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Who To Watch In New K-Drama 'The Time I've Loved You - 7000 Days'

(Left to Right) Ha Ji Won, Ariel Lin, Lee Jin Wook, Chen Bo Lin

If you're a fan of the Taiwanese drama "In Time With You," life is about to get twice as entertaining. The hit show has been remade into the Korean drama "The Time I've Loved You - 7000 Days." Remakes and sequels are historically unpredictable, so setting expectations can be a losing battle. What we do know is that the new drama has some great talent, just like the original. With all of those names, it may seem difficult to keep track of who's who—so we've made a guide to help straighten things out.

Male Lead Character: Li Da Ren (Taiwanese)

Li Da Ren works as an Airport Operations Manager. He's gentle and considerate, but sometimes his over-politeness towards women gets misunderstood for affection. He's surrounded by proud, independent women like his mother, sister, and best friend, Cheng You Qing—so he's able to understand their personalities and motivations.

Chen Bo Lin portrays Li Da Ren in the original series, a performance which garnered him the Best Actor in a TV Series Award at the 47th Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan's equivalent of the Emmys.) At 31 years old, Chen Bo Lin is an established film actor—with roles in popular works like "Snowfall in Taipei,""Buddha Mountain," and "20 Once Again." But it truly was his 2011 "In Time With You" role that propelled him to stardom, being rated the "ideal boyfriend" for female audiences worldwide.

Male Lead Character: Choi Won (Korean)

Choi Won is a sweet wanna-be boyfriend in the Korean remake. Appearing on the surface as a normal athletic man, he is in fact secretly nursing a wound left by the trauma of his mother's abandonment years ago. Even though he is popular among women, his relationships don't last long because of his best friend of 20 years.

Initially a print model, Lee Jin Wook made his acting debut in 2004 short film "My New Boyfriend," and is known for his work in "Spy Myungwol." He also starred in the 2014 hit film 'Miss Granny', which was remade in China recently and coincidentally also starred Chen Bo Lin! Additionally, he has acted in the dramas "I Need Romance 2,""Nine: 9 Times Time Travel," and "The Three Musketeers."

Female Lead Character: Chen You Qing (Taiwanese)

Opinionated and obstinate, Chen You Qing doesn't have many friends except for lifelong best friend Li Da Ren. You Qing works as a manager of a shoe manufacturing company.

Ariel Linportrays Chen You Qing in the original Taiwanese series. Aside from her impressive filmography, the newlywed Lin has been dominating the news with her recent advance into the Chinese drama genre. Like Chen Bo Lin, her performance was also honored at the 47th Golden Bell Awards, where she won the Best Leading Actress in a TV Series Award. Lin has played a wide range of personalities, from a lovestruck young woman in "It Started With a Kiss" to the authoritative female figure of "In Time With You," to the innocent seer in her latest drama "Lan Ling Wang."

Female Lead Character: Jang Ha Na (Korean)

Ha Ji Won portrays Jang Ha Na in the Korean remake. The award-winning South Korean actress made her debut in the 1996 drama "Adult's Don't Know." Also check her out in "Empress Ki,""The King 2 Hearts," and "Secret Garden." Ha Ji Won has worked with an amazing line-up of established actors such as So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Ji Chang Wook, Hyun Bin and Lee Seo Jin.

Going beyond the small screen, the actress also proved her talent in "Haeundae," a 2009 disaster movie that hit #8 in the Korean Box Office. At the 2010 Baeksang Awards, she was awarded 'Best Actress' for her movie "Closer to Heaven." She was also the first Korean actor to sign with Hollywood talent agency UTA.

The Taiwanese original 'In Time With You' will soon be available on Viki, so favorite the channel and remember to keep your eyes peeled for Korean remake 'The Time I've Loved You - 7000 Days" coming June 27!

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