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Viki is a global video site with TV shows, movies and other premium content from around the world, subtitled into more than 150 languages by a volunteer community of fans just like you.

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    We’ve quickly reached the end of October, and it’s time to wish a “Happy Birthday” to all our favorite celebrities born this month! Whether they choose to have a grand ball, small family gathering or a quiet evening, it’s still a joyous occasion that will be celebrated by their die-hard fans!

    Did you know that the gorgeous actress Jun Ji Hyun from huge hit “My Love From the Star” was born on October 30? She turns 33 years old, but she hasn’t aged one bit.

    Check out these four fun facts that we bet you didn’t know about Jun Ji Hyun!

    Her Hair Is Famous

    If you haven’t noticed her hair yet, then take a look now and tell us what you think! It has been a part of her signature look — long, silky, straight hair. In the past, Jun Ji Hyun modeled for several well-known shampoo brands, such as Pantene, Elastine and Asience.

    Her Film Debut Was in 1999

    White Valentine” wasn’t a smash box-office success, but it did provide another stepping stone for Jun Ji Hyun to gain more experience. She even won Best New Actress at the 35th Baeksang Arts Awards for the role!

    Jun Ji Hyun was only 18 years old when she filmed ‘White Valentine’!

    She Got Married in 2012

    Sorry guys, but she’s no longer single! On April 13, 2012, Jun Ji Hyun married businessman Choi Joon Hyuk, the grandson of a famous Korean hanbok designer. More than 600 celebrities, friends and family attended her wedding!

    My Love From the Star’ Was Her First Drama in 14 Years

    Jun Ji Hyun has been in the entertainment industry since 1997, but interestingly has spent the bulk of her career appearing in films instead of dramas. Regardless, Jun Ji Hyun proved her veteran acting skills and deservedly received the Daesang (or “Grand Prize”), the highest award for television, at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. The role elevated her to superstar status and even caused a worldwide YSL lipstick shortage!

    See this clip of Jun Ji Hyun’s “aegyo” scene with Kim Soo Hyun:

    Here are some other celebrities who celebrated October birthdays that you might’ve missed:

    October 3 — Yoon Eun Hye (from “Marry Him If You Dare,” “I Miss You,” “Lie to Me,” “Coffee Prince” and “Goong”)

    October 6 — Julian Arango (from “Infiltrated”)

    October 9 — Tony Shalhoub (from “Monk”)

    October 14— Carolina Tejera (from “Wild Cat”)

    October 15 Jimmy Lin (from “My Lucky Star”)


    October 15Nicolas Rincon (from “Without Breasts, There’s No Paradise”) 

    October 20— John Krasinski (from “The Office”)

    October 24— f(x)’s Krystal (from “She’s So Lovable” and “Heirs”)

    Do you share a birthday with any of these celebrities? Share with us in the comments below!

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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    Halloween means that it’s time for an epic Viki binge-watching session! Check out our Recommended Titles, or get in the Halloween spirit with these spooky shows!

    Have a great Halloween!

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    Birth of a Beauty,” — a promising new Korean drama that launches today — marks the drama comeback of Han Ye Seul after three years. In the new series, she plays Sara, a woman who survives an accident that leaves her body and spirit damaged. To seek revenge against those who’ve hurt her, Sara gets plastic surgery and transforms into a stunning beauty.

    Appearing alongside her are Joo Sang Wook (from “Cunning Single Lady” and “Good Doctor”) and Jung Gyu Woon (from “God’s Gift – 14 Days” and “Romance Town”), which creates a handsome man sandwich! 

    Sara’s transformation is quite shocking, which reminds us of some other drastic transformations that we have seen in some of our favorite dramas. This is our list of nine other dramatic transformations you must see to believe!  

    Joo Sang Wook in ‘Cunning Single Lady

    As nerdy computer genius, Jung Woo studied more than paying attention to his looks. He was a destitute student who probably didn’t have the time or money to get a proper haircut. We think Joo Sang Wook is still stylish rocking the “bowl” haircut, and his wife, Ae Ra (played by Lee Min Jung), obviously thought so, too!

    Hwang Jung Eum in Incarnation of Money

    Bok Jae In grew up in a seedy environment with her mother operating a successful loan shark business. Food became her only solace, resulting in massive weight gain. When her mother takes in Lee Cha Don (played later by Kang Ji Hwan) after their car accidentally hits him, Jae In is emotionally scarred when he says that he can never like someone as fat and ugly as her. This fuels Jae In’s complete physical transformation years later to make herself feel better.

