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March Birthdays & Your Favorite Pisces Idols

March is a big month for celebrity birthdays, and we wanted to make sure you were up to date on all your favorite idols who are celebrating. This is also the month for astrological sign, Pisces, one of the more sensitive and artistic signs in the zodiac. With a gentle, comforting personality, someone with the Pisces sign probably loves to daydream and might even be a hopeless romantic.

Top actors Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo Sung, Kim Rae Won, and Kim Nam Gil are world-famous for their ability to portray emotion on screen, especially in crying scenes.

Pisces Jang Dong Gun looks devastated in A Gentleman's Dignity

Eugene and Jang Nara delight viewers with their lovable characters, and are known to be genuinely kind-hearted women off-screen.

Idols like F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki, Girls' Generation's Kim Taeyeon, Infinite's Myungsoo, and Taiwanese pop singer Zeng Yu Jia are bursting with creative talent, and have always been big dreamers. Watch Zeng Yu Jia's sad love song, Not Enough Tears, below:

Check out the full list below to see if you share a birthday with any of the stars. Which of the celebrities fits the Pisces profile the most?

F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki, March 2nd

Choi Chul Ho, March 2nd

Lee Seon Gyun, March 2nd

Go Hyun Jung, March 2nd

Eugene, March 3rd

Kim Jung Eun, March 4th

Park Min Young, March 4th

Jang Dong Gun, March 7th

Girls' Generation's Kim Taeyeon, March 9th

Nam Goong Min, March 12th

Kim Nam Gil, March 13th

Infinite's Myungsoo ("L"), March 13th

Jang Nara, March 18th

Kim Rae Won, March 19th

Kang Ji Hwan, March 20th

Jung Woo Sung, March 20th

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