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17 Drama Character Names That Are a Play on Words


Sometimes the writers of our favorite Asian dramas make the names of their characters into an interesting or funny play on words. The names have an intentional secondary meaning in some Korean or Taiwanese dramas. Some names seem like a test to see if we, the viewers, would notice. While other, more blatant character names deliberately tie into the plot of the entire series.

Here is a roundup of some of our favorite character names from recent and current dramas that are an interesting play on words!

Yoon Jin Yi looks better than any blade of grass we’ve ever seen in ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love

Same goes for Gu Hye Sun in ‘Boys Over Flowers

Can Yin Hang make her name come true with Godfrey Gao by her side in ‘Never Give Up, Dodo’?

But Godfrey Gao’s character definitely has a ‘fly’ girlfriend in ‘Never Give Up, Dodo

Im Siwan keeps thinking people are calling him whenever they say ‘yes’ in ‘Incomplete Life

Kang So Ra is the rock-star employee everyone wants to say hi to in ‘Incomplete Life

Lee Sung Min’s street smarts protect his team from outside threats in ‘Incomplete Life

Roxanne Yang has lots of dreams about her future in ‘Love Family

Song Ha Yoon is like a breath of fresh, spring air compared to her deadbeat family in ‘Sweden Laundry

Born in a women’s prison, Jung Yi Han’s character has high hopes for a better life in ‘The Legendary Witch

Baek Jin Hee’s character is named after a root vegetable while her younger brother is named ‘one star’ in ‘Pride and Prejudice’; hmmm… no favoritism there.

Aaron Yan would be more aptly named ‘little dear’ in ‘Fall in Love With Me

 Lee Si Young explores whether having an affair is ‘valid’ in ‘Valid Love
River Huang has the perfect name for a man-child who needs to mature and earn his ex’s trust in Boysitter 

Oh Yeon Seo proves that sometimes barley is preferable to a more polished grain in ‘Jang Bo Ri Is Here

Yoon Eun Hye’s prophetic character name tries to keep her from repeating history in ‘Marry Him If You Dare

George Hu is definitely anything but ordinary in ‘Love Cheque Charge

Did you pick up on these alternate meanings of the above character names? Let us know which is your favorite in the comments!

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