    Xie Kun Da in Prince William

    After CEO William is kidnapped, the traumatic experience leaves him unable to speak. His secretary is tasked with finding a guy who looks eerily similar to him, which turns out to be Ah Bin (both played by Xie Kun Da), a fisherman who lives in a small village. Ah Bin assumes William’s life temporarily, but can it turn out to be permanent? Seems like Xie Kun Da enjoys dressing up since his current role is as a guardian angel in “Love Cheque Charge”!

    Lee Kwang Soo in Running Man

    In Episode 216, our dreams finally came true when Lee Kwang Soo (from “It’s Okay, That’s Love”) lived up to his ‘Kwang-vatar’ nickname on the popular variety show! The games played in this heroes edition focused on getting their superpowers back. While on his way to the mission location, citizens glared at Kwang Soo because of his strange looks. Honestly, we would probably do the same!

    Nikki Hsieh in Princess’ Stand In

    Jin Da Hua grew up being teased about her buckteeth and unsightly facial mole. After a run-in with Ou Yang Tai (played by Chris Wu), her life completely changes when he offers to pay for plastic surgery to transform her into his recently-deceased fiancé, who bore a strong resemblance to Da Hua. She agrees so that her secret dream of having Lin Guan Jun (played by James Wen) fall in love with her can be realized! Would you do the same, too, for someone you loved?

    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden

    What could be a more epic transformation than two people of the opposite sex switching bodies? Gil Ra Im (played by Ha Ji Won) is a tough stuntwoman who comes from humble beginnings and leads a simple, single life. Kim Joo Won (played by Hyun Bin) is an arrogant, rich department store CEO who only cares about wealth and status. After visiting a mysterious restaurant on Jeju Island known as Secret Garden, they wake up the next morning in each other’s bodies! How would you feel if this happened to you?

    Marian Rivera in Darna

    For those still in the Halloween mood, the superhero theme in this Filipino series is for you! Narda was a sweet, young woman living a normal life until she learned she was the chosen one responsible for keeping the world free from evil forces. Narda then changes from a wholesome young woman to a gorgeous superhero, using her new special powers of flight, strength and speed to keep everyone safe. Narda kicks butt and also looks fabulous in her outfit!

    Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book

    Choi Kang Chi grew up with a positive outlook on life, believing that he was a regular young man. Little did he know that he’s actually the son of a human mother and a mythical-creature father. Because he is his father’s son, Gang Chi undergoes a terrifying transformation when angry, where his eyes become beastly and his fingers turn into dangerous claws! He then tries to find the “Gu Family Book,” which holds the secret to how he can become a real human!

    IU in Dream High

    Our favorite adorable singer is known for her hit songs “Good Day” (with the famous three high notes!), “YOU&I” and “The Red Shoes” but she’s an accomplished actress, too! She was able to show off her singing talents in the role of Pil Suk, an overweight student who had a huge crush on Jason (played by 2PM’s Wooyoung). In order to win his attention, she believed that losing weight was the answer. Does her transformation change his feelings, or did he secretly already like her?

    Which transformation is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC. 

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    Viki fan Lois Friel with one of her six grandchildren, Maddox

    Lois Friel couldn’t have imagined — when she stumbled on Viki five years ago — that she would find such an enjoyable way to learn French or have her eyes opened to different avenues of philanthropy.

    Friel, 61, who splits her time between Collegeville, Pennsylvania, and Jupiter, Florida, works part-time as a referral agent for a real estate company, but she says she’s “mostly retired” and likes to paint watercolors, go biking and spend time with her six grandchildren. But she happily spends her free time on Viki, having discovered it by chance when she was searching for something to watch on TV and came across a Korean drama. She then became an avid Viki user when she started watching on-air Korean dramas.

    “I couldn’t believe how quickly the new episodes were subbed!” Friel says.

    Friel loves watching romance and dramas with a “slice-of-life” theme but has watched everything from movies and variety shows to travel shows on Viki. She spends “too much” time on Viki, in her own opinion, but loves every minute of it. Recent favorites have included “My Love From the Star” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” She’s currently watching “Liar Game,” “The Three Musketeers” and “Incomplete Life.”

    Friel doesn’t consider Viki to be passive video viewing. She uses Viki to help supplement her French-language learning.

    “When I first started using Viki, I noticed there were some French shows and movies on it,” Friel says. “I loved watching them because I could watch it with French subtitles, which is really the best way to learn a language — hearing it and reading it at the same time. And if I don’t quite understand a word or a phrase, I can pause it and switch to English. It’s better than Google Translate!”

    Friel watches her favorite Korean dramas with French subtitles.

    “It’s a great way to practice reading with the aid of repetitive phrases,” Friel says. “For example, one of my favorite comedies is ‘Protect the Boss.’ While watching with French subtitles, I learned a lot of office phrases that I may not have learned otherwise. It has really helped me read French at a greater comprehension level.”

