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Vote for Your Favorite Aaron Yan Role and Win a Signed Poster!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We hope your day is already packed with lots of love, but there’s still probably some room for the oh-so-handsome Taiwanese actor and singer Aaron Yan! Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a signed poster from his hit drama “Love Buffet!” 

For a chance to win, you’ll just need to let us know what your favorite Aaron Yan role is! We know, among all the romantic roles that he has played, it’s a tough decision. But you can do it! We’ll be randomly selecting three people to receive a signed poster. The deadline to submit your vote is 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, February 28.

This poster could be yours! 

Winners will be contacted via email. Vote in the form below and be sure to add your email address (double-check to make sure that the spelling is correct!). 

So, which Aaron Yan character is your pick? 

Zhan Shi De  — The Clue Collector

In this 2008 series, Aaron Yan plays a misfit-turned-good guy, who’s recruited for a secret team called MIT that helps to protect the university. His personality sometimes makes him hard to read, but he seems to have a soft spot for his teammate, Tian Mo Xing (played by Emma Wu).

Yi Cheng — Love Buffet

University student Xiao Feng (Reen Yu) falls for her handsome, reserved next-door neighbor, Yi Cheng (played by Aaron Yan). But things get complicated when Yi Cheng’s former love jumps back into the picture. When you couple that with the fact that Da Ye, who happens to be Yi Cheng’s cousin and roommate, develops feelings for Xiao Feng, you’ve got a sticky situation!

Qi Yi — Just You

Aaron Yan nd Puff Guo won Best On-Screen Couple at the 2013 Sanlih Drama Awards for their portrayal of nit-picky CEO Qi Yi and free-spirit Liang Liang, respectively. The duo plays total opposites who find themselves in a complicated relationship where the concept of work-life balance is thrown out the window because Qi Yi is not only Liang Liang’s new boss, but also her new landlord!

Lu Tian Xing/Xiao Lu — Fall in Love With Me

Fall in Love With Me” is a must-see for any Aaron Yan fan because there’s not just one, but two Aaron’s! Well, sort of. Aaron Yan plays Lu Tian Xing, a budding genius in the world of advertising who takes an unexpected hiatus. He later returns with a brand new look (and persona) as Xiao Lu at the ad agency of Tao Le Si (played by Tia Li). 

(P.S. For K-drama fans, be sure to also participate in our “Healer” poster giveaway, which ends tomorrow, February 15!)

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