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4 Hot Asian Actresses With Dude Names

Joe Chen — Not your average Joe

There are women who are so beautiful, they can go by any name and it would just be OK. These four super-hot Asian actresses prove that they have enough sex appeal to carry a traditionally male name with grace and beauty!

Joe Chen

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen seems to like showing off her lingerie — but we’re OK with that

The very talented Taiwanese actress, singer and model proves that she’s not your Average Joe. Joe Chen is the co-leader of the Taiwanese singing group 7 Flowers but rose to stardom in her drama roles, including “Fated to Love You,” the highest rated television drama in Taiwan’s history. You also can catch her in her other popular roles in “Easy Fortune, Happy Life,” “Invincible Shan Bao Mei,” “100% Señorita” and “My MVP Valentine.”

Joe Chen won awards for Favorite TV Actress or Best TV Actress at the QQ Entertainment Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009!


Juan and her never-ending legs

This up-and-coming Korean actress goes by the single moniker of Juan, although she was born with the name Hyun Jyu Ni. She appears as a character named Rachel in the currently-airing drama “Mama” and also played Cha Min Soo, Soo Wan’s best friend in “Angel Eyes.”

Juan also had supporting roles in “Oulala Couple,” “I Am Legend” and “IRIS.” We can’t wait for this hot actress to get more meaty roles.

Lee Elijah

Lee Elijah — no way we can mistake her for a dude

This stunning beauty’s talents extend beyond just acting and singing to playing the gayageum (a traditional Korean stringed instrument), tae kwon do and horseback riding. Watch Lee Elijah’s breakout drama roles as Kim Ma Ri, a teacher in “Wonderful Days,” and as Choi Shin Young, an educated and progressive magazine reporter in the period drama “Basketball.”


Eugene and the sweet beauty that launched her career

The queen of the single-name celebrities is none other than Kim Yoo Jin, who simply goes by the English name Eugene. She rose to fame in the popular girl group S.E.S during the 1990s but has made the easy transition to modeling and acting because of her unparalleled beauty. Don’t miss her moving acting roles in the recent popular dramas “Can We Love?” and “A Hundred Years’ Inheritance.”

Which actress with a dude name is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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