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Ask Halmoni: ‘Cornfield Culture Shock’ Seeks Friends


Dear Halmoni,

Ive moved cross country for my boyfriends job and am struggling to meet new friends who are compatible to me. I have a great job but I work from home a lot or I travel, so its hard. How can I get out and meet new friends?

— Cornfield Culture Shock

Dear Cornfield Culture Shock,

Your situation remind me of characters in Halmonis science fiction novel, We Come in Peas. In Halmonis bestselling book, main characters are aliens visiting Earth, but when ship break down in middle of farm, they must learn to accept life in brand new world. Like I said, bestseller.

Here is what Halmoni suggest:

Numba 1: Embrace the Corn
In a land of strangers, you cannot expect people to be like homies from the hood. This is new place with different folks and different strokes. But living in foreign land can be exciting if you decide to explore, embrace and do the dance of corn! When you feeling down, replace those blues with curiosity— talk to the neighbors, chat with grocery man, compliment the barista. To compare old and new is futile, so accept change and you will be free to discover new world.

Numba 2: Grow Your Garden
It is said garden require patient labor and attention. And most important, gardener must first plant seeds to make things grow. Make sense, right? Well, it is same with making friend.

First, plant seeds by meeting people. To do this, you MUST get up and get outta the house. But theres nothing to do, Halmoni! you say. Oh contrairey mon frerie, Halmoni know you can find everything on internets. Join sports team, find book club, volunteer — theres many possibility, the hardest part is taking first step. Dont think, just do!

Next, tend to garden. Invite new friends to hike, movies, museum, or cook some yummy dukkbokki and have feast! K.I.T. Over time, you will see your seeds blossom into beautiful and delicious friendships. Hashtag HalmoniGettingHungree. Or is it hashbrown? Mmm, potatoes.

Finding new friends not easy, and it take time and energy. Just remember, once you find them, tell them about Halmonis Pulitzer Prize-winning freshman novel, We Come in Peas, a thriller to redefine genre.

You welcome,

Have question for Halmoni? Write to AskHalmoni@gmail.com.

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Disclaimer: Halmoni is pseudonym for writer Christine Kwon. This advice is solely intended as humor. Also, you write to Halmoni, you agree to be published on Internet. In conclusion, Halmoni just give her opinion about life. That’s it.

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