    Because of the high volume of Korean dramas that Friel watches, she also has picked up a lot of Korean phrases. She watches Japanese and Taiwanese dramas as well, and while she can’t speak the languages, she can now distinguish one language from another when she hears it being spoken.

    In addition to language learning, Friel says Viki has opened her eyes to injustices into the world and expanded the way she approaches philanthropy. She said recently, she stumbled on the American short film “Her Story,” which is about an Asian girl who is stripped of her identity and forced into the dark world of prostitution. The movie disturbed Friel and lingered in her memories. Shortly thereafter, Friel read a news story about a college student who fled North Korea who talked about a friend being forced to prostitute herself.

    “Having the visual of ‘Her Story’ in my mind, I decided to contribute to a rescue fund to help bring North Koreans safely out of their country,” Friel says. “So, in a way, I guess you could say that Viki changed my life a bit, by once again showing me other worlds that I may never have had access to and propelling me to take action.”

    Friel now has a whole group of friends who watch Korean dramas on Viki.

    “I’ve recommended it to people in my French classes, also,” Friel says. “I’ve even been known to tell complete strangers about it!”

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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    The much-anticipated new series premiere of “Pinocchio,” starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye,  will be here soon! To capture all the feels, Viki is hosting a live two-hour Twitter Event. So come watch the first episode with us and join the conversation on Twitter!

    Pinocchio” will be available on Viki to viewers in North America, South America and Europe.

    Here’s how it’ll work:
    • On Wednesday, November 12, at 7 p.m. PST/10 p.m. EST and 3 a.m. GMT on November 13, we’ll start the 15-minute countdown to the premiere episode 
    • At 7:15 p.m. PST/10:15 p.m. EST and 3:15 a.m. GMT, we’ll all hit “play” together on Episode 1 of “Pinocchio” 
    • After the episode ends, we’ll host a 30-minute recap and discussion

    Use #PinocchioOnViki on all your tweets to join the discussion! Not only will it be fun to watch “Pinocchio” with people from around the world, you’ll also have the chance to win a copy of Lee Jong Suk’s new photo book, which will be given to the person who writes our favorite tweet of the event!

    Pinocchio” is about Choi In Na (played by Park Shin Hye), a young, aspiring reporter who can’t lie. Every time she tries, she involuntarily hiccups! In Na works alongside the handsome but frumpy Choi Dal Po (played by Lee Jong Suk) as rookie reporters on a busy broadcast newsroom. The series also features Kim Young Kwang (from “Plus Nine Boys” and “Good Doctor”), and Lee Yu Bi (from “The Innocent Man”) as a boy band fangirl-turned-serious journalist.

    We know you’re just as excited as we are for the start of this star-studded new series! Join us for the premiere and share in the excitement with other Viki fans!

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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    Over the past few years, we’ve received an increasing number of requests for J-dramas. So we’re excited to announce that Viki now has many more premium Japanese titles available — with many more coming this month! Our extensive library ranges from classic hits to recently popular shows like “Detroit Metal City.”

    Here are some of the exciting new titles coming to Viki!

    The first season of “Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO” is one of the most popular Viki series of all time, and the second season, “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO,” will be available on Viki soon! Yuki Furukawa returns as the brilliant and dashing Naoki and Miki Honoka returns as Kotoko, his new bride, in this exciting new chapter in their lives, starting on November 24! Get caught up with their lives prior to the start of the new season, watch the preview episode that follows Naoki and Kotoko on their honeymoon to Okinawa!


    “HERO” is an upcoming drama starring SMAP’s Takuya Kimura as Kohei Kuryu, a prosecutor in Tokyo. Kohei’s unique methods set him apart from his colleagues in the Josai branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office. Catch “HERO” when it begins streaming on November 14!

    Doctor-X, Season 2

    We watched as the beautiful Dr. Michiko Daimon (played by Ryoko Yonekura) pushed for better medical care for her patients at a university hospital in the first season. Now, one fateful day at race tracks sets the course of events in this next installment of the wildly popular “Doctor-X” franchise.

    Space Brothers

    Based on the popular manga of the same name, “Space Brothers” follows astronaut Hibito and his older brother, Mutta, as they try to fulfill their childhood dreams to fly into space together. Director Yoshitaka Mori takes the story in a creative new direction in this live-action movie version by focusing on the brothers’ relationship and emotional struggles as they travel near and far for each other.

    We’re excited to be working with TOHO, SPO Entertainment, and Fuji TV/FCC, and continuing our relationship with TV Asahi to keep bringing you more amazing Japanese titles! Want to check out more offerings from Japan? Head over to our Japan section to discover more intriguing TV shows, anime and movies!

