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20 Drama Doctors Who Make Lab Coats Sexy!


Maybe white is your color or you can’t resist the aura of authority that men and women have when they’re wearing medical scrubs or lab coats! Whatever catches your fancy, medical dramas on Viki are some of the most irresistible and entertaining genres to watch! Some of our favorite Asian idols and stars have donned the lab coat in popular dramas in recent years. In celebration of National Doctors Day on March 30, here are some of our favorite drama doctors!

Our Favorite Emergency/Trauma Physicians

Lee Sun Gyun and Hwang Jung Eum (left) play emergency department doctors who are eager to please in “Golden Time” and Choi Jin Hyuk (right) is always cool under pressure as an ER resident in “Emergency Couple”!

Our Favorite Genius General Surgeons

Because there seems to be an abundance of genius surgeons in Asian dramas, Ahn Jae Hyun (left) plays a vampire variety in the currently airing drama “Blood,” while Ryoko Yonekura (middle) plays the “freelance” version (because apparently, you can be freelance as a surgeon!) in “Doctor-X,” and Kwon Sang Woo is just a “surgical genius” in “Medical Top Team.”

Our Favorite Surgical Sub-Specialists

Lee Jong Suk (A) plays a genius cardiac surgeon in “Doctor Stranger,” while Song Seung Heon (B) plays a brilliant neurosurgeon in “Dr. Jin” whose reputation so proceeds him that even history is in need of his unparalleled skills! Choi Min Ho (C) plays a studly thoracic surgeon in “Medical Top Team,” Lee Sang Yoon (D) is a gifted cardiac surgeon in “Angel Eyes,” Joo Won (E) is a pediatric surgeon with savant syndrome in “Good Doctor,” and Lee Sung Min (F) is a no-nonsense trauma surgeon who always puts his patients first in “Golden Time.”

Our Favorite Psychiatrists

Being a die-hard drama fan can make you a little crazy in the head as you try to follow all the twists and turns of a drama storyline! We’d love to have these drama psychiatrists get our heads on straight again! Hwang Jung Eum again dons the white coat to play a psychiatric resident in the recently concluded hit drama, “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Chun Jung Myung is a little loose with ethics in “Heart to Heart,” Gong Hyo Jin is a confident psychiatric fellow in “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and Song Chang Eui is a genius psychology professor who helps the police solve tough crimes in “Dr. Frost.”

 Other Specialists

Maritza Bustamante (clockwise from top left) is an obstetrician-bynecologist in the Venezuelan telenovela “Torrent of Passions,” Tang Zhi Ping plays a sweet school doctor in “Hana Kimi,” Tiffany Hsu is a medical student in “Autumn’s Concerto,” and Yuki Furukawa becomes an internist in “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO.”

And Our Favorite Medical Student

Jung Woo takes our prize for one of our favorite and memorable doctor characters, for his portrayal of “Trash,” a surprisingly caring and diligent medical student in “Reply 1994.”

Be sure to check out Viki’s Medical Drama genre to watch these and other great series and films!

Which drama doctor is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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