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Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You — Stars in 2 Simultaneous Dramas!


If you’re an avid drama fan, you’re probably watching several dramas at the same time, switching from one title to another as you eagerly await new episodes of currently airing dramas to be released. And if you have sharp eyes, you might have noticed that some faces look very familiar!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The following eight stars may be considered some of the hardest working actors in the industry, as they juggle appearing in two simultaneous dramas. They may don glasses or change their hair, but they are definitely the same actors playing two different characters in concurrent on-air dramas!

Lee Seung Joon — A Dutiful Son-in-Law vs. A Dutiful Assistant

Lee Seung Joon in ‘The Legendary Witch’ (left) and ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me

Lee Seung Joon sports studious-looking glasses for his role as Park Won Jae, a dutiful son-in-law who tries to win favor from his father-in-law/boss in “The Legendary Witch.” For his second role as Kwon Young Chan, the dutiful assistant to a boss with multiple personality disorder in “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” Lee Seung Joon takes off the glasses and puts much more bouncy curls in his hair!

Hyeri — Crime-Fighting High School Student vs. A College Student

Hyeri in ‘Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators’ (left) and ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me

Fun hair accessories and waves in her hair do the trick to make Hyeri look like a high school girl for her role as Lee Ye Hee in “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators.” For her role as Min Woo Jung, a college student involved in a love triangle in “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” Hyeri goes for a more stylish bob.

Melvin Sia — A Lawyer With Dangerous Ties vs. A Company CEO in Love With an Employee

Melvin Sia in ‘Dear Mom’ (left) and ‘Boysitter’? 

The major change that Melvin Sia makes to go from his role as Du Xiao Fei, a lawyer and triad gang leader’s son in “Dear Mom,” to Wen Hao Ran, the company CEO in “Boysitter,” is to grow a thin mustache! Do you think he can grow that mustache in one day as he switches between roles?

Oh Sang Jin — A Free-Loading Son vs. A Free-Loading Studious Son

Oh Sang Jin in ‘Family Is Coming’ (left) and ‘Sweden Laundry’

To go from playing James, a free-loading adopted son in “Family Is Coming” to Eun Chul, a self-absorbed son who only wants to spend time studying in “Sweden Laundry,” Oh Sang Jin puts a part in his wavy hair and wears smart-looking glasses!

Lee Shi Un — A Popular Webtoon Artist vs. a Humorless Chief Psychiatry Resident

Lee Shi Un in ‘Fool’s Love (aka Ho Goo’s Love)’ (left) and ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ 

To transform from his role as Park Min Jae, the chief psychiatry resident in “Kill Me, Heal Me,” to Shin Chung Jae, a popular webtoon artist in “Fool’s Love (aka Ho Goo’s Love),” Lee Shi Un sweeps his hair off of his forehead and shows his bushy eyebrows!

Xiu Jie Kai — A Playboy Gym Owner vs. A Suave Architect

Xiu Jie Kai in ‘Dear Mom’ (left) and ‘Constellation Women Series — Aries Woman

We can’t see much of a physical transformation for Xiu Jie Kai as he goes from playing Chen Qi Le, a skirt-chasing gym owner in “Dear Mom,” to Wang Shao Qiang, an architect who is secretly dating a celerity in “Constellation Women Series — Aries Woman”! 

Choi Duk Moon — A Fatherly Dentist vs. An Old Bachelor Swim Coach

Choi Duk Man in ‘Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators’ (left) and Fool’s Love (aka Ho Goo’s Love)

The transformation that Choi Duk Moon makes for his two current roles is the most dramatic. As An Hong Min, a dentist and father of one of the girls in “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators,” the actor has wavy hair that defies gravity with streaks of gray. But for his role as So Shi Min, a professional swim coach in “Fool’s Love (aka Ho Goo’s Love),” he has bushy straight hair that covers all of his forehead!

Jung Won Joong — A Comic-Store Owning Father vs. The Techie Accidental-Spy Father

Jung Won Joong in ‘Fool’s Love (aka Ho Goo’s Love)’ (left) and ‘Spy

Jung Won Joong oozes fatherly vibes as he goes from Kang Yong Moo, the comic-store owning father of the main character in “Fool’s Love (aka Ho Goo’s Love),” to Kim Woo Suk, the high-tech company executive father of the main character in “Spy.” But other than changing his glasses and clothes, there’s not much difference in his two characters’ appearances!

If you’re not tuning into any of these current dramas, you’re missing out! Full of humor, intrigue and romance, these are some of the best shows on-air right now! Which star’s character is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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