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Who Will Win in Tomorrow’s 49th Golden Bell Awards?

Vic Zhou wins Best Actor in a Television Series at 48th Golden Bell Awards

This is an exciting time of year for Asian television fans with awards season in full swing. Will you be tuning in tomorrow to watch the 49th Golden Bell Awards? Founded in 1965, the Golden Bell Awards is the oldest award for television excellence for Chinese-language entertainment and is considered Taiwans equivalent of the Emmy Awards.

Selina Jen, from Taiwanese girl group S.H.E., will co-host this year’s awards

Taiwanese entertainer Sam Tseng will join her on stage as co-host

Millions of fans will tune in tomorrow to see the television broadcasting categories of the Golden Bell Awards (the radio broadcasting awards were already held on October 18). Here is the list of the nominees in the major award categories for tomorrow’s broadcast. Who do you think should take home the top prizes?


 In a Good Way

The drama explores, in flash back, the events that changed three friends’ lives back in 1995. See the superb acting of Lego Li, Jay Shi and Kirsten Ren on display in this very well-written T-drama!

 Sun After the Rain

This moving drama — about a master shoemaker and his two young apprentices — leads the pack with 12 nominations in total.


 Junior Sun After the Rain

Junior plays Huang Rong Can, the son of a master shoemaker who finds himself in competition with his adopted brother in business and for the love of the same woman. Don’t miss this excellent T-drama that beautifully weaves together stories of love, business and family.

 Christopher Lee A Good Wife

Christopher Lee plays Li Shao Wen, a workaholic husband who sees his marriage crumble as he becomes increasingly emotionally distant from his lonely wife.


 Tian Xin A Good Wife

Tian Xin masterfully portrays Shen Yi Zhen, a wife trapped in a loveless and deteriorating marriage. The fact that both husband and wife were nominated shows the chemistry of the actors playing the married couple!

 Zhong Xin Ling Sun After the Rain

The masterfully comedic Zhong Xin Ling plays the bubbly and light-hearted character of Chen Yu Xia. You also can catch her in “Fated to Love You,” “Invincible Shan Bao Mei” and “Ti Amo Chocolate.”


 Jay Shih In a Good Way

Jay Shih plays Ren Wei, childhood friend of Jia En (played by Kirsten Ren), who follows him to college although she didn’t get in. Shih delicately portrays the complex relationship with Jia En and his roommate.

 Chen Bo Zheng Sun After the Rain

Veteran actor Chen Bo Zheng plays master shoemaker Huang Zheng Yi, who walks a fine line in his complex relationship with his natural son and an adopted son as they become engulfed in a rivalry for love and business that lasts decades.

 Yang Zi Yi Sun After the Rain

Yang Zi Yi stars as the adopted son in a family of shoemakers whose previous close relationship with his brother quickly turns sour when they both fall in love with the same woman.


Xiao Tian Tian Sun After the Rain

Xiao Tian Tian’s moving acting as the young Yu Xia is certainly a major reason for the drama’s success. If you’d like to see more of her, check out the T-drama  “What Is Love.”

Xi Man Ning A Good Wife

Xi Man Ning plays Li Zhuang Qiu Yu, the cold and calculating mother-in-law who pressures her daughter-in-law to get pregnant. Also catch the superb actress in “The Fierce Wife” and “Love Forward.”

Tell us who you think deserves to win in the comments below! And dont forget to tune in to the awards show tomorrow to see if your picks take home the honors!

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