    Which Japanese titles are you looking forward to watching? Have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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    Lee Yoo Ri plays the infamous Min Jung in ‘Jang Bo Ri Is Here

    Evil characters are essential to a good television drama. Without the bad, the protagonists would have a much harder time looking so good! And as evil characters go, no other character may be able to compare to the evil doings of Yeon Min Jung (played by Lee Yoo Ri) in this year’s top-rated Korean drama “Jang Bo Ri Is Here.” From lying, cheating, back-stabbing, conniving, stealing — not to mention abandoning her own child — there’s nothing that Min Jung wouldn’t do to get ahead in life, even if she has to leave a trail of blood and tears to get there.

    Lee Yoo Ri was so good at portraying the evil Min Jung, that a lady from a passing bus yelled out “That evil bitch!” while the cast was filming on the streets of Seoul in September, and the behind-the-scenes video went viral the same day on Korean YouTube!

    What other character from a drama from this year do you think is just as bad — if not worse — than Min Jung from “Jang Bo Ri Is Here”? Let us know in the comments below (your favorite evil character and what evil things he or she did), and we may use your responses for an upcoming blog about the most evil characters in 2014 dramas!

    We look forward to your comments!

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    Have you seen “A Song for You Season 3,” the global music request program hosted by Super Junior’s Kangin, f(x)’s Amber and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae? Music fans from all over the world can post videos of their stories and song requests on the show’s official Facebook page. Celebrity guests then read the stories and sing the requested songs on the show!

    If you’re a fan of “A Song for You,” it’s your time to shine! We’re giving away SIGNED polaroids from celebrity guests of the show, including Super Junior, B1A4, C-Clown, and Jung Joon Young to fans who are in-the-know!

    Keep reading to find out how to enter for a chance to get one of our signed polaroids!

    Giveaway Requirements:

    1. Favorite the “A Song for You Season 3” Channel on Viki by clicking the "+" button under the main image
    2. Retweet the following Tweet: Get signed polaroids of Super Junior, B1A4 & C-Clown
    3. Answer the three trivia questions below based on the episodes of “A Song for You Season 3” starring B1A4 (Episode 4), C-Clown (Episode 6) and Super Junior (Episode 14)
    4. Fill out this form with your answers and contact information!

    Trivia Questions

    1. Where did B1A4 film its latest music video “Solo Day”? (Hint: The group just finished a tour in that country.)

    2. Who’s the producer of C-Clown’s “Let’s Love” teaser? (Hint: He also produces C-Clown’s web show “Crown the Clown.”)

    3. Which Super Junior member did Sungjae say he ranks as No. 1 in terms of looks? (Hint: The movie he’s starring in will be released in Korea soon!)

    Think you know the answers? Don’t forget to fill out this form to enter the giveaway!

    You have until 5 p.m. PST on Sunday, November 23, to enter the giveaway. The lucky winners will be contacted via Twitter DM (Direct Message) by 5 p.m. PST on Monday, November 24. Good luck!

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    During the last week of October, we invited Viki community members to subtitle as much as they could each day for a chance to receive a gift. The gifts were either Viki merchandise or a signed photo of Lee Min Ho (from “Heirs”) or Kim Soo Hyun (from “My Love From the Star”)! 

    The turnout was amazing! Some users even came close to reaching QC status within one day alone. Thank you to everyone who participated — we greatly appreciate the time and effort you set aside to contribute. Viki wouldn’t be the same without volunteers like you!

    Today, we’re happy to recognize the top subtitlers and their respective languages!

    Friday, October 24BeckyK, Indonesian
    Saturday, October 25anigel, Portuguese
    Sunday, October 26BeckyK, Indonesian
    Monday, October 27anigel, Portuguese
    Tuesday, October 28BeckyK, Indonesian
    Wednesday, October 29anigel, Portuguese
    Thursday, October 30BeckyK, Indonesian
    Friday, October 31BeckyK, Indonesian

    Looks like it was a tough battle between BeckyK and anigel! Congratulations to both winners! If you missed out on this sub-a-thon or want another chance to receive a gift, don’t worry! There will be another opportunity soon. Maybe even at the end of this month, so stay tuned! 

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    Seo Kang Joon’s dimples in ‘Cunning Single Lady’ had ladies swooning

    We want to hear from you! Who is your favorite newcomer or breakout drama star of 2014?

    With so many great dramas that have aired this year, it may be hard to pinpoint the actors or actresses who really made a mark with fans this year. They may be a new face in the industry or someone who played supporting characters in the past but finally broke out into leading man or leading woman status this year.

    Maybe your choice is Seo Kang Joon, the dreamy, hazel-eyed actor who portrayed Gook Seung Hyun in this year’s popular drama “Cunning Single Lady.” Seo Kang Joon debuted just last year with small parts in “Good Doctor” and “The Suspicious Housemaid,” but it was his supporting role as Na Ae Ra’s (played by Lee Min Jung) potential young suitor in “Cunning Single Lady” that put him on the map. He even won Best New Actor at the 7th Korea Drama Awards for that role! His increasing star power translated into landing another role in the currently on–air drama “What Happens to My Family?”

