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11 Sexy Drama Stars With Secret Tattoos!


There are all kinds of reasons why people choose to get tattoos. Some get them to remember loved ones while others want to celebrate their hobbies or other passions. Regardless, the reasons are unique and special to every individual!

It used to be taboo for celebrities to have tattoos, especially in conservative societies, but this doesn’t mean they didn’t have them. You might be surprised to learn which of your favorite celebrities have tattoos since they could be hidden in super-secret places. Here’s a list that will keep you guessing if the tattoos are REAL or FAKE! (Hint: There are only three fake tattoos in the images below!)

Kim Jae Joong

On Kim Jae Joong’s (“Spy” and “Triangle”) beautiful body, he has the names “Junsu” and “Yoochun” (“Three Days” and “Rooftop Prince”) written on his lower back as a tribute to his fellow JYJ members. It shows how much they mean to him, and he wants to keep them forever. The rest of Kim Jae Joong’s tattoos include his birthday and short sayings. With so many visible tattoos, we’re curious about the ones we haven’t seen yet. 

Song Jae Rim

This rising star has been gaining fans lately by revealing his cheesy, romantic side on “We Got Married Season 4” with Kim So Eun (“Liar Game” and “Boys Over Flowers”) while taking on meatier roles in dramas such as the currently airing “Unkind Women” and “Surplus Princess.” You’ve probably seen glimpses of his arm tattoo, which is of praying hands and Philippians 4:13 (a popular Bible verse), but did you ever know about his upper back one?

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera (“Darna”) and pop diva Mariah Carey have one thing in common — a love for butterflies! As if it already wasn’t obvious that Marian adores them, she had a butterfly-themed bridal shower leading up to her December 30, 2014, wedding with longtime partner, Dingdong Dantes (“Dyesebel” and “Amaya”). The gorgeous Filipina decided to get inked after his first proposal in a butterfly dome while vacationing together in Macau.

Henry of Super Junior-M

Henry has a rainbow of colors on his body, but we don’t mind one bit! He became SM Entertainment’s first male solo artist in 13 years in May 2013 and his popularity has skyrocketed ever since joining “Real Men.” This year, Henry acted in his first drama “Persevere, Goo Hae Ra” and was recently cast as a new “We Got Married” couple with Kim Ye Won (“Hotel King”) of former K-pop girl group Jewelry.

Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin (“It’s Okay, That’s Love” and “Master’s Sun”) is always feminine and hipster, but her tattoos take it to the next level! The peace sign and word “Love” on her pointer and ring fingers, respectively, act like chic accessories while the one on her arm gives off a cool vibe. We would’ve never believed she had so much body art.

Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn

Ice Preechaya started off 2015 on a high note with the overwhelming success of her movie “I Fine...Thank You...Love You” co-starring Sunny Suwanmethanon (“True Love Next Door”). Her tattoo is simple and classy, which matches the minimal makeup she’s wearing. If only we could all look so naturally pretty! See more of her now in “Opas the Series.”

Wu Chun

If you weren’t convinced before that Wu Chun (“Hana Kimi”) was hot, we think that’s been settled now. He began his entertainment career in 2005 as a member of Mandopop group Fahrenheit with Aaron Yan (“Fall in Love With Me” and “The Clue Collector”), Jiro Wang (“To Get Her”), and Calvin Chen (“Love Buffet”). In addition to his arm tattoos, he has one on his leg of Michael Jordan’s famous flying mid-air outline.

Sunny Wang

Known for his bad boy image given his large back and arm tattoos, Sunny Wang (“Dragon Gate”) actually comes from a business background, graduating with a bachelor’s degree from New York University. As the son of a shipping tycoon, he was pressured to help his family but always enjoyed performing since young and finally had the courage to pursue his dream to enter showbiz in 2011.

Kim Hyun Joong

Forget all the rumors you’ve heard about him lately and focus instead on how well he rocks the tattooed look. Kim Hyun Joong has come a long way since his early SS501 days. He’s worked hard to establish himself as a credible solo artist and actor through dramas such as “Playful Kiss” and “Inspiring Generation.”

Park Yoochun

If you noticed the Native American feather tattoo on Yoochun’s ankle, it’s actually one that his brother, Yoohwan (“I Need Romance 3”), also has to represent their strong bond. Another tattoo Yoochun shares with a special someone is over his heart, which matches the one Kim Jae Joong has. Meanwhile, his shoulder blade includes an image of his mom and his own name written in Thai.

Lee Jong Suk

As a bonus, we’re throwing in this juicy image of Lee Jong Suk because we know you obsessively watched “Pinocchio” like the rest of us! You can feel his fierce gaze piercing our hearts. Sigh.

Can you guess the three celebrities with fake tattoos? Check back on this blog on Sunday for the answers!

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

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