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Miss Universe 2015 and Our Favorite Past Beauty Queens


Congratulations to Colombia’s Pauline Vega, who took the crown as Miss Universe 2015 on Sunday! In honor of her victory, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite beauty queens who have gone on to very successful acting careers!

Ximena Navarette — Miss Universe 2010
Ximena Navarette as Miss Universe 2010; watch her in ‘La Tempestad’

Lee Honey — Miss Korea 2006
Lee Honey as Miss Korea 2006; watch her in Shine or Go Crazy,’ ‘Modern Farmer,’ ‘Pasta,’ ‘Shark,’ ‘Partner

Kim Sa Rang — Miss Korea 2001
Kim Sa Rang as Miss Korea 2001; watch her in Secret Garden

Son Tae Young — Miss Korea 2000
Son Tae Young as Miss Korea 2000; watch her in ‘Two Wives’

Sonija Kwok — Miss Hong Kong 1999
Sonija Kwok as Miss Hong Kong 1999; watch her in in ‘D.I.E.,’ ‘On the First Beat’

Miriam Redito Quiambo — Miss Philippines 1999
Miriam Redito Quiambo as Miss Philippines 1999 (left); watch her in ‘Kimmy Dora’

Marjorie de Sousa — Miss Venezuela 1999
Marjorie de Sousa as Miss Venezuela 1999; watch her in in ‘Love Contract,’ ‘Wild Cat,’ ‘Passion of the Heart

Blanca Soto — Miss World 1997
Blanca Soto as Miss World 1997; watch her in Eva Luna

Alicia Machado — Miss Universe 1996
Alicia Machado as Miss Universe 1996 (left); watch her in ‘Secreto de Amor’

Aishwariya Rai — Miss World 1994

Aishwariya Rai as Miss World 1994; watch her in Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke

Norika Fujiwara — Miss Japan 1992

Norika Fujiwara as Miss Japan 1992; watch her in in ‘Star no Koi’

Go Hyung Jung — Miss Korea 1989
Go Hyung Jung as Miss Korea 1989 (left); watch her in The Queen's Classroom,’ ‘The Great Queen Seon Deok

Kim Sung Ryung — Miss Korea 1988
Kim Sung Ryung as Miss Korea 1988; watch her in Heirs,’ ‘Queen of Ambition,’ ‘You’re Beautiful,’ ‘Iljimae

Cecilia Bolocco — Miss Universe 1987
Cecilia Bolocco as Miss Universe 1987; watch her in in ‘Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre’

Who’s your favorite beauty queen-turned-actress? Let us know in the comments!

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