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Announcing The Rose of Versailles Haiku contest winners!

The results for The Rose of Versailles Haiku contest, run together with Anime News Network, are in! Thank you to everyone who participated. We had almost 500 submissions and picking winners was incredibly difficult.

And the winners are (drum-roll please!):

Grand Prize
will receive an autograph from The Rose of Versailles creator, Riyoko Ikeda,
and the complete series on 2 limited edition DVD box-sets from Right Stuf

Born to be a Queen
She was all I had hoped for
But then the world changed

by Lilith Casler (Newton, NJ)  

1st Runner Up
will receive an autograph from The Rose of Versailles creator, Riyoko Ikeda, 
and Viki headphones and t-shirt
Guardian Oscar
A daughter born as a son
Marie’s life is yours

by Lynette (Damascus, MD)

2nd Runner Up
will receive the complete series on 2 limited edition DVD box-sets from Right Stuf
 and Viki headphones and t-shirt
The flame burns brightest
In defiance of the night
But how brief that flame

by Su Han (Seattle, WA)

3rd Runner Up
will receive the complete series on 2 limited edition DVD box-sets from Right Stuf 

A sword and a dress 
Both only as powerful 
As she who wears them

 by Carl Li (Glendale, NY)

Honorary Mention
will receive Viki headphones and t-shirt
Oh my dear St. Just
What on earth is wrong with you
This guy is cray cray

by Ragukoon (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Don't miss The Rose of Versailles, the legendary anime series by Riyoko Ikeda, available on Viki very, very soon!

The Rose of Versailles available now!

The wait is over! For the first time in more than 30 years, The Rose of Versailles (ベルサイユのばら) is available to viewers in North America. You can now watch the first 5 episodes of the legendary anime series, and we'll be adding 5 more episodes to the Channel every week, so make sure you follow the Channel in order to receive an email notification when new episodes are made available.

The anime series The Rose of Versailles was created by Riyoko Ikeda (who also created Dear Brother/ おにいさまへ…) in 1979, and tells the story of Oscar François de Jarjayes, a girl who is raised as a boy by her father, and becomes the head of the Versailles Palace Guard. Her job is to protect Marie Antoinette and the rest of the French Royal Family. The series begins before the French Revolution, as Marie Antoinette arrives in France, and continues through her and her family's tragic demise. The series is filled with epic battles, treason and rebellion, secrets, love, lust and friendship.

This is a series that anyone who loves classic anime, historical fiction, epic tales of battle, treason, or simply loves a great story can't possibly miss. This Rose of Versailles is available to viewers in the US and Canada.

We're Hosting a Google+ Hangout with Lunafly!


We have some exciting news for K-Pop fans!

Viki is hosting a Google+ Hangout (a live video chat) with the boys of Lunafly! You'll be able to watch the hangout live on 12/11 8pm-10pm PST on our Youtube channel

You can submit a question for Lunafly on our Facebook here. You must include your Viki username with your question. One lucky fan will be chosen to participate in the Google+ Hangout and ask their question to Lunafly. We will notify the winner in their Viki inbox by Monday 12/10 11am PST. Both the contest and the live stream are open to everyone worldwide. A recording of the Google+ Hangout with subtitles will also be uploaded onto Viki following the live event.

A Google+ Hangout is a live video chat (learn more here). The chat will be between the boys, a few pre-selected fans, and the Viki moderators, who will all be able to see and hear each other. However, anyone will be able to watch the conversation live on our YouTube channel.

So get your questions in ASAP and remember to tune in to the live session on our YouTube channel next week!

Check out Lunafly's new music video "Clear Day, Cloudy Day" below, with a special surprise shout-out to Viki fans!

Watch all of Lunafly's music videos with subtitles, and follow their channel for updates here. You can also check out Soompi.com for more Lunafly news.

Want to know when the event is happening in your time zone?

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

Viki Cinema: Holiday Movies, Cartoons, and Music

It's that time of year again -- chilly weather, Christmas carols and sparkling decorations, and movie lovers everywhere curling up with family to watch their favorite holiday flicks. Here are some special features we chose for the season.

First, it wouldn't be Christmas without these Classic Christmas Cartoons. Licensed for viewers worldwide, these timeless stories are fun for everyone. They include The Night Before Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, and even Howdy Doody's Christmas.

