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Happy 25th Birthday, G-Dragon!

Guess whose birthday is August 18th? We are celebrating G-Dragon’s 25th birthday!

On stage, the rapper and singer (and part of the boy group Big Bang) is a leader who exudes confidence and charisma. Yet offstage, Kwon Ji Yong is just like any other ordinary 25-year-old who loves hanging out with his friends and playing with his pet dogs, Gaho and Jolie.

Having entered the entertainment industry at a tender age of 5, G-Dragon’s journey has not been an easy one. Let’s take a look:

Little Roora

When Kwon Ji Yong was 5, he debuted as a member of Little Roora, a kids version of the popular hip-hop and dance group. Although Little Roora did not go far, it still marked the first of many future performances for the budding entertainer. Check out this legendary group that inspired G-Dragon’s first appearance on screen.

Breakthrough Song: “Lies”

After debuting as part of Big Bang, G-Dragon singlehandedly composed “Lies,” and the song became one of the group’s biggest hits. With “Lies,” Big Bang won its first music award in 2007.

Acting Chops: “Haru Haru

G-Dragon displayed his acting abilities alongside popular actress, Park Min Young (who appeared in City Hunter, Glory Jane and Doctor Jin), in this heartbreaking music video to Haru Haru. Big Bang won multiple awards with Haru Haru, and the hit helped the group win Artist of the Year at the 2008 MKMF Awards.

Check out this SBS MTV Special, which features G-Dragon.

Solo Debut: Heartbreaker

Making his solo debut with the dance track Heartbreaker, G-Dragon took away the grand award, Best Album of the Year, at the 2009 MAMA Awards.

GD & TOP: High High

Coming out as a rapper duo with TOP, G-Dragon released High High, which clinched a Best Rap and Hip Hop Performance at the 2011 Melon Music Awards. G-Dragon also wrote the lyrics for the song.

Comeback: “Tonight

After a two-year hiatus, G-Dragon made a comeback with his group Big Bang, displaying extraordinary talent once again with the groups song Tonight. The mini-album was well received by the public and critics commended on the improved quality of his music.

Get an insight into G-dragon through the variety show appearances he has made, including Strong Heart and Incarnation. He shares secrets and exclusive interviews that have never been released to the public. Find out more about his love life and dating habits or grab a tip or two from him on breakups.

** Interesting Fact: Do you know how G-Dragon got his name?

His birth name is Kwon Ji Yong.

용 = Yong = means dragon in Korean

So, G (Ji) + Dragon (Yong) = G-Dragon!

We look forward to seeing more good works from G-Dragon, and of course, Big Bang.
Happy Birthday, GD!

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