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Community Stories: Kristen from California!

Viki has an amazing global community, full of countless stories that deserve to be shared. Here's one such story about an avid Viki community member.

Kristen Mazza is currently a senior linguistics major at the University of California at Los Angeles, who found Viki by chance in December 2010 while looking for a site to watch television dramas. She saw Viki pop up many times in online searches and other people online also recommended the site. It has become her favorite destination since, and she spends all of her spare time on the site. She's been a Qualified Contributor since January, and says that helping segment dramas has helped her learn Spanish and Korean. Read her fun story!

What's your Viki username?

What language(s) do you speak?

Which activities do you do often on Viki?
Viewing (watching shows, movies, etc.), Subtitling, Segmenting

What do you like most about Viki?
I love the huge community that you find here and how passionate everyone is, from the dedicated volunteers to the very entertaining fans.

Has Viki helped you to learn or practice another language?
I initially became interested in contributing to Viki because I wanted to practice Spanish. At first, I thought the best way to practice would be to volunteer as a subtitler, but I feared my subtitles would be too poor. I turned to segmenting instead and discovered that segmenting is also very helpful for practicing listening skills, for segments must be replayed to check accuracy. When I work on a program of a language that I’ve studied, I always feel like I’m multitasking by practicing my listening while contributing to the creation of subtitles.

Have you made friends in the Viki community?
Yes! While working on channels, I have made some good friends whom I now talk to regularly!

What’s your favorite genre on Viki?
Korean Dramas

What’s your favorite drama that you’re watching right now?
There have been so many exciting dramas recently I can hardly label one as my favorite! If I must decide, perhaps these days, the drama I have been most looking forward to each week is “I Hear Your Voice,” because the mix of cuteness and suspense is too good to miss!

When you’re not on Viki, what other things do you do in your spare time for recreation or fun?
When I’m not watching dramas or contributing on Viki, I like to spend my spare time practicing Korean or experimenting with cooking. Viki is my favorite place to be in my free time though, so generally that is where I can be found!

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