We have Christmas programs for the whole family, like Rudolph.
Talented Korean actors Go Soo and Han Ye Seul star in the heartfelt K-Drama, Will It Snow For Christmas?, available for viewers worldwide, except in select Asian countries. For Horowitz is a movie from Korea about a piano teacher who meets a very special student. To round out the collection from Korea, Whee Sung's "It's Real" Concert gives a behind the scenes look at a truly great performance.

Whee Sung's smooth voice is great for the holidays.
If you're looking for something a little more playful and silly, we recommend Indian movie, Action Replay starring Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar, available worldwide except in India and North America. Bunty Chupra travels back in time to help his parents fall in love, but things get difficult when he finds out his younger father is an awkward nerd. Prem Ka Game is another Bollywood comedy about a man trying to win back his wife after having an affair with the supermodel next door. It is available worldwide except for India. You can check out Prem Ka Game below.

We hope you enjoy a restful holiday season with friends and family. You can find Viki's collection of holiday-themed videos below in our custom widget, which you can embed in your own webpage or blog:

How Psy's Gangnam Style Took Over the World

K-pop star Psy’s juggernaut video ‘Gangnam Style’ recently became the most viewed video in the history of YouTube. You're likely familiar with the viral sensation full of horse dancing, explosions and addictive beats. According to Google, "Gangnam Style" was the 2nd most searched term in 2012! This infographic reveals how the music video spread around the world since its release this summer. The infographic (full version at the bottom of this post) ranks the top 20 countries where the video has been viewed most often, and includes a month-by-month look at how viral viewership spread from S. Korea to North America to the rest of the world. 

The music video has been translated into 24 languages on Viki, helping it travel across geographic and language boundaries.

Check out the full infographic below for more info.

How Gangnam Style Took Over the World Infographic

Lunafly Hangs Out with Viki Fans

On December 12th, Viki hosted its first ever Google+ Hangout with talented new boy group, Lunafly, and fans from around the world. Check out the highlights of this fun event, including hair jokes, photo tricks, and live singing below!

We started broadcasting the chat live on the Viki YouTube channel at 8:00PM PST, with fans from the United Kingdom, Colombia, the United States, and Saudi Arabia joining from home. Lunafly was surprised to see that they had fans from so many different places; and the girls were more than happy to invite them to perform in their country.

After a round of introductions, the fans asked one question each to the members of Lunafly, including what advice they had for their fans, how they first became a group, and what has been their most meaningful experience since debut.

Sam Carter, being the group leader and a native English speaker, answered first and helped his fellow Lunafly members express their own answers. Yun shared a touching memory of seeing fans from other countries singing along to his songs for the first time. And Teo proved to be the most playful of the group, activating funny sound effects all throughout the hangout session.

After fulfilling a special birthday request for the friend of one of the fans (Nonochii on Viki), Lunafly agreed to sing a few songs from their album - and the harmony of their voices sounded great even over the hangout. But that wasn't the end of the fanservice and surprises: Lunafly signed CD's for each of the fans, taking special care to spell all the names correctly.

The boys of Lunafly proved not only to be talented entertainers, but warm-hearted and considerate individuals. We wish them the best and hope to catch up with them again soon. Thank you to the fans who participated (shinteo, LeiidyReyez, Lina Trejos, Nonochii, kakashiandme), to the Viki team in Korea who helped make the event possible and who interpreted Korean & English, and to Lunafly for taking the time to share an unforgettable conversation with all of us. One fan, Ellen (shinteo), expressed her thanks and gave her own recap of the hangout on her YouTube channel.

Teo of Lunafly waves to fans during the Hangout
Follow the Lunafly Channel on Viki to see all of their hit music videos subtitled in your language, and head over to the Viki YouTube channel to watch the full broadcast of the Lunafly hangout.

Happy Holidays From Viki!

From all of us at Viki to all of you -- our amazing community members all over the world -- we wish you Happy Holidays and an even better New Year. We'd love to hear about how you plan to spend the last few weeks of 2012, so please leave a comment and let us know! 

Watch Charade, starring the wonderful Audrey Hepburn!

There are a few names in film that usually bring a smile to anyone's face, by the mention of it. Let me give it a try: "Audrey Hepburn." You see? You're smiling already!

