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5 Useful Tips for Dating Someone With Multiple Personalities!

Is Ha Na staring into the eyes of Seo Jin or Robin in ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’?

You may think it’s tough to glean tangible life skills from K-dramas, with their obvious detachment from reality. But you’d be surprised! Take, for example, dating someone with multiple personalities. Where can one find guidance on how to navigate those uncharted waters? With the finales in the last few weeks of two popular K-dramas — “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” and “Kill Me, Heal Me” — both focusing on central characters with dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple-personality disorder), we’ve pulled together some useful tips for when you find yourself dating someone with more than one personality!

Learn How to Tell the Personalities Apart

In ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me,’ Hyun Bin goes from an angry face to a smiley face to play Seo Jin (left) and Robin

It takes some time for Ha Na (played by Han Ji Min) to figure out that Robin and Seo Jin (both played by Hyun Bin) aren’t actually twins in Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” and you can learn from her struggles. Focus on the details, like Robin’s luscious smile and gorgeous dimples vs. Seo Jin’s bad-boy demeanor and trademark glare. The two different hairstyles and wardrobe are instant visual cues, too!

In ‘Kill Me, Heal Me,’ Ji Sung goes from business suit to leather and sleek to play Do Hyun (left) and Se Gi

Luckily for Ri Jin (played by Hwang Jung Eum) in “Kill Me, Heal Me,” bad-boy Se Gi (played by Ji Sung) rocks the flashy wardrobe and guy-liner, and loads his hair with product. With Do Hyun’s more buttoned-up style and relaxed eyes, distinguishing the two is a breeze!

Always Be Prepared for Changing Personalities!

What happens when you kiss one personality and then another personality emerges mid-smooch? The confused expressions are priceless in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’!

Ha Na hits it off immediately with the easy-going Robin, but Seo Jin’s harshness makes it hard for Ha Na to warm up to him in Hyde, Jekyll, Me.” Se Gi’s bold confession to Ri Ji in the first episode of “Kill Me Heal Me” ignites strong feelings between them, and Se Gi goes in for a kiss while they’re watching fireworks. Mid-smooch, he transforms back to Do Hyun, who has neutral feelings for Ri Jin. What can we learn from this disaster? Situations are constantly evolving, but you have to be prepared to adapt!

Don’t Mention the Name of the ‘Other Guy’!

Seo Jin and Robin have conflicting personalities, enough so that when Seo Jin even cracks a smile or acts the least bit nice, he’s called “Robin-like” in Hyde, Jekyll, Me.” And both personalities get very annoyed when Ha Na mentions one in front of the other!

The same is true for Ri Jin in Kill Me, Heal Me.” Se Gi won’t allow Ri Jin to even mention Do Hyun’s name in front of him, leaving her to refer to the dueling personalities as Mr. Cha and Mr. Shin in front of one or the other. But if she wanted Se Gi to behave himself, all Ri Jin had to do was start comparing him to Do Hyun. As fired up as he would get, it would still be effective!

Make It Clear Which Personality You’re Dating!

The average viewer might think, “Why not lock down both personalities, then they’ll always love you.”  Unfortunately, chances are slim that two diametrically opposed personalities will have the same taste in girls. You’ll just have to cut your losses and choose one. Take note from Se Gi of “Kill Me Heal Me.”  He constructs a love wheel to give himself a fair shot at being Ri Jin’s man. Too bad it wasn’t destined to be.

Beware of Relationship Sabotage by the Personality You’re NOT Dating! 

Ha Na almost lost her guy (Robin) when Seo Jin pretended to be Robin for a night with Ha Na in Hyde, Jekyll, Me.” Seo Jin then dismissed Ha Na’s drunken confession to him and then deleted the text messages she sent Robin the next morning. Luckily, Robin was able to do major damage control and convince Ha Na to give him another shot.

Learn to Love the Man You Get and Not the Man You Want!

What happens when you’re really in love with one personality but it may not be the personality that you can have a future with? You’ll have to see the tear-filled moments when Ri Gin (in “Kill Me, Heal Me”) and Ha Na (in “Hyde Jekyll, Me”) have to face a future they didn’t quite expect in the two thrilling finales of the exciting dramas. We don’t want to give anything away, but you’ll definitely be able to walk away better equipped to face a future with your lover with multiple personalities!

For more tips on managing a romance with multiple personalities, be sure to catch up on “Hyde Jekyll, Me” and “Kill Me, Heal Me”!

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