    Maybe you’re a fan of Jasper Liu from “Love Myself or You” or Choi Jin Hyuk from “Pride and Prejudice.” For both actors, 2014 has been the year that they established themselves as A-list leading men!

    Jasper Liu flashes his abs while joking around on the set of ‘Love Myself or You

    Choi Jin Hyuk is steaming hot while taking a shower in ‘Emergency Couple
    Who else do you think made people sit up and notice as a newcomer or breakout drama star in 2014? Let us know in the comments below and we may include your responses in an upcoming blog!

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC. 

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    The touching ending of the food-themed drama ‘Let’s Eat

    We’ve all experienced that feeling where we hung in and watched some great dramas for 16, 20, 36 or even 50 episodes — only to get to the end and say, “That’s it?! How can that be the end?!” On the other hand, when that finale arrived in some of our favorite dramas, we exclaimed, “That was soooo good! I don’t want it to end, though!”

    One of the best drama endings for me, among the dramas I’ve seen in 2014, is the food-porn drama “Let’s Eat.” Although every episode included the sexiest video shots of the most delectable food, making the viewers salivate all over their screens, the drama also provided some great social commentary about the loneliness of eating alone in a society that promotes social, or family-style, dining. The drama ended with the characters all sharing a delicious family meal together while they read the following poem hung on the wall:

    “Rice” by Chun Yang Hee

    To you who eat a lot of rice because you are lonely,
    To you who sleep a lot because you are bored,
    To you who cry a lot because you are sad,
    I write this down.
    Chew on your feelings that are cornered
    like you would chew on rice.
    Anyway, life is …
    something that you need to digest.

    What Is Your Favorite Drama Ending of 2014?

    Now, we want to know what was your favorite drama ending of 2014? What did you like the most about the ending? Maybe you liked the poetic justice that was served to Yeon Min Jung in “Jang Bo Ri Is Here”; or the happily-ever-after ending of fated lovers in “Love Myself or You” or “Fated to Love You (aka You Are My Destiny)”; or just the epic love story of in “My Love From the Star.”

    Let us know in the comments, and we may include your choice in an upcoming blog! We look forward to hearing from you!

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    If you’re not watching “Incomplete Life,” you’re missing out on one of the best dramas on the air right now. This poignant new K-drama about Jang Geu Rae (played by Siwan), a young man who goes to work for an international company as an intern, wonderfully depicts the challenges of working in a fast-paced company, especially for a young man who has no prior work experience. And when the other employees think that he is a “parachute hire,” someone who is hired through nepotism, Geu Rae faces animosity from everyone around him.

    In this scene in Episode 1 (photo above), fellow intern Ahn Yeong Yi (played by Kang So Ra) is surprised by the sounds coming out of Geu Rae’s stomach after he adamantly states that he is not going to lunch because he isn’t hungry.

    Watch the funny scene in Episode 1 at 1:30:13 below!

    Give us your best caption for the funny photo above!

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    Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye reminded fans to watch the premiere of ‘Pinocchio’ yesterday
    Thank you to everyone who joined us for our live series premiere of “Pinocchio” last night on Twitter! We had such an amazing time watching it with all of you! The show certainly lived up to its great expectations, too. The wonderful (and good-looking) cast, great acting and emotionally thrilling plot all added up for a first episode that really kicks you right in the feels.

    We’ve compiled some of our favorite tweets from last night and put them together for you! As promised, a few of our favorite tweets have been selected to receive some awesome prizes: a Lee Jong Suk photo book and signed photos of Lee Yoo Bi. We’ll be messaging the winners on Twitter soon, so keep an eye out! 

    We really had an amazing time watching the episode with everyone and can’t wait to have more events like this. We’ll have details for you soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you have any ideas on how to make the event even better, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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    The three dashing winners of ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love

    It’s Okay, That’s Love” proved to be the emotional favorite among fans this year as stars of the drama took home the highest honors from the 2014 APAN Star Awards over the weekend. Jo In Sung won the Daesang (Grand Prize); D.O won the Male Rookie Award; and Lee Kwang Soo won the Popular Star Award.

    But My Love From the Star” (four wins), Secret Love Affair” (three wins), and “Wonderful Days” (three wins) also proved popular with the most number of awards won. Kim Soo Hyun won Best Male Acting in a Mid-Length Drama for his iconic role in My Love From the Star” and Kim Hee Ae won Best Female Acting in a Mid-Length Drama for her role in Secret Love Affair.”