Charade, the 1963 film starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant is now available to viewers everywhere.  The film tells the story of Regina "Reggie" Lampert (Hepburn) who's husband is murdered while she's away on a holiday, telling a friend that she's going to get a divorce. She now finds that he is dead, has men searching for money that he stole years ago, and that everyone expects her to know where the money is.The charming Peter Joshua (Grant), who changes his name every 15 minutes, seems to also somehow be interested in her husband's money.

This suspense thriller-romantic-comedy is directed by Stanley Doner (who also directed Singin' in the Rain), and written by Tony, Oscar and Emmy winner Peter Stone, also stars Walter Matthau and James Coburn. Watch the movie now!

And if you'd like to get involved in the segmenting, subtitling, moderation and editing process of this show, please send me a PM!

More than 100 classic films now at your fingertips

Do you find yourself longing for Golden Era of film or classic actors and actresses like Cary Grant, Shirley Temple and Audrey Hepburn? We now have more than 100 classic movie titles for you to enjoy, which you can find under the "Classics" genre on Viki.com.

Over the next few weeks we'll be highlighting some of these classic films right here on our blog. Today's highlights are all based on novels, and tell the dramatic stories of brave children who are plucked from their homes and the lives that they're used to, and must overcome great challenges.

Set in Victorian London, The Little Princess (1939) is a famous classic starring American sweetheart Shirley Temple, directed by Walter Lang, and is based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Sara Crewe (Temple) is sent to live at Miss Minchin's School, by her father when he goes to Africa to fight in the Second Boer War. When news arrives that her father is dead and that his wealth has been confiscated, Sara goes from a life of privileged to that of a servant girl. This film is available to viewers worldwide.

Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936), also based on a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, tells the story of Ceddie (played by Freddie Bartholomew), who lives with his mother in Brooklyn, New York, after his English father dies. Ceddie's grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, had disowned Ceddie's father for marrying an American, but when the Earl's remaining son dies, he accepts Ceddie as his heir, Lord Fauntleroy. Ceddie moves in with his cold grandfather and tries to overcome their differences. This film is available to viewers worldwide.

Great Expectations (1946), a film based on the famous novel by Charles Dickens, is about the orphan, Pip, who received an offer from a mysterious benefactor to transform him into a gentlemen. The film won Academy Awards for Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography and was nominated for three more: Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay. This film is available to viewers worldwide.

We hope you enjoy these films -- they're all great choices to watch with your families over the holiday season! And make sure you check back often to see more classic film highlights.

Why can’t I find the same shows on the Viki mobile app that I can find on Viki.com?

Hi there! This is Michael from Viki’s Community Support team.

If you’re one of the many millions of people watching Viki from a mobile phone, tablet or connected TV, you may be wondering -- or even have written to ask -- this popular question, which I wanted to take a moment to answer:

Why can’t I find the same shows on the Viki mobile app that I can find on Viki.com?

If you can’t find a show on the Viki mobile app that you know you can find and watch on viki.com, it likely means that we don’t have the “mobile rights” for that content. When we purchase content licenses from content owners, we often are negotiating web and mobile rights separately (among other rights, including region of the world).

While we’re not always successful at getting everything, we hope you continue watching, whether it’s on the Viki website or one of our many applications. In the meantime, we’re working hard to get even more content, accessible anywhere, in 2013.

If you’re interested in learning more about the licensing process, check out this great, detailed blog entry by Viki’s CEO Razmig Hovaghimian.

Thanks for making 2012 such a great year! We’re so grateful for all of your contributions, and we’re thrilled you’re a part of the Viki Community. Remember, we’re always happy to help, so if you have any additional questions about this, or anything else, just send us a note!

You Voted: Viki's 2012 Fan Favorites

2012 was an amazing year thanks to all our fans and community members! To celebrate we ran the 1st annual Viki Fan Favorite vote. The power was in your hands and you all voted for your favorite shows, dramas, and more. Thank you to all who voted. And don't think that the fun stops here because we have tons of great TV shows and movies coming in 2013!

Here are the winners of the Viki Fan Favorites 2012 as chosen by you, the fans!

