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Language Learning: 10 Korean Crime-Fighting Words to Know!


Now that spring is finally here, it also seems like summer is just around the corner. For many people — college students in particular — this month is the start of a type of “crunch time.”  It’s the time to start getting on the job-hunting grind in hopes of landing an awesome position.

But whether you’re a new grad or are just looking for a summer gig or a career change, for us drama fans, an easy way to find some inspiration for the perfect career is right in front of us — in our favorite shows!

We have to admit, our favorite drama characters seem to have some pretty incredible, envy-worthy occupations, which is why this month’s Language-Learning focus is awesome jobs — and the unique words and phrases that are associated with them.

Today, we are focusing on the always exciting, never predictable world of crime fighting! Sound like a pro by learning some new lingo from some of our new favorite K-dramas below!

Missing Noir M — Investigator

In this Viki-exclusive new drama series, Gil Soo Hyun (played by Kim Kang Woo) is a brilliant former FBI agent who returns to Korea to head up the country’s Special Missing Persons Unit.

                         체포 (chae po) — arrest
                         도주하다 (do joo ha da) — flee

The Girl Who Sees Smells — Police Officer

Choi Moo Gak (played by Park Yoochun) currently works at a local patrol station in this Viki-exclusive new series, but he really wants a position at the First Division so that he can catch the culprit who killed his younger sister.

                         강력계 형사 (gang ryuk gae hyung sa)— First Division
                         수사 (soo sa) — investigation
                         붙잡히다 (boot jab hee da)— to be caught
                         절도 (jeol do) — theft

Falling for Innocence — Detective

Detective Ma Dong Wook (played by Jin Goo) is the fiancé of Soon Jung (played by Kim So Yeon). To help Soon Jung out, Dong Wook investigates a recent incident involving a product at her company, Hermia, and looks into the Gold Partners, an investment firm that may have motives in becoming Hermia’s largest bondholder.

                         범인 (bum een)— culprit
                         경찰서 (kyung chal seo) — police station
                         체벌 (chae beol)— punishment
                         유치장 (yoo chi jang)— lockup

What’s your favorite crime-fighting word? Let us know in the comments!

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