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Volunteers Needed for New Korean Highlight Clips!


All of the subtitles that you see on Viki are created by passionate users and fans, just like you, helping to set the timing of the subtitles (aka “segments”) and writing the translations (aka “subtitles”). Want to give volunteering a try or simply looking to hone your skills? Look no further than our new Korean highlight clips!

Why volunteer on our highlight clips?
  • They’re short & sweetWith the videos being only 2 to 3 minutes long, you’ll be able to work on a number of videos in a relatively short amount of time. It’s an awesome way to get your feet wet in the volunteer world.
  • You can work on the latest videos from the hottest shows: Work on highlight clips from K-dramas like “The Lover” and “Super Daddy 10” and popular variety shows like “Infinite Challenge” and “Real Men 2,” with new videos updated weekly!
  • Large number of videos to work on: Clip channels get approximately five new videos each week, so there’ll always be something to work on.
  • Work towards Qualified Contributor status: Qualified Contributors (QCs) are our most passionate, active and supportive Viki community members. Reach the QC contribution numbers, and you can enjoy awesome QC perks like global video viewing ability and an ad-free, HD viewing experience for free! Learn more about how to gain QC status
Ready to get started? Here’s how!

1. Choose from one of the available channels:

Infinite Challenge
I Live Alone
Radio Star
King of Mask Singer

Drama Highlight Clips — includes clips from:
  • “Super Daddy 10”
  • “The Lover” 
  • “Let’s Eat Season 2”
  • “Missing Noir M” 
  • “Fool’s Love (aka Ho Goo’s Love)” 
  • “Family Secrets”
  • “Superhuman Generation”
Entertainment Show Clips — includes clips from: 
  • “What Shall We Eat Today?”
  • “Taxi”
  • “Get It Beauty” 
  • “Grandpas Over Flowers in Greece”
  • “Comedy Big League”
  • “Three Meals a Day”

2. Join the Channel Team! 
  1. After finding a Channel to work on, contact the Channel Manager or the respective language Moderator of the language you’d like to work on via Private Message (PM) to let them know you’re interested! 
  • Find a clip that you’d like to volunteer on and get started! 
  • When you’re done with a video, inform your team which clip/s has/have been segmented and/or subtitled.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Tips for Variety Show Volunteers

    Variety shows are oftentimes unscripted and unpredictable, which can make them a bit intimidating. But don’t fear! Here’s a few tips and tricks.*
    • For segments, how the segment is cut often depends on when the captions and dialogue occur:
      • Are they at the same time? Cut the segment according to the voice. 
      • Does the caption appear before the voice? Start cutting the segment according to the caption, then close the segment according to voice.
    • For subtitles, people commonly use visual cues to mark different speakers and to note captions vs. dialogue:
      • Use breaks (<br>) or dashes (-) to indicate different speakers
      • Use brackets ([ ]) and italics (<i>) to differentiate captions from dialogue
    (*Please note that the style of how captions and subtitles are created varies by channel teams. Check in with your Channel Manager or language moderator to see what style your team will be using.)


    Need a refresher on how to segment or subtitle?

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