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5 Popular K-Pop Signature Dances You Should Learn


Who can forget Psy’s “Gangnam Style” from 2012 and the global phenomenon it became and the thousands of parodies that followed? But what we all remember the most from that song is the dance. Yes, this one:

GIF courtesy of jokesintheyolks.tumblr.com

In 2013, another popular K-pop dance craze emerged — boy band INFINITE’s “scorpion dance.” It didn’t gain the global attention “Gangnam Style” did, but to this day, it is still being used by other K-pop groups. So how’s the scorpion dance done? Well, like this:

GIF courtesy of byunginator.tumblr.com

Now that we’ve probably mastered those two iconic K-pop dance moves, you’re ready to move onto the 2015 version of popular K-pop signature dances that you need to know. Learn these five signature dance moves, and you’ll soon be a K-pop aficionado!

EXID’s ‘Up and Down’ Hip Thrust 

This song has had a lot of success over the past couple of months, and if you’ve see any videos of EXID performing “Up and Down,” you’ll know how the hip thrust is done. If not, then well, let’s take a look:

GIF courtesy of nugu-s.tumblr.com

This dance seems easy enough to try so don’t be shy and give it a go. This dance has become so popular that other idols have been trying out the moves.

 INFINITE H’s Hoya and Dongwoo attempt EXID’s hip thrusts and make it their own. GIF courtesy of star-hoya.tumblr.com

AOA’s ‘Like a Cat’ Dance 

If you like cats and like AOA’s song “Like a Cat,” then their song-accompanying dance is for you. This dance is sexy, fun and easy to learn. Learn the “cat dance” from AOA members themselves from their appearance on “After School Club.”

GOT7 ‘Stop Stop It’ Body Roll 

The rising idols of GOT7 introduced fans to their body-roll dance for their song “Stop Stop It.” The key is to hold your arms out in front of your body just-so as you’re doing this smooth move. Watch how it’s done by the cool guys of GOT7 in this episode of “After School Club”!

4Minute’s ‘Crazy’ Chest Pump 

What’s easier than a chest pump? And don’t feel intimidated because the sexy ladies of 4Minute are professionals, and they make it look easy. Try it for yourself and you may find it is, in fact, that easy. Watch the ladies show us how in “After School Club”!

INFINITE H’s ‘Pretty’ Hand-Kiss Move

INFINITE H recently had a comeback and introduced a signature dance for its new song “Pretty.” It looks simple and fun. Let’s learn from the members themselves as they show us how to do the “hand kiss” move in “After School Club”!

What has been your all time favorite K-pop signature dance? Let us know in the comments so we can learn these fun dances, too!

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