmare of a mother-in-law. Unable to play second fiddle to any woman who comes between her and her beloved only son, Chul Kyu, Young Ja openly abuses and attacks her poor daughter-in-law, Chae Won. And if the verbal and physical abuse wasnt enough, she also has Chae Won locked up in an insane asylum, frames her with a concocted extramarital affair, tries to feed her medicine to keep her from conceiving a child, has Chae Wons father jailed, and then finally succeeds in forcing Chae Won to divorce her son and leave penniless. To prove the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Young Ja’s daughter, Joo Ri, is just as vicious in attacking Chae Won to try to keep her away from the man she loves. With in-laws like that, you too will be praying for a divorce!

Bang Young Ja played the world's worst mother in law in 'A Hundred Year's Inheritance' 

These are just a few of our favorite villains from recent dramas on Viki. There are many, many more that we cant even begin to list here that make watching dramas so much fun and suspenseful. Tell us about some of your favorite villains!

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