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How to Find Love: The K-Drama Way

Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won in ‘The Greatest Love

Love is a wonderful thing, and we should all be lucky enough to experience it and have it in our lives! Love comes in all forms, but if you live in the K-drama world, this ranges from sympathetic love for your dead girlfriend’s younger sister (see the upcoming “She’s So Lovable” starring Rain) to angry love for your selfish ex-husband/current boss (see “Cunning Single Lady”). Read on to learn about five other unusual types of love that can only be found in Korean dramas!

Emotionally Scarred Love

In “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” Ji Hae Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin) and Jang Jae Yeol (played by Jo In Sung) are highly successful professionals personally dealing with deep-rooted emotional scars. Hae Soo witnessed her mother’s secret affair as a child, so she struggles with affection and physical intimacy with her boyfriends. Meanwhile, Jae Yeol grew up with an abusive stepfather, who died unexpectedly, and his older brother was sent to jail for the crime.

Somehow, these two emotional wrecks learn how to heal each other’s scars. I guess crazy + crazy = normal? Do you think their relationship can overcome all the craziness?

‘Noona’ Love

Recently, a hot trend in dramas has been “noona” romances, the Korean word for “older sister” that is used to refer to relationships between an older woman and a younger man. If you don’t believe us, “A Witch’s Romance,” “I Need Romance 3” and “Secret Love Affair” are just a few recent examples. In “King of High School,” Lee Min Seok (played by Seo In Guk) is an average high schooler who suddenly replaces his look-a-like older brother at his new job. His office “noona,” Jung Soo Young (played by Lee Ha Na), shows him how to navigate the adult world, and he soon falls in love with her.

What happens when Soo Young discovers the truth about Min Seok? Will this noona romance last?

Contract Love

Some women may dream of finding a handsome guy with a stable job and warm family. While this is certainly true for Joo Jang Mi (played by Han Groo), it’s the complete opposite for Gong Gi Tae (played by Yeon Woo Jin), a certified bachelor who is determined to stay single. It’s the classic fake relationship plot in “Marriage, Not Dating” when Gi Tae introduces Jang Mi to his family as his future wife to get them off his back about settling down.

We know how their story ends, but aren’t you curious how her fiery, honest personality wins over the heart of this arrogant, non-committal man?

Mythical Love

First, it was an alien and an overly dramatic actress in “My Love From the Star.” Now, it’s a mermaid and an unemployed man in “Surplus Princess.” We enjoy seeing writers starting to branch out from the status quo and explore more unique romantic storylines! The tricky part for Kim Ha Ni (played by Jo Bo Ah) is that to remain a human, she must find her true love within 100 days.

Do you think Ha Ni will succeed, or will she be sent back to her underwater life? If you were a fan of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” then we suggest you give this drama a chance!

Forbidden Royal Love

We’re familiar with seeing Jung Yong Hwa as the charismatic leader of K-pop boy band CNBLUE, but did you know that he actually made his debut as Kang Shin Woo in the popular drama “You’re Beautiful”? Now, he’s returned to the small screen again in “The Three Musketeers,” playing Park Dal Hyang, a royal warrior guard dedicated to protecting the Crown Prince (played by Lee Jin Wook). There’s just one catch – the Crown Princess is his first love that he can’t seem to forget.

Does she share the same feelings? Will their innocent past love become a forbidden palace romance?

Which type of love is your favorite? What other types of love do you think should be added to the list? Share with us in the comments!

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