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New J-Drama Titles From TV Asahi

We're excited to announce that we'll soon be streaming 11 Japanese TV shows, ranging from comedy, crime shows, mysteries, medical dramas, thrillers and sports on Viki! They'll be available to viewers in Southeast Asia, Latin America, North America and Oceania. Many shows will become available in the next few weeks, but The Tragedy of W. and CSI - Crime Scene Talks, Season 2 are available now.

The Tragedy of W.

Follow the story of two women, Mako, the daughter of a wealthy business conglomerate family, and Satsuki, a dancer who leads a solitary life but dreams of money and power. When the two women exchange lives, it results in tragedy for both of them.

The Tragedy of W.

CSI - Crime Scene Talks Season 2

When major crimes happen it's up to the elite members of the Metropolitan Police Department's Scientific Investigation Team to examine the evidence using high-tech tools to solve the case. But one detective relies on his own methods, examining personal items on the victims, rather than data, to hear the last voices of the victims, and crack the case.

CSI - Crime Scene Talks

The following titles will be available soon!

Sacred Monsters
This medical suspense drama follows a young doctor who finds himself involved in a series of questionable events. Are they coincidental or a calculated scheme by outside forces?

DOCTORS: The Ultimate Surgeon
This depicts the story of a brilliant surgeon named Kosuke Sagara who confronts doctors who are more concerned with their careers and money than with their patients.

Holy Battle in Couleur de Rose - The Future Is in Our Hands 
Can a 30-year-old housewife and mother get a second chance at life as a professional top model, after she discovers her husband's affair?

I Love Tokyo Legend - Kawaii Detective
Beautiful detective Tsukiko uses her belief in urban legends to solve crimes. Will her unique police work solve the crimes and prove these legends are true?

The Real Answer - Validation Inspectress
Akira, a sharp-minded police chief, had a bright future in law enforcement, until one incident changes everything. She's reassigned to a dead-end division with a group of misfits.

Statuesque surgeon Michiko Daimon is not afraid to make waves to protect her patients. But when she speaks up against the hospital's policies, she is relegated to menial jobs. Follow her as she fights back and for what she believes is right.

Detective Anonymous
A hilarious drama about a tough private detective who is a master at uncovering the truth. But his love of bourbon, jazz, and beautiful women always gets him into hot water behind the scenes.

A young boy, Shuro, meets the legendary pitcher Eiji Sawamura in the Philippines during World War II and gathers nine "Supermen" to create the greatest baseball team in the world.

Tomomi Itano's Love Japan Ranking 

This Japanese entertainment program showcases the latest in trends with AKB48's fashion leader Tomoni Itano. From fashion, to food, beauty tips and more, you'll learn about all the must-have kawaii trends!

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