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Feel-Good or Not-So-Feel-Good Dramas for the Holidays

The end of the year is fast approaching, and you know what that means! For many of us, its the time of year that forces us to enjoy lots of together time with our loved ones and extended family and friends, whether we want to or not!

So if you and your family celebrate the upcoming holiday season — whether itThanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St. Nicholas Day, Bodhi Day, Eid-al-Adha, Los Posadas, Boxing Day, or the New Year  we recommend that you get into the right holiday spirit by watching the following dramas on Viki.

Do you want to feel thankful for your family and your many blessing this year? Do you want to know that youre not the only one who has to deal with crazy family members? Do you want the courage to find new love, a long-lost love or family you never knew you had? We have the drama for you!

Dramas That Make You Feel Grateful Your Family Didnt Cast You Away

Just You — In this Taiwanese drama, Qi Yi (played by Aaron Yan) is abandoned at a young age by his mother. The sense of abandonment affects his entire outlook on life, and he grows up desperately craving motherly affection.

The Tragedy of W — Similarly in this Japanese drama, twin sisters are forsaken by their families and raised in very different circumstances. Satsuki is abandoned by her own grandfather and grows up in poverty, working as a cleaning lady in a nightclub. Mako (both characters played by Emi Takei) grows up in a wealthy family but is desperate to escape it to pursue her own dreams. 

Only You — In this Philippine drama, two sisters are separated in childhood when their father abandons their mother and goes to live with another woman. Nea (played by Claudine Barretto) is left behind with their mother while Jasmine (played by Bea Alonzo) goes to live with their father and new stepmother. Nea grows up with nothing while Jasmine grows up enduring cruel mistreatment from her stepmother.

Trapped — In this Venezuelan telenovela, a woman not only frames her best friend for murder and takes over her life, but she also sends away her friends daughters, Diana (played by Alejandra Lazcano) and Gaby (played by Mariana Torres), to be raised by some old woman.

While these dramas deal with pain and loneliness, the endings will have you believing in family again!

Dramas With Families Crazier Than Yours

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 4 — No other family can make your family look absolutely normal than the Kardashians, an American family that is famous for just being famous. Watch the fourth season of this reality series that chronicles the over-the-top lives of matriarch Kris, husband Bruce Jenner (former Olympic champion), and siblings Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.

Get Married 3 — In this Indonesian drama, Mae (played by Nirina Zubir), who comes from a poor background, was always made to feel like she wasnt good enough for Rendy’s (played by Fedi Nuril) well-to-do family. When they couldn’t stop their marriage, Mae’s in-laws find new ways to torment her in her married life, although she’s already crazed out of her mind trying to deal with her new triplets!

In comparison to these families, yours will seem very tame!

Dramas That Prove Only Your Family Has Your Back

Love Family  Sheng Ren (played by Chris Wang) doesnt grow up with much love and affection from his family in this Taiwanese drama. And his mother is forcing him to marry before he reaches 30, whether or not he’s ready for marriage. But when he arrives at an inn called the Happy House and sees the love and support of the Xu family, he begins to realize what family is really about.

Made in Cartagena —In this Colombian telenovela, there’s nothing the characters won’t do for their beloved family members. Harvey (played by Fernando Solorzano) will go to the ends of the earth to make someone pay for killing his beloved son. Flora (played by Villalobos), his niece, will risk her life to help him and do much more to try to get her brother out of jail.

Heavens Garden — In this Korean drama, Jae In (played by Yoo Ho Jeong) goes against her family’s wishes and marries a divorced man with a daughter, and her father disowns her. Years later, when her husband is imprisoned after his business goes bankrupt and then she finds out that he has been cheating on her, the only place that Jae In can turn to is her family members, who will take her back and allow her to put her life back together.

We hope these dramas will make you feel warm and fuzzy about your own family and give you the courage to survive this holiday season. If there’s a go-to drama that you like to turn to during the holidays, let us know what it is and why!

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