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7 Characters We Want to Spend ‘Black Day’ With!

Park Yoochun eating jjajangmyun in on-air drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ 

For those of us who didn’t have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day or White Day with this year, cheer up! Black Day is here for you!

Black Day is a South Korean holiday observed on April 14 where singletons can celebrate their single status by dressing in black and eating jjajangmyun, a delicious black bean noodle dish. Other activities include drinking black coffee or participating in one of the many matchmaking events that are organized for the day.

If I can eat jjajangmyun with Park Yoochun, then every day can be Black Day, as far as we’re concerned!

In celebration of Black Day, here are seven single characters from our favorite dramas that we would love to spend the day eating jjajangmyun with!

Kwanjai in ‘True Love Next Door

If you’re looking for the single girl who is on the search for her one true love, look no further than Paula Taylor in “True Love Next Door.” In this sitcom, Paula Taylor plays Kwanjai, a woman whose  fiancé has disappeared without a trace, leaving her devastated. After consulting with Thida, her best friend, who also happens to be a horoscope writer, Kwanjai must now figure out who the true love of her life is. Thida predicts that he may be living right next door. Question is, which neighbor could it be? Is it Joe (played by Sunny Suwanmethanon), Kwanjai’s childhood friend, or Vee (played by Bo Thanakorn Chinakul), the nerdy next-door neighbor?

To find out who Kwanjai picks, watch Season 1 and Season 2 of ‘True Love Next Door’!

Cheng Hao Wei in ‘Love Myself or You

In “Love Myself or You,” Jolin Chien plays Cheng Hao Wei, a manga-loving friend who went to college with Du Kai Qi (played by Puff Guo). Unable to confess his love to Kai Qi due to a misunderstanding caused by Kai Qi’s father, Hao Wei goes to great lengths to win her back once he realizes his mistake. However, it might be too late when Fu Zi Jie (played by Jasper Liu) comes into Kai Qi’s life.

Hua Tuo Ye in ‘Autumn’s Concerto

Autumn’s Concerto” was one of the highest-rated idol dramas in Taiwan, breaking a number of viewership records. Starring Vanness Wu, Ady An and Chris Wu, the 2009 drama shot its stars into the spotlight and they’ve stayed there ever since.

The uber-talented Chris Wu portrays Hua Tuo Ye, a kind and understanding friend to Ady An’s Liang Mu Cheng. Tuo Ye is in love with Mu Cheng and helps take care of her diabetic son, Xiao Le, as the little boy’s godfather. However, when Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) comes back into Mu Cheng’s life, Tuo Ye has to fight for her love.

Kinnosuke Ikezawa in ‘Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO

Based on the shoju manga, Itazura na Kiss — which also spawned live-action adaptations in Taiwan (“It Started With a Kiss”) and Korea (“Playful Kiss”) — “Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO” follows the story of a dim-witted girl who is in love with the brightest student in her school. Hilarious situations abound as Kotoko Aihara (Honoka Miki) chases after Naoki Irie (Yuki Furukawa). Yamada Yuki plays Kinnosuke Ikezawa, the childhood best friend who’s had a crush on Kotoko for years but never had the guts to tell her. He protects her and eventually confesses, albeit too late. However, Kinnosuke’s love life might be looking up when he least expects it! Find out how Kinnosuke’s story ends in “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO.”

Leonardo Arisméndi in ‘Eva Luna

Julian Gil is Leonardo “Leo” Arisméndi in this dark family tale of twists and turns. Willing to do anything to win the love of Eva González (played by Blanca Soto), Leo constantly lies and manipulates situations to his benefit, eventually tearing Eva away from his best friend, Daniel Villanueva (played by Guy Ecker). However, Leo soon gets caught in his lies and misdeeds, and ultimately, Eva leaves him to be with Daniel. Leo’s ending is not so happy but you’ll have to watch “Eva Luna” to see what happens in the end!

Zheng Rui Rui in ‘The Way We Were

Tiffany Hsu portrays Zheng Rui Rui, best friend to Ruby Lin’s Tang Jia Ni in “The Way We Were,” a drama chronicling the lives of five friends from 1998 to 2014. Although Rui Rui has been harboring a crush on Jia Ni’s boyfriend for a long time, one of the most beautiful aspects of this drama is Jia Ni and Rui Rui’s friendship. And, through a surprising revelation near the end of the series, we understand why!

Oh Ri On in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me

In the Viki-exclusive popular Korean drama “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Park Seo Joon is Oh Ri On, a funny and smart mystery novelist whose twin sister, Oh Ri Jin (played by Hwang Jung Eum), turns out not to be related to him at all. While Ri Jin works as the secret personal physician of Cha Do Hyun (played by Ji Sung), Ri On is investigating and writing about Cha Do Hyun’s powerful family. Fans have been calling Ri On one of the best oppas ever portrayed in a drama. Check it out to see if you agree!

Who would you most like to spend Black Day with? Rui Rui from “The Way We Were” or Tuo Ye from “Autumn’s Concerto”? Or, everyone's favorite oppa of the moment, Oh Ri On, from “Kill Me, Heal Me”? Let us know in the comments!

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