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These 10 Drama Stars Prove Crying Can Get Ugly

We can always turn to an Asian drama whenever we need a good cry. Crying and Asian dramas go together like peanut butter and jelly — or chopsticks and noodles.

There are some actors and actresses who can make crying look good. Let’s face it, Lee Min Ho never looks bad when he cries in his drama roles — with his restrained, moist eyes and controlled sadness.

Lee Min Ho’s moist eyes in Episode 12 of ‘Heirs’ after he breaks off his engagement

But many other actors and actresses just don’t have a good crying face. They are so immersed in their roles that they let it all hang out when the scene calls for crying. Here are 10 actors and actresses from our favorite current and recent dramas that prove that even great-looking stars can look ugly when they cry!

Endless Love— Hair in the Face and Too Much Teeth!

In Episode 1 of “Endless Love,” Kwang Hoon (played by Ryu Soo Young) is devastated when he sees his dead father. His crying scene is full of epic melodrama!

Fated to Love You (Korean version)— Dorky Cry

In Episode 2 of “ Fated to Love You (Korean version),” Mi Young (played by Jang Na Ra) cries after being humiliated by her “boyfriend” while on vacation.

Marriage, Not Dating— Tears Dripping Off the Chin!

In Episode 1 of “Marriage, Not Love,” Jang Mi (played by Han Groo) insists on seeing her cowardly boyfriend face-to-face after he broke up with her through a friend. But when she finally sees his face, she realizes that he never loved her and he was just using her.

Trot Lovers— Slimy, Sweaty Face!

In Episode 6 of “Trot Lovers,” Soo In (played by Lee Se Young) can’t handle losing to her female rival in singing ability and for the attention of their talent agency’s CEO.

Hotel King — Is That Nose Dribble?

In Episode 28 of Hotel King, when Jae Wan (played by Lee Dong Wook) finally confronts Mi Nyeo (played by Kim Hae Sook) with his true identity, they both have a good cry.

Love Myself or You— ‘I’m Scared of the Dark’ Cry

In Episode 5 of “Love Myself or You,” the lights go out in the restaurant while Zi Jie (played by Jasper Liu) is changing clothes, and the grown man is actually terrified of the dark! He begins to sweat and panic and maybe even cry a little!

You’re All Surrounded— The Nostrils Are Flaring!

In Episode 16 of “You’re All Surrounded,” Dae Gu (played by Lee Seung Gi) screams out when a fellow police detective is stabbed by thugs who steal a key piece of evidence.

Master’s Sun— Crying Like a Baby

In Episode 12 of “Master’s Sun,” Gong Sil (played by Gong Hyo Jin) can’t control her tears — or her face — when she thinks the man she loves is dead. We’ll have to see if she can top this face in her new drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love”!

Fall in Love With Me— A Good, Screaming Cry

In Episode 15 of “Fall in Love With Me,” Le Si (played by Tia Li) finds out the man she loves has become betrothed to another woman. She starts screaming and crying, but the voluminous tears can’t undo the engagement!

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon— The Dreaded Running Makeup

In Episode 1 of “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon,” Sam Soon (played by Kim Sun Ah) is devastated after being dumped by her boyfriend and has a good cry in a bathroom stall. The smeared eye makeup is every woman’s worst nightmare when the tears begin to flow!

Which crying scene was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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