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We’ll Miss You, Choi Jin Hyuk!


This is a bittersweet day for fans of Choi Jin Hyuk. It’s the last birthday that the actor, who was born Kim Tae Ho on February 9, 1986, will celebrate before he leaves us to serve his mandatory military service next month!

Happy 29th birthday, Choi Jin Hyuk!

We will miss the multi-talented actor, whose breakout role as
Wal Ryung in Gu Family Book captured many people’s hearts. Audiences famously clamored for more Choi Jin Hyuk when his two-episode arc was completed in the beginning of the series. Their fervor was answered when the writers brought Choi Jin Hyuk back mid-series as a beastly, tortured character who made a lasting impression with audiences and industry people alike.

Who wouldn’t clamor for more of this kind of a beast? (Photo source: ‘Gu Family Book’)

Kim Eun Sook, the writer of Heirs was so impressed with Choi Jin Hyuk’s portrayal of Wal Ryung in Gu Family Book that she cast him as Kim Won, the cold-hearted older brother to Lee Min Hos Kim Tan.

Both these roles heightened Choi Jin Hyuks star trajectory, landing him a leading role in Emergency Couple and the just-concludedPride and Prejudice.

But hearts broke all over the world when Choi Jin Hyuk announced at the Pride and Prejudice wrap-up party that he plans to fulfill his mandatory two-year military service starting next month!

Why must you go, Choi Jin Hyuk? (Photo source: ‘Heirs’)

Let’s hope that the next two years pass quickly and we’ll have Choi Jin Hyuk back in the limelight in early 2017! Although we’re sad to see him go, as a send off, here’s what we’ll miss the most about Choi Jin Hyuk!

His Irresistible Smile

Who would’t miss these pearly whites? (Photo source: ‘Emergency Couple’)

Choi Jin Hyuk’s Oh Chang Min was so adorable in “Emergency Couple,” how did Jin Hee resist him for so long?

Seriously, even his goofy smile is heart-melting! (Photo source: Emergency Couple)

But, so is his serious face. (Photo source: ‘Pride and Prejudice’)

His Dapper Suit Look

How does Choi Jin Hyuk manage to make a stylish suit look so down-to-earth?
(Photo source: ‘Pride and Prejudice’)

His Deep Voice

Did you know Choi Jin Hyuk can sing? He has participated in the soundtrack for five of his dramas! He showcased his velvety vocals in the following OSTs:

Listen to “The Scent of Flower” below!

His Acting Talent

Choi Jin Hyuk has shown he can do light-hearted comedy in “Emergency Couple” to dark and moody in “Heirs” to intense but playful in Pride and Prejudice.” His versatility combined with his good looks just make us all swoon for him.

Read more about Choi Jin Hyuk’s drama roles and watch them on Viki!

His ‘Body’ of Work

We love Choi Jin Hyuk’s full body of work! (Photo source: ‘I Need Romance’)

We’re glad Choi Jin Hyuk left us his body of work to keep us warm as we wait for him to come back in two years!

Happy birthday, Choi Jin Hyuk! We know you’ll come back better than ever!

What will you miss most about Choi Jin Hyuk? Let us know in the comments below!

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