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Top 10 Moments of Strong Heart

The popular Tuesday evening Korean talk show Strong Heart aired its finale episode last week. The show had many memorable guests, and entertaining moments since its debut in 2009. 

Strong Heart guests battle each other to tell emotional stories to make viewers laugh or cry, the best storyteller wins the show. The unique format allowed viewers a look into idols stars' lives. We look back at the most memorable moments with the Top 10 Moments of 'Strong Heart':

1. Episode 92: Super Junior ranks the most handsome members of the group

Ranking of most handsome men of Super Junior by Super Junior members
2. Episode 81: Talk battle - U-Know vs. Kim Hyun Joong. 

Previous winners of the title Strong Heart  from past episodes return to battle it out this time to see who is the King of Kings. 

King of the Kings Special
3. Episode 124: YG X-file - Top had his first kiss in front of his mother! 

When MC Lee Seung Gi questioned Big Bang‘s T.O.P about his first kiss, T.O.P surprised the studio with his confession saying:

 “When I was young, I wanted to show my mom my first kiss with a girl, so I asked my mom to come outside of the house for a moment. When she stepped outside, I beckoned my girlfriend who was hiding from behind the trash cans and confidently kissed her in front of my mom.

T.O.P reveals he had his first kiss in front of his mother!
4. Episode 158: Little PSY

Little PSY Hwang Minwoo & actress Park Minha hold their own "Gangnam Style" stage, doing a perfect version of the famous horse dance. 

Little Psy does 'Gangnam Style'

5. Episode 78: Goo Hara's dance tutorial for Lee Seung Gi 

KARA's Goo Hara discussed her first time clubbing during filming of her drama "City Hunter" and gave an impromptu dance lesson to Lee Seung Gi showing off some of her sexy dance moves.

KARA's Goo Hara teaches her dance moves

6. Episode 124: 10 Year Secret Love Story of Seven & Park Han Byul

Singer Se7en revealed details about his relationship with girlfriend of 10 years, Park Han Byul. He surprised fans by saying that 7 years into the relationship, they got sick of each other and broke up. 

7. Episode 17: After School's Ga Hee & U-IE's sexy dance

On this episode two fierce girl groups talk about how other girl groups think they're scary and battle it out through dance. 

K-Pop girl group dance battle

8. Episode 27: Rain's Perfect Type 

In this episode, we find out which top actress is Rain's ideal type and what he looks for in a girl! Is it his Full House co-star Song Hye Gyo, or the wide-eyed Shin Min Ah?

Rain reveals his ideal type

9. Episode 125: New star of Strong Heart Announced 

After MC Lee Seung-gi decided to leave the show, actor Lee Dong-wook became the shows new MC. 

Strong Heart host Lee Dong Wook

10. Episode 165: Goodbye Strong Heart

We say goodbye to the show. On this episode Three members of Girls' Generation, YoonA, Yuri and Jessica each discuss their kissing scenes from their K-dramas the previous year. 
Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon also revealed that she almost got into a fight with fellow member Tiffany over who got to sit next to well-known TV personality Boom on stage.

While ‘Strong Heart’ has come to an end, ‘Incarnation‘ has taken its place. The show is hosted by Kim Hee Sun who starred in K-drama 'Faith' with Lee Min Ho last year. This is her first entertainment show. 

Are you looking forward to the new show?

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