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5 Acts of Kindness by Birthday Girl Jang Na Ra


If you need to be reassured that there are a lot of good people in this world, then look no further than Jang Na Ra, who celebrates her 34th birthday on March 18.

Korean actress/singer, best known for her starring roles in “Fated to Love You,” “School 2013” and “Baby-Faced Beauty,” as well as numerous Chinese dramas, has donated not only her time but also money to those in need.

As a dedication to the birthday girl, here are her five acts of kindness that makes us respect Jang Na Ra for the kind of person she is.

Jang Na Ra starred in the 2011 Korean drama ‘Baby-Faced Beauty

She Donated Powdered Milk to Children in North Korea 

In 2004, Jang Na Ra starred in a Seoul Milk commercial, but she didn’t accept her appearance fee. Instead, she requested that the money be used to send powdered milk to North Korean children. The total cost of the dry milk was 200 million won, or about $177,500 USD.

She Held a Fundraising Concert for Leukemia Patients in China 

Jang Na Ra held a benefit concert in 2007 for children in China with leukemia, and with that the Jang Foundation was born. Her fans raised money at a fan club meeting during the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Korean-Chinese diplomatic relations. At the end of the concert, Jang Na Ra was named Goodwill Ambassador to a Chinese charity organization, making her the first foreign ambassador.
Jang Na Ra starred alongside gorgeous leading men Jang Hyuk and Choi Jin Hyuk in 2014’s hit drama ‘Fated to Love You

She Donated Money and Clothes to China After the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake

When the earthquake devastated China, Jang Na Ra donated $150,000 and an additional $7.5 million-worth of clothing. The clothing was organized by the parent company of a Chinese coat company Jang Na Ra was modeling for at the time. The company donated 100,000 down parkas to Jang Na Ra’s charity and in turn, she went to Sichuan herself and delivered the coats.

She Volunteered for a 3-Day Event in South Gyeongsang Province

Jang Na Ra joined legendary Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, K-pop group Super Junior, Korean actress Jeon Hye Bin and actor Jeong Doo Hong for a three-day event where they all spent time with 100 children who were either being raised in single-parent households or in orphanages. The event, which was held in 2009, included a soccer game, a performance and a barbecue! It was run by the Jackie Chan Group Korea and sponsored by Tongyoung-si.

Jang Na Ra played teacher Jung In Jae in ‘School 2013

She Volunteered With Her Older Brother at a Kindergarten Opening

Charity work must run in the Jang family! After being named ambassador of Community Chest of Korea, Jang Na Ra and her older brother, Jang Sung Won, took time out of their schedules to volunteer at a kindergarten opening in Incheon in February 2014. Jang arrived early to take a look at the kindergarten and cut the ribbon at the beginning of the ceremony. The two Jang siblings served lunch to the children and greeted each and every one of them.

Jang Na Ra and older brother, Jang Sung Won, love to take pictures together. Don’t they look alike?

The birthday girl has done a lot for other people and it is truly inspiring. Her altruistic giving should inspire all of us to help the less fortunate as well.

Jang Na Ra may return to Korean television in the new drama “Hello Monster,” for which she is considering the lead role possibly starring alongside Lee Jin Wook (“The Three Muskateers,” “Nine: Nine Times Time Travel” and “I Need Romance 2”). Are you excited about her possible return to the small screen? Let us know in the comments!

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