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What’s the Best Confession Scene? Tweet Us and Win!


As known by pretty much any drama fan, romantic scenes have become a staple in most drama story lines — think back-hugs, open-eyed kisses, and the ever-popular (and our personal favorite) spontaneous love confessions. Although a bit cliché, a slight tad ridiculous, but overall completely romantic, these confession scenes are admittedly some of our favorite drama moments!

So with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we have to ask, what are your favorite confession scenes from dramaland? Let us know, and you can win the book Making Out in Korean from our friends at Tuttle Publishing!

This event also kicks off Viki’s “Month of Love,” so be on the lookout for more love-filled events!

When to Enter: February 8 to February 13 until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

How to Enter:
  1. Screenshot your favorite confession scene — the cutest, most squeal-inducing scene there is!
  2. Tweet us (@Viki) the screenshot. In your tweet, be sure to include the show title, episode number and the hashtags #VikiLove #LanguageLearning (be sure to include both hashtags!) 
  3. Winners of Making Out in Korean will be notified after Friday, February 13. 
Example tweet:

Making Out in Korean, a Korean phrasebook from Tuttle Publishing that’s filled with colloquial and street-smart words and phrases, sure to make you sound like a local!

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our picks of the cutest confession scenes!

Kill Me, Heal Me — Se Gi’s Confession

Surprised after Se Gi (played by Ji Sung) grabs her arm, Ri Jin (played by Hwang Jung Eum) asks him why he’s wearing new clothes. Without answering her question, he pushes back her jacket sleeve and looks at her watch. Once the time strikes 10:00, he tells her to remember “January 7th, 2015, at 10 o’clock on the dot. The time I fell for you.” Check out this moment starting at 55:06!

After spending the day together with Yuan Fei (played by Annie Chen) and her son Di Bao, Hao Ran (played by Melvin Sia) very smoothly suggests to Yuan Fei that he can help her take care of Di Bao. Looking straight into her eyes, he boldly says without hesitation, “Why not let me take care of him together with you?”

The Library — Jim’s Confession

Jim (played by Ananda Everingham) finally confesses the feelings he has kept inside all these years to Ann (the librarian, played by Selina Wiesmann) after they meet at her coworker’s wedding. He says, “If I didn’t come to borrow books, I would’ve found other reasons to come and see you anyway.” Jump to the 20:00 to see this sweet moment! 

We look forward to seeing your Tweets of your favorite confessions! Good luck! 

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