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Win Big in Thai New Year Seg & Sub-a-Thon!


Did you know that Thai New Year, or Songkran, starts on April 13? During this time, water is traditionally poured, symbolizing the washing away of sins and starting anew. To celebrate this holiday, as well as the awesome shows and stars from Thailand, this Seg & Sub-a-Thon will be focused on Thai content! This means that when you subtitle Thai titles, you’ll be eligible to receive a gift.

One segmenter and one subtitler will each receive a great gift pack that includes a “Hyde Jekyll, Me” poster and a signed K-pop CD!

Want to join in on the fun? See the details below!


Seg & Sub-a-Thon Period: April 13-20, 2015, until 11:59 p.m. UTC/GMT

How to Participate
  • Register for the Seg & Sub-a-Thon by entering your Viki username in this form.
    • Users can register at any time during the sub-a-thon period.
    • You must be registered in order to be eligible to receive the prizes.
  • Segment or subtitle as much as you can on the listed Thai content (listed below)
    • You must contribute on the listed content to be eligible. 
  • After April 20, winners will be contacted via PM.

Thai Content to Segment/Subtitle

Winners (2): The overall top segmenter and the overall top subtitler will each win the following:
  • A “Hyde Jekyll, Me” poster
  • A signed Brown Eyed Girls CD 
  • A Viki tote


  1. Check out our Viki U videos in Intro to Segmenting and Intro to Subtitling
  2. Find a video that needs your help through our Project Finder or the Project Board in Discussions to get started! 

Popular movies or on-air TV shows are managed by volunteer Channel Teams, and only team members are allowed to subtitle those videos. If you want to join a team, just contact the Channel Manager or Moderator!

Read our Subtitling FAQs to learn everything you need to know about subtitling. If you need assistance, please visit the Viki Help Center.

Good luck!

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