    Other winners of the 2014 APAN Star Awards were:

    The APAN Star Awards is part of the annual Daejeon Drama Festival, which recognizes Korean dramas that aired on the major networks and cable channels from October 2013 to September 2014. The event was hosted by Kim Sung Joo and T-ara’s Soyeon.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Some titles on Viki are not available in certain regions of the world. But Qualified Contributors (QCs) can view and contribute to most titles. Read this blog post to learn how to become a QC.

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    One of our favorite Korean American stars, Eric Nam, turns 26 years old on November 17. In celebration of this multitalented celebrity’s birthday, we give you the A to Z of Eric Nam (everything you wanted to know about Eric and more)!

    A — Eric is the host of the live music request show “After School Club” on Arirang TV. 

    B— B2M Entertainment is Eric’s management agency.

    C— “Cloud 9” is the title of Eric’s debut album.

    D— “Dancing machine” is Eric’s self-proclaimed title on “After School Club.”

    E— Eric has two brothers named Eddie and Brian.

    F— Eric speaks five languages: English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese!

    G— Eric’s hometown is Atlanta, Georgia.

    H— Host of “After School Club,” and “Section TV,” where Eric is recognized for his bilingual skills and the ease with which he can interview top Hollywood stars like Miranda Kerr, Robert Downey Jr., Amanda Seyfried, and more!

      Eric with Miranda Kerr

      I— Eric toured Italy and sang for mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome as a member of the Atlanta Boy Choir.
        J— A JYP representative called Eric and asked him to attend a JYP audition after watching his cover songs, but Eric rejected the offer to focus on his studies.

        K— Eric is Korean American, like his friends Ailee and Kevin from UKISS. (Video below: Behind the scenes with Ailee)

        L— Lee Hyori and BoA were Eric’s first K-pop crushes.

        M— Eric spent a bit of time in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and Bolivia during his teen years.

        N — Namaste is the name of the project group he joined with former contestants of “Birth of a Great Star.”

        O— “Ooh Ooh” is the title of his last single featuring Hoya of INFINITE.

          P— Peniel of BTOB is a friend of Eric’s.

          Eric with Peniel of BTOB, Brad of Busker Busker, Kevin of UKISS, and Amber of f(x)
          Q— “Quiz to Change the World” is an MBC show that Eric appeared as a guest, along with N and Ken from VIXX.

          R— Realericnam is Eric’s Instagram account.

          S— Eric made it to the Top 5 on “Star Audition 2” (aka “Birth of a Great Star 2”).

            Eric on ‘Birth of a Great Star 2’

            T— Eric has covered Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” and many other songs on his YouTube channel.

            U— Eric danced to UKISS’s song “Quit Playing” on “After School Club.” See the fun scene below!

            V — Viki brought Eric to KCON 2014 in Los Angeles, California, where he hosted the Red Carpet and took selfies with fans at the Viki booth!

            W— Eric is currently a regular guest on “We Got Married Season 4.”

            X— Eric interviewed EXO on Episode 9 of “After School Club.”

            Y— Eric was offered a consulting job at YG, but he rejected it.

            Z— Eric wants to try different genres, specifically jazz and R&B, in his future albums.

            Did you learn something new about Eric? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!

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            If you’ve ever sat down to watch an episode of the popular Korean variety show “Running Man,” it’s likely you wavered between gleeful enjoyment and sublime confusion. First aired in 2010, “Running Man” has since become a staple of Korean entertainment, noted for its unstructured format and lighthearted feel. The show has gained popularity throughout Asia and the rest of the world in recent years and is gaining legions of new fans everyday. Need more reasons to get hooked on the show? Here are five!

            Host Yoo Jae Suk Is Brilliant

            Yoo Jae Suk is nicknamed ‘Grasshopper’ and is always the one of the strongest contenders on missions!

            After “Infinite Challenge” and “Family Outing,” Yoo Jae Suk returned to the host role on “Running Man” and secured his standing as the “MC of the nation.” He also has grown to be one of the strongest mission contenders! Yoo Jae Suk and regular cast member Lee Kwang Soo have a lighthearted, endearing banter that has stood the test of time — in more than 220 episodes!

            The Show Is Highly Unpredictable

            These contestants probably got more than they bargained for!

            Running Man” features a far looser interpretation of reality show rules than what viewers may be used to. Even with so many episodes under its belt, the show’s challenges still manage to be unique and entertaining, from the Winter Olympics to cooking battles. The variety of the challenges is part of what keeps each episode fresh!

            The Show Features Your Favorite Celebrity Guests

            Eunjung from T-ara, Siwan from ZE:A and Doojoon from BEAST stop to catch their breath

            We all love to see our favorite actors and singers get themselves into funny and absurd situations, and this is a big part of the charm of “Running Man.” From Super Junior to Girls’ Generation, many of Korea’s top idols and celebrities have graced the cameras of the show. Check out “Pinocchio” star Lee Jong Suk in Episode 181!