Celebrity of the Year: Psy

 Is there any doubt that 2012 was Psy's year? His infectious K-Pop hit 'Gangnam Style' took over the world, becoming the first video in YouTube history to surpass 1 billion views. The music video has been translated into 24 languages on Viki, helping it travel across geographic and language boundaries. Don't miss our infographic of the viral video here

Favorite Body Swap Show: Big

K-Drama 'Big' was a big hit with viewers earning the top spot from fans. 18-year-old Kang Gyung-Joon's becomes trapped in the body of 30 year old doctor Seo Yoon Jae after a car accident. Seo Yoon is engaged to  Kang-Gyung's high school teacher. 


Favorite Comeback: Lee Min Ho 'Faith'

Lee Min Ho made his return to acting in the drama 'The Great Doctor AKA Faith.' This show was hotly anticipated and fans loved it. 

Favorite Love Ballad: Lunafly 'How Nice Would it Be'

Lunafly took the k-pop world by storm with their song 'How Nice Would it Be.' In December we hosted a Google+ Hangout with talented guys, and fans from around the world. Check out the highlights of this fun event, including hair jokes, photo tricks, and live singing!

Favorite Melodrama: The Innocent Man (Nice Guy)

Fans were hooked on the show 'Nice GuyStarring Song-Joong-ki and Park Si-Yeon. In the dark drama a man in betrayed by the woman he loves. He sets out to get revenge revealing a web of lies and romance. 

Favorite Dance Music Video: Super Junior 'Sexy Free and Single'

Super Junior's 'Sexy Free and Single' was fans top pick for their favorite dance music video. There is no wonder thealbum won the "Album of the Year" award in the MNET Music Awards in 2012. 

Favorite Romantic Comedy: To The Beautiful You

To the Beautiful You brought together idols from several groups including Sulli of f(x) and Choi Min-Ho of Shinee. A high school girl in love will do anything to meet and get close to a boy she idolizes, including cutting her hair and pretending to be a boy to be admitted to the all boys school he attends. 

Favorite Time Travel Drama: The Great Doctor aka Faith

Lee Min Ho's comeback 'Faith' also earned fans vote as their favorite time travel drama of the year. Lee Min Ho plays Admiral Choi Young who travels 700 years from the Goryeo Dynasty to modern day Korea. There he kidnaps a surgeon and returns to his time period so the doctor can save an injured Princess. 

Lee Min Ho in 'Faith'

Most Outrageous Scandal: IU & Eun Hyuk Dating?

In November IU accidentally Tweeted a photo of herself and Super Junior member Eun Hyuk. Rumors about the two's relationship were first sparked during an Episode of 'Strong Heartwhere IU was a guest. On the episode Eun Hyuk's band-mate Leeteuk wrote, “Meeting Eunhyuk’s woman again“ Eunhyuk wrote a simple heart on his board, and IU wrote, “Oppa, I’m here“. Reps for both stars have denied a relationship, but the photo was enough to earn fan's vote for the biggest celebrity scandal of the year. 

IU accidentally Tweeted this photo, setting off a firestorm of rumors

Win Tickets for the Golden Disk Awards on Jan 15!

On January 15th and 16th, the world's top K-Pop stars will arrive in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the biggest Asian music awards show of the year: The 27th Golden Disk Awards. The show has been held every year since 1986, but has recently moved from Korea to Southeast Asia to showcase the global appeal of Korean Pop culture. Hot artists, including Super Junior, G-Dragon, Ailee, and T-ara are set to perform.

One exciting component of this year's Golden Disk Awards is the MSN Southeast Asia Award, decided completely by online fan voting. The voting has ended, but it's sure to be a close race. Here are the music videos from some of the top nominees:

Golden Disk Awards Viki Exclusive VIP Ticket Giveaway

We're thrilled to have VIP tickets to give away to you, the fans, to go and watch your favorite artists perform and receive a coveted Golden Disk Award! Do you live in, or are able to travel to Malaysia? Just follow the below instructions to enter the giveaway for a pair of Exclusive VIP tickets. You'll be able to enter until Jan 12, 3:00PM PST.

1. Go to the Golden Disk Awards tab on the Viki Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/viki/app_357035861060284

2. Write down which K-Pop artist you want to win an award, and include your Viki username.

3. Share on your Facebook Timeline for a chance to be chosen to receive a pair of VIP tickets.

The deadline is January 12, and you are allowed to make one entry per day. You must live in Southeast Asia and be over age 18 to be eligible. Follow Viki on Twitter, Facebook, and here on the blog to hear about more exciting ways you can get tickets to the event.

