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15 Epic Drama Scenes That Made You ‘Ugly Cry’


Sometimes you’re in the mood for a good cry. That’s one of the reasons that drama fans love watching a good “melo” (melodrama) — because some scenes are so dramatic, so powerful, so emotional that they make you break out into an “ugly cry,” which, let’s face it, feels so refreshing afterwards. We know we’re watching a fictional drama, but we can’t help sniffling, slobbering and all-out sobbing during those epic sad moments.

Here are 15 scenes from our favorite recent dramas that gave us so many feels that the ugly cry came pouring out of us. We dare you to watch each of the scenes below without shedding a single tear!

Pinocchio Episode 4— When Dal Po’s Father Is Found

Dal Po (played by Lee Jong Suk) finds out that his father’s body has been found after 13 years —  finally putting to rest speculations that he went into hiding after being responsible for his fellow firemen’s death in a warehouse fire. Dal Po can’t contain his emotions after his father is officially confirmed dead and exonerated of the charges from 13 years ago that ruined his family. Watch the sad scene beginning at 56:40 in Episode 4.

Pinocchio Episode 11 — When Dal Po Confronts His Long-Lost Brother

When Dal Po confronts his brother, Jae Myeong (played by Yoon Gyun Sang), and tells him that he is his long-lost brother, Ha Myeong, Jae Myeong is shocked to hear that his younger brother is still alive. Watch the emotionally charged scene at the beginning of Episode 11!

Healer Episode 15— When Jung Hoo Pushes Young Shin Away

Jung Hoo (played by Ji Chang Wook) tries to chase Young Shin (played by Park Min Young) away from his house, saying that she’ll get hurt if she stays by his side. Young Shin insists that Jung Hoo won’t hurt her and refuses to leave. When she hugs him, begging him to let her stay, Jung Hoo breaks down and cries. Watch the touching scene at the beginning of Episode 15!

Punch Episode 5— When a Daughter Tries to Be Brave

Ye Rin (played by the adorable Kim Ji Young) goes to visit her mother, Ha Kyung (played by Kim Ah Joong), in prison. She forces her aunt to take her there and promises that she’ll put on a brave face and laugh and not cry in front of her mother. But as soon as her mom comes into the visitation room, the tears flow from both mother and daughter! Watch the touching scene starting at 28:40 in Episode 5!

Punch Episode 8 — When Jung Hwan Realizes He Can’t See His Daughter Grow Up

In this political thriller that is chock-full of emotions, Jung Hwan (played by Kim Rae Won) is a man who knows that he only has a few months to live. He misses his daughter’s preschool graduation because he was in jail. As soon as he gets out, he has his daughter redo her graduation singing performance that he missed. As she sings a song about wanting to grow up quickly, Jung Hwan is overcome with a flood of memories of his little girl’s first word (“daddy”) and the realization that he will not be able to see her grow up. Watch the heart-wrenching scene beginning at 47:10 in Episode 8!

Pride and Prejudice Episode 17 — When Yeol Moo Brings Closure for Her Mom

Yeol Moo (played by Baek Jin Hee) tells her mother (played by Kim Na Woon) that her younger brother’s killer has finally been caught. Even though the news won’t bring him back, Yeol Moo tells her mother that she can finally sleep better at night knowing that the killer will be brought to justice. She also wants both of them to forgive each other and be more understanding of each other. Watch the emotional mother-daughter moment starting at 49:12 in Episode 17!

The Legendary Witch Episode 27— When Woo Seok Sees His Long-Lost Mother

After finding out that she is his long-lost mother, Nam Woo Seok (played by Ha Suk Jin) doesn’t share the news with Shim Bok Nyeo (played by Go Doo Shim) right away while he tries to figure some things out first. But every time he sees her, Woo Seok gets choked up. When she thanks him for the glasses he bought her and says that her “dead” son is blessing her from heaven by helping her meet Woo Seok, he gets completely overwhelmed by his emotions. Watching the tear-jerker scene starting at 46:25 in Episode 27!

