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Let’s Play ‘2 Truths and a Lie’ With May-Birthday Stars!


May is upon us and it’s time for another birthday roundup. Let’s celebrate the birthdays of some of the hottest stars on Viki! The sign of the Taurus leads these stars into a month of luck and love as planetary strength enters the orbit.

This month, we thought we would have a little bit of fun and play a game we call “2 Truths and a Lie” about the following stars celebrating a birthday this month. Can you spot the lie?

Park Jae Hin — May 1 

1. Award-winning actor Park Jae Hin stars in a number of popular dramas including “Doctor Stranger,” “My Love From the Star” and “East of Eden.”

2. While filming an action scene for the latest installment of “Secret Society of Men” in China, he injured his back, forcing him to miss a number of television interviews. 

3. Park Jae Hin loves animals and is known for having many pets — seven cats and two dogs, in fact! 

Moon Geun Young — May 6

1. Actress and model Moon Geun Young studied Korean Literature at Sung Kyunkwan University.

2. An adept baker, she enjoys making gyeongju bread for special family occasions. 

3. She stars in the historical drama “Jung Yi, the Goddess of Fire.”

1. Noona Nuengthida Sophon started her entertainment career in musical theatre and went on to star in many lakorns, including “Opas the Series Season 1” and “Opas the Series Season 2.”

2. She starred in the hit romantic movie “Hello Stranger” with  co-star Ter Chanatavit Dhanasevi. For her role as May in the film, Noona was named Best Actress by the National Thailand Film Association.

3. She has been featured in a number of commercials for beauty brands such as Dove. 

Kim Ji Hoon — May 9 

1. Kim Ji Hoon won a number of acting awards, including the Excellence Award for his role as Lee Jae Hwa in “Jang Bo Ri Is Here.”

2. While studying Psychology at Ajou University, he spent a semester abroad at Harvard. 

3. Doenjang jigae (soybean soup) is one of his speciality dishes. 

Dan Worrawech Danuwong  May 16 

1. Dan Worrawech Danuwong has famously been dating fellow actor Pattie Ungsumalynn since they met on the set of “The Bedside Detective.” 

2. He is a member of Thai pop boy band D2B, which recently celebrated its reunion this year!

3. He uses Beam as his stage name for his solo singing career. 

Michael Zhang  May 16 

1. Michael Zhang stars as a main actor in the Taiwanese dramas “I Do 2,” “Ti Amo Chocolate” and “Down with Love.” 

2. He is an accomplished pianist with 15 years of musical training.

3.  Some of his hobbies include swimming, listening to music and playing the guitar. 

Nylon Chen  May 20 

1. Nylon Chen is an accomplished composer who has produced more than 400 songs, released two solo albums and contributed music to a number of dramas. 

2. He is fluent in three languages — Chinese, English and Korean. 

3. He is currently dating his “Dandelion Love” co-star Lene Lai

Yoona — May 30 

1. Besides starring in a number of dramas like “The Prime Minister Is Dating” and “Love Rain,” Yoona is probably most well-known for being a member of the supergroup Girls’ Generation. 

2. She was born in San Francisco, California, and later relocated to Seoul, South Korea. 

3. She has a hearty open-mouth laugh, which is the reason for her nickname “Alligator Yoona.” 

ANSWERS (the following are lies!): 

Park Jae Hin — 3
Moon Guen Young — 
Noona  3 
Kim Ji Hoon  2 
Dan Worrawech Danuwong  3 
Michael Zhang  2 
Nylon Chen — 2
Yoona  2 

Were you able to pick out all the lies? Which star stumped you? Let us know in the comments!

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