Watch 3 influential classic German films

Every country in the world has a unique film-making history, and digging into each of them will, without fail, leave you fascinated and itching for more of that history. Today, let's take a look at some amazing influential films from Germany.

Often showing up in the list of top 100 international films of all time, Nosferatu, based on Bram Stoker's "Dracula," is the 1922 German film directed by F.W. Murnau, one of Germany's most influential directors of the silent film era. The film tells the story of Thomas Hutter, who lives in the fictitious town Wisborg, where Count Orlov is looking to buy a house. Hutter is sent to Transylvania to visit the potential buyer where he starts to suspect that Orlov might be Nosferatu, the "Bird of Death."

Faust, another film directed by F.W. Murnau, was released in 1926 and featured some amazing special effects for its time. Based on not only Goethe's "Faust," Murnau was also inspired by "Mefistofele" by Arrigo Boito, and "Doktor Faust" by Ferruccio Buson.

Metropolis, the 1927 science-fiction film directed by Fritz Lang follows Freder, the son of the master of Metropolis, the futuristic dystopian city that the film takes place in. Freder discovers that there is a great underground workforce that is driving the city, living and working in terrible conditions, while the wealthy idly go for walks in what they think is Utopia. In 2001, the film was inscribed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.

Can't get enough classic films and TV shows? Check out the "classics" genre on Viki! 

K-Pop Fandom, Up Close and Personal: Mariko reports from the 'Korean Grammy Awards'

I have a confession to make: until this past Tuesday, I had never been to a K-Pop concert before. Of course, my iPod is filled with K-Pop (my favorites right now are Girl's Generation and F.T. Island), but I had never seen anyone in person.

So when Viki received tickets to attend the Golden Disk Awards (Korea's version of the Grammys, held this year in Malaysia), the first thing we did was give them away to our community members in Malaysia. And because I was going to be in the area myself, I took the opportunity to escort them! :) 

From the moment I stepped foot into the venue, the energy of the fans was amazing! At the red carpet, everyone was yelling and screaming and from the moment the concert started, I don't remember a moment that wasn't filled with fans singing along to every song. The energy didn't drop for a single moment during the 4-hour event. It was incredible to see that even the long lines and brutal heat weren't going to dampen anyone's spirits.

Imagine so many amazing K-Pop stars sharing a stage. The night included performances from 4minute, B2ST, CNBLUE, F.T. Island, Trouble Maker, BTOB, B1A4, INFINITE, KARA, EXO-K and EXO-M, Juniel, and finished with fantastic sets from SHINee and Super Junior! It was clear that the idols could feel the energy rise up from the audience as they took to the stage. They were giving it everything they had.

SHINee speaks to the crowd after an electrifying performance
The Trouble Maker dance performance was sexy and full of energy, EXO-K and EXO-M performed together, and I loved how seamlessly and professionally KARA continued their performance after the stage lights went off on them, mid song! And the final two performances, by Super Junior and SHINee, truly blew the roof off the (outdoor) stage.

But to me, the stars of the event were the fans. I was awed, inspired and humbled, by their passion and love, and felt so incredibly fortunate and thankful to be part of such an amazing experience. K-Pop fans are awesome!!

Catch Fashion Fever

For some shows the clothes are as big a character in the story as the actors. These shows were full of fashion forward style, culture and drama!

I Do I Do

See  Kim Sun Ah's comeback 'I Do I Do'. She plays Hwang Ji An, the top shoe designer in a major shoe company, with the shoe collection of every girl's dreams. She is in her 30s, successful and single. One night, she has a one-night stand with a young new employee, and becomes pregnant.  Will she be able to keep her stylish lifestyle and great job or will she choose love?

Material Girl

In the BBC show 'Material Girl', Ali dreams of becoming a name in the fashion world - and believes with hard work and determination she will. But when she has a falling out with her boss, the hottest designer of the moment Ali's dreams are threatened. Can Ali overcome powerful obstacles to succeed in the cut-throat world of fashion?


The title of this show says it all. This drama, based on a novel of Baek Young Ok, Style, describes work and love life of young people, who work in fashion industry at a major fashion magazine. From the editors to the assistants see what goes into making ever page picture perfect. 