Fated to Love You (aka You Are My Destiny) Episode 12 — When Mi Young Faces Her Loss

After Mi Young (played by Jang Na Ra) is hit by a car and suffers a miscarriage, she and Gun (played by Jang Hyuk) decide to end their contract marriage. Mi Young goes back to the house to collect her things and finds the baby book she made for her unborn child and can’t contain her emotions. Watch the epic sad scene starting at 48:47 in Episode 12!

Fated to Love You (aka You Are My Destiny) Episode 17 — When Mi Young Learns Gun’s Secret

After Mi Young returns to Korea after three years, Gun deliberately tries to emotionally distance himself from her, acting brusquely toward her. When Mi Young discovers the true reason for his icy behavior, and that he truly still loves her and their lost baby, she is overcome with emotion. Watch the gut-wrenching scene starting at 54:15 in Episode 17!

King of High School Episode 15 — When Min Seok Finds His Grandfather

When his grandfather goes missing, Min Seok (played by Seo In Guk) runs all over the neighborhood trying to find him, with the help of Jang Ho (played by Oh Gwang Rok) and Soo Young (played by Lee Ha Na). When they finally find his grandfather sleeping in a chair in the lobby of a hotel, they are so relieved — until they realize that the grandfather is not sleeping. Watch the sad discovery starting at 57:42 in Episode 15!

Mama Episode 12 — When Tae Joo Can’t Acknowledge His Son

When Tae Joo (played by Jung Joon Ho) sees Geu Roo (played by Yoon Chan Young) eating by himself, he joins him and asks why he is eating alone. Geu Roo says his mother is home and he doesn’t want to eat with her. He hates her for being a single mom and the fact that the kids at school tease him about not having a father. Tae Joo had just found out that Geu Roo is his son but he can’t acknowledge it. After Geu Roo leaves the restaurant, Tae Joo is so overcome by guilt and sadness, that he breaks out into a full-on cry in the middle of the restaurant! Watch the emotional scene starting at 8:00 in Episode 12!

Mama Episode 13 — When Geu Roo Begs to Stay With His Mother

Geu Roo goes to meet his real father, but the father doesn’t show up. Distraught by the thought that his biological father doesn’t want anything to do with him, Geu Roo begs his mother, Seung Hee (played by Song Yoon Ah), to let him stay with her. He thinks Seung Hee is going to leave him to go on an art tour, but she is dying and is trying to emotionally and physically push him away to protect him. But when he cries and begs her to let him continue to live with her, she agrees, even though she knows she can’t keep the promise. Watch the emotionally charged scene starting at 55:49 in Episode 13!

You’re All Surrounded Episode 13— When Soo Sun Finds Her Beaten Mother

After seeing a video that went viral online of her own mother being brutally beaten by a rich lady, Soo Sun (played by Go Ah Ra) tries to find out where her mother (played by Oh Yeong Sil) is. When she finally locates her, Soo Sun is devastated by how her mother’s face looks. Watch the emotional scene starting at 4:49 in Episode 13!

My Love From the Star Episode 12— When Min Joon Thinks About Leaving Earth

In what almost appears like an outtake interview, Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) is asked how he feels knowing that his departure date from Earth is fast approaching. His initial answer is “I am not sure,” but as he thinks about the woman he has to leave behind, Min Joon is immediately overcome with uncontrollable emotions and tears. Kim Soo Hyun is so skillful at portraying deep emotion, you can’t help but cry along with him! Watch the masterful scene starting at 58:25 in Episode 12!

My Love From the Star Episode 21— Is This the Last Goodbye?

When Min Joon’s mothership arrives on Earth to take him back to his home planet, he knows that he only has precious minutes to say his final parting words to Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun). He tries to keep the mood light by giving her some friendly reminders about how to comport herself in her daily life while fighting back his emotions. But before Song Yi can respond, the love of her life has disappeared! Watch the epic sad scene starting at 6:30 in Episode 21!

Which emotional scene was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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