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KCON 2013 - Recap of an amazing weekend with fans

Whew! Just got back from KCON 2013 and we're sad about having to wait another year before seeing our friends again. We loved chatting with all of the amazing fans of K-dramas and K-pop.

For those of you who didn't get to go, and even those who did, here's a recap of the weekend - with photos!

Day 1:
Viki's Stephanie (2nd from right) with Sean Richard & the girls from Dramabeans 

Our very own Stephanie (Catchlight) moderated a panel featuring special guest Sean Richard, K-drama actor and star of Viki's concept video (you can also watch him as Daniel in "Feast of the Gods"). Sean talked about his previous and upcoming projects and we even got to watch his new documentary "Finding Hallyuwood." The lovely ladies of Dramabeans also joined us in our panel!

After the panel, Sean came to our booth for an autograph and photo session with fans (check out some very cute fan pics like this and this). The afternoon quickly became a star-studded event, as we got to meet famous YouTube stars, including Dumbfoundead andThe Fung Brothers!

Sean Richard gets ready to sign autographs

Viki's Brittany with Dumbfoundead

And of course, we saw lots of fans dressed up in their favorite K-fashion!

Day 2:

In the morning, we tried out the KCON Speed Dating - a fun event that paired fans with other fans in hopes of finding a possible KCON soulmate! Unfortunately we didn't find our soul mates, but we certainly made many new friends who love K-Pop as much as we do!

Later that day, we attended Henry's panel to learn more about his new movie "Final Recipe." He talked about what it was like to be in a movie and the differences between acting for the camera and performing on stage.

Red Carpet Event and Concert

A special edition of M! Countdown was filmed on the last night of KCON, for the first time ever in LA! We attended the red carpet event, which was packed with some of the greatest K-Pop idols, including EXO-M and EXO-K!


The night ended with explosive performances from stars like TEEN TOP, G-Dragon, and Missy Elliot!


G-Dragon with Missy Elliot
We had such a great time checking out the idols, but especially meeting all of you. Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite KCON moment!

Check out our full photo gallery below!! :D

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