These are only some of the amazing fashion seen in TV shows and movies. What are your favorite TV fashion moments?

Eugene Shines in A Hundred Year's Inheritance

A Hundred Year's Inheritance (백년의 유산) is the type of K-Drama that will make you laugh, cry, scream, and reach for the nearest bowl of noodle soup, all within the first half hour. With a deep, talented cast starring the beautiful Eugene (Creating Destiny) and twists at every moment, this show is already garnering attention on Viki and beyond.

So much happens in the first episode that you might forget you're watching a drama and not a movie. Misfortune after misfortune befalls poor Eugene's character, Chae Won, who is appalled but keeps her cool despite being constantly harassed by her husband and mother-in-law.

Mrs. Bong will stop at nothing to ruin Chae Won's life
The mother-in-law: I've seen a few truly evil ones in my K-Drama career, but this one takes the cake for being unrelentingly vicious on Day 1. Without provocation, she rejects her daughter-in-law at a family celebration, kicks her out of the house, and feigns innocence to frame her in every situation. And when Chae Won finally shows some backbone and decides to leave her crumbling marriage behind, Mrs. Bong makes sure she won't be a liability by throwing her into a mental hospital without her consent. This is a new low, and part of me is eager to see what else this greedy, manipulative woman has up her sleeve in future episodes.

A Hundred Year's Inheritance airs every Saturday and Sunday evening, and you can thank The Inheritance Team for providing amazing translations for the show. It is available to viewers in North and South America.

Love and Science Fiction Collide in These Anime Titles

Whether you are in the mood for a story filled with high-school love, or epic fantasy battles in futuristic worlds, these new anime titles have something for everyone!

Embark on a journey and discover passion, strength, courage and hope with these Showgate titles. 


Alphard is a shadowy terrorist who wheels and deals in secret maneuvers all over the world. Canaan, a freelance-mercenary (agent of dark struggle), chases him as his sworn enemy. The two leading characters confront each other in Shanghai, amidst feelings of kinship given their respective upbringings as terrorist and as mercenary. The curtain rises to reveal their fate. This title is available to all of Asia except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand.


In the turbulent age, samurai Yajiro meets a blond Sexy woman Rushuna. While Yajiro fights for his master, Rushuna faces a different obstacle. By maximizing her skills to fight against new and exotics weapons, she survives each battle. A refreshing action filled anime with a hint of heartwarming episodes. This show is available in the United States and Asia, except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Japan.

Kimi Kiss

After the summer holidays a second-year high school student realizes half of his high school life has gone without experiencing love, let alone a kiss. So he pledges to actively kiss girls and to find a loving girl to go to the school festival with, in one month.This anime is available to viewers in Asia except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Anime ' Kimi Kiss'

After World War III, large contaminated areas known as “Blackspots” were left all over Japan, and large walls were built to quarantine them off. But in time, people started to re-settle these wastelands. These included those who had lost their homes in the war, rogues, and criminals on the run from the police. Many died quickly, but some overcame the poison and developed mysterious powers. This title is available to viewers in Asia except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Japan.


Sola is a fantasy anime that follows high school student, Yorito Morimiya, who loves photographing the sky. One night, he meets Matsuri Shihou, who, he soon discovers, is not human. She is an immortal being known as a "Yaka" ("Calamity of the Night") and is being chased by Takeshi Tsujidou who is trying to kill her. Yorito brings her to his home to protect her, and as they fall in love their relationship deepens, and Matsuri reveals her long and tragic past. This anime is available to viewers in Asia except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Fantasy Anime 'Sola'

Set in the near future, dramatic advances in science have put the super-light speed “hyper space” drive into practical use, opening the way for mankind to explore stars in the distant universe. Men and women have gone to explore the universe in search of a new utopia, but they are faced with dreadful struggles such as terrorism and war, just as on Earth. This is a great Sci-Fi action anime about the hopes of mankind in the infinite universe. This anime is available to viewers in Asia except China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Japan.

Meet the Flower Boy Next Door

We are proud to welcome hit romantic comedy, Flower Boy Next Door (이웃집 꽃미남) to the Viki community. Only 6 episodes in, this show has already captured the hearts of viewers around the world with its quirky humor, and lovable characters. We think you'll love it too, so follow the channel here and get started!