            The Show Has an International Fan Base

            Fans greet ‘Running Man’ cast and crew in Taiwan 

            With large fan groups across Asia and Australia as well as in North America, “Running Man” truly embodies what we consider to be global TV. Episodes have been filmed in countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and Indonesia! Are you a fan of Rain? Here’s an episode with him jumping around in a kangaroo costume with Lee Kwang Soo in Australia! “Running Man” has such a dedicated following that the cast in crew are oftentimes greeted at the airport by an enthusiastic crowd of fans.

            After 2013’s wildly popular “Race Start! Running Man Fan Meeting,” there will be a follow-up event in Singapore on November 29. The two-hour fan event will feature comedy and musical acts such as Kim Jong Kook, HAHA, Song Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo!

            The Show Is Perfect for Binge Watching!

            Need to disappear from the mortal world for two weeks? “Running Man” is here for you! With more than 220 episodes, each clocking in at about an hour and a half each, there are literally more than 14 days’ worth of video to watch. Can you handle that kind of challenge? Because everything is kept lighthearted and cheerful, the show is easy to watch (and re-watch!) with friends.

            Already a fan of “Running Man”?  Let us know what your favorite “Running Man” moments are in the comments below!

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            Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Kim Ja Ok, an award-winning South Korean actress who passed away on Sunday after losing her battle with lung cancer. She was 63 years old.

Kim Ja Ok is probably best known for playing the mother of various K-drama leads, but she also enjoyed the limelight as the leading lady throughout her career. In total, Kim Ja Ok appeared in 51 TV shows and 25 films since her debut in 1970. She won a number of Best Actress awards from 1975 to 1979.

            Here are some of her most memorable roles during her illustrious career over the past five decades.

            Coffee Prince

            In this popular K-drama, Kim Ja Ok appears as Han Kyul’s mother. She is perfect in the role as a slightly overprotective mother who is always looking out for her son’s best interests. Kim Ja Ok’s great acting and realistic portrayal had a great deal to do with the success of this drama.

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

            In this fan favorite, Kim Ja Ok plays Park Bong Sook, the feisty mom of Sam Soon, who scolds her daughter about her guy troubles. Kim Ja Ok’s amazing ability to express a whole range of complex emotions are on full display in this drama.

            Other noteworthy performances by Kim Ja Ok include “The Woman Who Married Three Times,” “Hate to Lose,” “Worlds Within” and “Attic Cat.”

We’ll remember Kim Ja Ok for her wonderful performances and sunny disposition. A true legend of the screen, Kim Ja Ok will be dearly missed.

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            This touching moment at the end of Episode 4 of ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ that surprised us all!

            What was the most surprising plot twist in a drama from this year? What part of a drama made you stop in your tracks, drop what you were eating, and go, “Oh, no! That did not just happen?!” What part of a drama was the most surprising, shocking or unexpected?

            We want to hear from you! Your responses may be included in an upcoming blog!

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            When your trade relies on appearance, it’s easy to see why certain celebrities never seem to age. Our favorite November babies below are a great example! Let’s celebrate the good health of the actors and actresses who have been entertaining us over the years as they make another notch on their mortal age.

            Aishwariya Rai Bachchan (November 1)

            Aish has been one of the most prominent international faces for Bollywood and India for so long that it’s hard to think of a time without her presence. The movie star debuted back in 1997 when she was 26, after she had already been a model for six years. In the subsequent two decades, Aish has retained her youthful looks at the age of (drumroll please ...) 41! Before you attribute it to Photoshop, check out au naturale Aishwariya. Not only is Aish in her 40s, but the third birthday of her daughter, Aaradhya, was on November 16! Here’s to many more years of good health for the Rai-Bachchan clan!

            Shah Rukh Khan (November 2)

            If anyone has secretly discovered the Fountain of Youth, it’s the internationally beloved Shah Rukh Khan. He effortlessly combines the physique of a 30-something with a George Clooney charm that has served him well in a career spanning four decades. SRK has managed to remain a leading man instead of fading into “older mentor” typecasting oblivion, with his starring role in the upcoming blockbuster “Happy New Year.” Some of us still remember him as the rising star in “Fauji” or the Bollywood heartthrob in “Pardes.” This year, SRK turned 49, ringing in his birthday the same way he has in past years — waving to fans who gather outside his house in Mumbai. 

