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Learn These 5 Thai Phrases With Viki!

Last month in "Learn These 5 Chinese Phrases With Viki," we all learned a new language, Mandarin. Today, we're continuing with Thai which happens to be the language spoken by Mario Maurer, our featured artist of the month!

Here are some Thai phrases from popular Thai movies found on Viki.

The Library

After Jim (Ananda Everingham) finishes checking out a book from the library, the librarian Ann (Selina Wiesmann) and her friend admire him as he leaves. The friend comments about how attractive he is by saying, "So handsome."

Handsome - หล่อ (law)
Forget - ลืม (leum)

Note: This phrase is a slang term.

The Dog

After successfully stealing "Snow Dog," Art (Mario Maurer) brings Den (Koti Aramboy) back to his house for safety. Instead of figuring out their next steps, Den accuses Art of being too preoccupied and sarcastically remarks: "Take pictures of the dog." 

Take pictures - ถ่าย รูป (tai rloob)
Dog - หมา (mah)

Pronunciation guide: "rl" is a rolling r.

Art Idol

While Art (Chanakan Poonsiriwong) is enjoying a popsicle with Mee (Nutprapas Tanatanamaharat), she asks if he's ever secretly liked someone before. She admits that this has recently been true her and says: "I like him a lot."

I - ฉัน (chahn)
Like him - ชอบเขา (chawb cow)
A lot - มาก (mahk)

Pronunciation guide: For "cha" in ฉัน, make the same sound you make for "matcha" green tea.

Happy Birthday

When Pao (Chayanan Manomaisantiphap) is involved in a serious car accident that leaves her in a coma, Ten (Ananda Everingham) keeps his promise to take care of her forever. As time passes, she shows no signs of recovery so her parents decide it's time to stop hospital care. Ten refuses, but Pao appears in his daydream to tell him: "Let me go."

Leave - ปล่อย (ploi)
Me - ฉัน (chahn)
Go - ไป (pai)

Pronunciation guide: "Pai" (ไป) rhymes with "Thai."

The Gig

While Yai (Kittikhun Sumritpansuk) is shopping with Ant (Primorata Dejudom), she hears a song playing from a nearby music store. She explains that when her mother was young, she used to follow the artist's fan club. In response, Yai says: "This song is old."

Song - พลง (plang)
This - นี้ (knee)
Old - เก่า (kaow)

Pronunciation guide: The "lang" in พลง rhymes with "boomerang."

Let us know what other words you've learned while watching Thai movies and lakorns, in the comments! Also, which language would you like to see featured next?

To kickstart your language learning journey, head over to Discussions to interact with fellow community members on interesting topics!

We'll be running new exciting activities and events to make learning a new language easy and fun! Stay tuned for more details soon.

*Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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