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon star in "Flower Boy Next Door"
The forever-young, button-nosed Park Shin Hye slips smoothly into her role as Go Dok Mi, a deathly shy girl who is frightened of conversation but dreams of falling in love. She spends her days locked up at home, daydreaming and spying with binoculars on her handsome neighbor across the street. She's an awkward but pure-hearted heroine (despite her peeping tom tendencies), and we look forward to seeing her come out of her shell.

Just like her character in "You're Beautiful," Park Shin Hye finds herself surrounded on all sides by outgoing, extraordinarily handsome young men. Connected to each other by friendship, family, business, and just by chance, the "flower boys" interact in hilarious ways and it's always fun to see them on screen together. If you enjoyed the antics in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, then put this drama on your list. 

Yoon Shi Yoon leads the cast as the famous young game design prodigy, Enrique Geum, who talks a mile a minute and loves to flash his million dollar smile. One day, he catches Go Dok Mi in the act of peeping from her window, and makes it his mission to find out what she's up to. If you want to find out what happens next, head over to the Flower Boy Next Door channel, and don't forget to thank the Stalkers Team for the translations. This drama is available to viewers in the Americas.

We'll Miss "I Miss You"

Last Thursday night, viewers around the world tuned in to the finale of one of the most emotionally-gripping series of the year, I Miss You (보고싶다).

We saw JYJ's Park Yoo Chun depart from his romantic comedy roles in Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal to play a troubled homicide detective searching for his first love. Yoon Eun Hye, known for her cute characters in Coffee Prince and Goong, played a fashion designer who was suppressing her pain and childhood memories. Finally, Yoo Seung Ho captivated fans as the loving second lead with an intriguing dark side.

The talented cast of "I Miss You"
Jung Woo and Su Yeon were a happy couple in their youth, but had to separate due to an unfortunate accident. Now, Jung Woo longs to find his lost love no matter what, but meets many challenges along the way. This drama is available to viewers worldwide except for in North and South America.

And make sure to pay a visit to the I Miss You channel and thank the incredible "Missing You" team for translating the show for fans everywhere! You can watch the final episode below:

Introducing: New Subtitle Editor and Segment Timer!

Subtitling can be really fun, but it isn't always easy -- it takes time, heart and dedication when you're contributing to one or several shows at any given time. No one understands this better than the Viki community, whose love of the content and commitment to breaking down language barriers is truly amazing. 

So when you told usyou wanted easier and faster subtitling tools, we set out to work. After many months and several rounds of feedback (thank you, QCs!!), we're delighted to finally announce the new Subtitle Editor and Segment Timer. One immediately noticeable change is that subtitling and segmenting will be split into two tools.

The beta Subtitle Editor is now available on all channels, and the beta Segment Timer will be available on all News, Music, Classics and Anime channels in the next 24 hours. We hope you try the new tools and give us your feedback on the Subtitle Editor here and Segment Timer here.

Features of the beta Subtitle Editor:  
  • See your subtitle in the video as you type
  • Easily select languages you want to translate FROM and TO
  • Quickly scroll or TAB to go from one segment to the next 
  • Replay only the segment that you're working on
  • Keyboard shortcuts let you subtitle without having to use the mouse

To get started, select "Subtitle Editor (beta)" from the new "Contribute" pull-down menu on the video viewing page. To learn more about the Subtitle Editor, please check out the FAQ.

The beta Segment Timer will be available on all News, Music, Classics and Anime channels in the next 24 hours. Please note:

  • One big difference you'll notice in the beta Segment Timer is the addition of the "Waveform," which allows you to "see" the dialogue and audio; this should make segmenting/timing much easier and faster!
  • You will no longer have to create "no voice" segments, which means fewer segments to cut! However, it also means that the new Timer cannot exist on the same channels as the old tool.Therefore, channels that have the new Timer will not have access to the old tool.
  • Because the new Timer is easier to use, you'll no longer need to be an approved designated segmenter in order to start segmenting, on News, Music and Classics channels. Instead, everyone accessing the Timer for the first time will be prompted to watch a tutorial video.  

For more information about the beta Segment Timer, please check out this FAQYour feedback will help us continue improving the tools, so please send your thoughts here.

    And finally, a huge "Thank You!" goes out to all the QCs and Power Segmenters who gave feedback during the development and testing of both tools. We couldn't have done this without you!