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Sexy Male Music Celebrities on Viki

A few weeks ago, we brought you some of the globe’s sexiest female music celebrities. This week, we’ll zero in on some sexy male music stars on Viki. You might be wondering why some of the obvious names aren’t on this list. We all know who they are. So we thought, instead, we would call attention to what we call our hidden gems. Clearly sexy, but these artists haven’t quite got the huge fan following we think they deserve on Viki yet.

We’re counting down our list in the order of their sexiness in the featured MVs below and the general perception they create among fans.

#5 — DMTN in Safety Zone

After debuting as “Dalmatian” with a cute boy-band concept, the group later underwent a major transformation after Japanese-Korean rapper Simon joined the band in 2012. They changed the band name to DMTN. Not only did the group adopt a cooler image, its music style followed suit from bubblegum pop to sexy dance ballads. “Lies”—‘he’

#4— Bang Yong Guk in I Remember” (featuring B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop)

From the leader of B.A.P, “I Remember” is a sexy song that released before B.A.P made its official debut. Starting as a member of an underground hip-hop crew, Bang Yong Guk knows his sexy hop-hop moves. Kpop fans don’t just love his toned and muscular body, he’s also voted as Nate’s top 5 for “Most Sexy Collarbone.” If you don
’t know what a sexy collarbone looks like, take a look!

— Eminem in Not Afraid

Tattoos and a bad-boy image make a sexy combination. “Not Afraid” was the 2010 comeback single of the very talented rapper Eminem. He took rap music to another level and reinvented the way music fans enjoyed hip hop music. Now that’s what we call 

— Enrique Iglesias in Ayer

This Latin pop royalty is a multitalented artist as a singer-songwriter in both English and Spanish, a model, actor and record producer. Oh, did we also mention, he’s a great dancer? Touted as “The King of Latin Pop” and “The King of Dance,” it’s no wonder people associate romance and sexiness with Enrique. In this music video, he takes on a slightly vulnerable, boyish look as he sings about his broken heart.

#1 — Adam Levine of Maroon 5 in Makes Me Wonder

It’s no surprise Adam Levine came out tops on our list. He is undeniably one of the sexiest male celebrities with killer abs, and an incredible voice as lead vocalist for the American rock band Maroon

No wonder he’s off the shelf, and with the equally-hot Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. See news clip below. 

So there you have it. Our top five sexiest hidden gems. Who was your favorite? If not, tell us who you thought should have made the cut.

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