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Celebrate December Star Birthdays!

Can you believe it? We’ve reached the end of 2013! It’s time for Christmas, Chanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and of course, birthdays! No matter what you celebrate during this holiday season, there’s always time to celebrate the birthday of some of our favorite K-pop idols!

December 2 - Mariana Torres

Actress in "Trapped" (Venevision) starring as "Gabriela "Gaby" Garcés Soriano", sister of Diana Soriano.

December 5 — Kim Yewon of Jewelry

Kim Yewon, one of the main vocalists of girl group Jewelry, also has appeared in several dramas, including “Standby” and “Answer Me, 1997”!

December 9 — Heechul of ZE:A

Heechul, also known as “Mr. Grumpy” among other members of ZE:A, has a self-proclaimed crush on Jessica from SNSD!

December 9 - Minho of SHINee

Minho, leader of the popular boy group, SHINee, is currently starring in Medical top team” and was recently in “To the Beautiful You.”

December 12 — Seungri of BIGBANG

Seungri, vocalist for the legendary boy band BIGBANG, has promoted his solo career this year with his song “Let’s Talk About Love.”

December 12 - Cheryl Yang

Cheryl Yang, one of Taiwan's most popular actresses, stars in the Taiwanese drama, "My Queen" as a woman whose always put school and work above relationships until she meets a part time assistant at a magazine office!

December 14 — B-Bomb of Block B

B-Bomb, one of the vocalists for the ever-energetic boy group Block B, spent time promoting his group’s newest album, “Very Good,” this year!

December 26 — Chaejin Seok of MYNAME

Chaejin Seok of MYNAME is the “maknae” of the group, or the youngest member. This year, he’ll be turning 18, making him one of the youngest stars in the K-pop industry!

December 31 -- Alejandra Lazcano

Main actress in "Trapped" (Venevision) starring as "Diana Soriano".

No matter what you’re celebrating at the end of 2013, we at Viki wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

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