            Park Hyung Sik (November 16)

            “Hyungsik?!” You’re thinking, “That guy has birthdays? I assumed he re-spawned every year into an even younger, more talented entertainer.” Surely enough, this triple-threat shows no signs of slowing down as he turns 23, with nominations for the Baeksang Arts Awards and APAN Star Awards. In 2014 alone, the rising star has regularly appeared in the variety show “Real Men,” acted in a “Three Musketeers” musical, and is starring in the currently airing drama “What Happens to My Family?” Whether we know him as part of the boy band ZE:A or as Jo Myung Soo of “Heirs,” we’re looking forward to many more years of Hyungsik’s talent.

            Kirsten Ren (November 22)

            Kirsten Ren has had big shoes to fill as the younger sister of S.H.E star Selina Ren! You be the judge of how she’s doing by watching the Taiwanese drama “In A Good Way,” where she stars as a country girl whose life is changed after meeting the brilliant and outgoing Liu Shan Feng at Cheng Dong University. It’s not hard to imagine Kirsten as a college freshman, even though the actress turns 26 this year! 

            Shin Sung Rok (November 23)

            Having Shin Sung Rok’s extensive background in musical theatre is certainly helpful! He embodies the ideal versatile actor, with dramas ranging from “Definitely Neighbors” to “My Love From the Star.” As he turns 32 this month, he continues to balance his performances between the small screen, silver screen and stage. Not only is he in the 2014 dramas “Trot Lovers” and “Liar Game,” but he also is appearing as Louis XIV in the musical “The Sun King.”

            Primrata Dejudom (November 29)

            Known colloquially as “that hot girl from the ‘Ong-Bak’ movies,” Primrata Dejudom turns 31 this month, and we’re just as surprised as you are! While she’s had supporting roles in Thai dramas and starred in “The Gig,” the “Ong-Bak” franchise opened her up to an international audience. We hope to see more of Primrata in the years to come!

            Andrew McCarthy (November 29)

            “Whatever happened to Andrew McCarthy?” is a reasonable question to ask if you have a moderate understanding of ’80s pop culture. “Who is Andrew McCarthy?” is equally reasonable if you don’t. Primarily known as the boyishly handsome co-star of “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Pretty in Pink” and “Weekend at Bernie’s,” McCarthy has emerged from Brat Pack fame over the last few years as a regular on “Lipstick Jungle” and a director of the Netflix hit series “Orange Is the New Black.” The veteran actor and director turns 52 this month, and he doesn’t look a day over 40 and makes the rest of us feel like old folks. Keep fighting the good fight, Andrew! 

            Birthdays don’t just welcome the future; they celebrate the past. There’s no better way of celebrating these actors’ past accomplishments than watching some of their shows and movies! Know any other November babies we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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            With that killer smile and easy-going charm, it’s no wonder that Aaron Yan has managed to mesmerize audiences around the world. The Taiwanese singer and actor’s achievements have earned him many loyal fans and admirers. In honor of Aaron’s 29th birthday today, here are some things you probably didn’t know about the man also known as Abu (阿布).

            Aaron was discovered by entertainment industry scouts after posting a “selca” (selfie) on the Internet. Yes, you read that right. He’s so good at taking photos of himself that it got him started on the road to fame! And don’t think just because he’s a star that Aaron has let his selca game slip. A quick look at his Instagram will ease your doubts about his dedication to the Art of Selca!

            Aaron made his first screen appearance in the Taiwanese drama “An Shi Ai Mei Hui (I Love My Wife)” in 2004 but didn’t enter the public eye until his casting in “KO One” and “It Started with a Kiss” in 2005. The same year, Aaron launched his music career in the boy band “Fahrenheit.” In addition to acting and singing, Aaron is an accomplished musician, playing the piano, guitar, drums, oboe, violin and flute. He truly is a Renaissance Man!

            Check out two of Aaron’s recent starring roles that have made him a favorite among drama fans!

            Just You

            Aaron Yan as Qi Yi, alongside the always fantastic Puff Guo

            In the 2013 Taiwanese romantic comedy series “Just You,” Aaron plays Qi Yi, a neurotic young man who is deathly afraid of germs and spontaneity. Soon after moving into a historic home in Taiwan, Qi Yi discovers that he has inherited a tenant, Liang Liang (played by the bubbly Puff Guo). Their difficulties extend to the workplace when Qi Yi finds that Liang Liang also works for his new company!

            Fall in Love With Me

            Aaron Yan as Xiao Lu, the alter ego of Lu Tian Xing

            In this year’s T-drama “Fall in Love With Me,” Aaron Yan is Lu Tian Xing, an advertising prodigy. At the height of his success, he decides to take a sudden break from advertising. Unknown to everyone else, Lu Tian Xing adopts a new appearance and persona, returning to the agency as Xiao Lu. Will he be able to fool his colleagues or will love interest Tao Le Si (Tia Li) uncover his secret?

            Happy birthday to the talented actor and musician! What’s your favorite Aaron Yan moment? Let us know in the comments!

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