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5 Lovable Quirks About Birthday Girl Gong Hyo Jin!


Gong Hyo Jin is riding on a wave of recent success lately with “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and the announcement of her upcoming role in the highly-anticipated drama “Producer,” which includes the likes of Kim Soo Hyun (“My Love From the Star”), IU (“Beautiful Man”), and Cha Tae Hyun (“First Love Rally”) as costars.

She is turning 35 years old on April 4, but her looks are timeless. Let’s celebrate her birthday by remembering the quirky things that have made her so lovable over the years!

She Could Make a Paper Bag Look Fashionable

At a tall height of 5’8”, outfits that would normally appear unflattering on others are perfect on her model body. In “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” she even brought bellbottoms and pinstripe suits back in style by adding her special flare.

Not only is Gong Hyo Jin a fashionista on-screen, but she also is in real life! Items worn by her are usually sold out in stores. Gong Hyo Jin first became interested in fashion while in her teens and flew to Australia to pursue her dreams. We’re glad she eventually decided on the acting route!

‘Yes, Chef’ Never Sounded So Cute

“Yes, Chef” became her iconic phrase during the 2010 drama “Pasta.” Afterwards, fans gave her the nickname Gong-vely (공블리), the combination of Gong + Lovely. You can count her “Pasta” costar Choi Jin Hyuk as a fan, too! If you didn’t know, he was part of the supporting cast. During a radio program on March 10, Choi Jin Hyuk mentioned wanting to play opposite her in a romantic comedy drama upon completion of his military service!

Will we be able to see the Gong Hyo Jin-Choi Jin Hyuk pairing two years from now? We have our fingers crossed.

She Can Rock Any Hairstyle

Which drama hairstyle is your favorite on Gong Hyo Jin — bangs, bob, medium length or long? Short hair is definitely hard to pull off, but she makes it look so easy in “The Greatest Love.” If that wasn’t enough reason to watch this fun drama, you can catch her dancing to Korean pop songs! Regardless, Gong Hyo Jin really is a chameleon, and it’s difficult to choose which hairstyle is best overall.

She Can See Ghosts ... Or Can She?

In “Master’s Sun,” Gong Hyo Jin plays Tae Gong Sil, a woman who has the ability to see ghosts. While scared at first, she soon realizes that they are seeking her help with unfinished business, such as relaying important information to loved ones or bringing their killers to justice. The developing love triangle in the drama leaves her sandwiched between So Ji Sub and Seo In Guk, which is a place we wouldn’t mind being! Who would you pick?

She Goes Against Stereotypes

Gong Hyo Jin battled throughout the early half of her career for roles that portrayed “real women.” She felt typecast into roles without substance but was unwilling to do nudity. In 2006, Gong Hyo Jin was cast in “Family Ties” for a role the director had written specifically for her. This was the turning point in her career as the film earned widespread acclaim for brilliant acting. She regained her passion for acting and has been on fire ever since, with a long list of awards to prove her popularity.

From all your fans around the world, we wish you a happy 35th birthday, Gong Hyo Jin!

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