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What Is White Day and How Do Your Favorite Asian Stars Celebrate It?


It’s a well-known fact that in the United States, many men rush to buy their significant others a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift on February 13th or on the morning of February 14th. As they’re giving their gifts, they’ve probably thought, “Why do I have to do this when I might not get anything in return?”

Well, guys, not to worry! If you and your significant other recognize White Day, you each will have your own day to give and receive a token of your love! White Day is celebrated in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. In those countries, Valentine’s Day (February 14) is a day for women to give the men in their lives something sweet, and a month later on March 14, men reciprocate and give the women in their lives something sweet. In Japan, men usually give women chocolate, but in South Korea, the men typically give lollipops to women. 

So why does White Day exist? Is it any surprise that it’s the mastermind of the confection industry? In 1978, the National Confection Industry of Japan introduced “Marshmallow Day” to boost post-Valentine’s Day sales. The holiday stuck but the marshmallows didn’t, and here we are. 

When March 14th comes around every year, idols and actors take to social media to wish their fans a Happy White Day with some pretty “sweet” pictures. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite stars and how they celebrated White Day in years past. 


Photo and Translation Courtesy of BTS-trans Tumblr

In 2014, Jimin of the popular idol group BTS took to the group’s fan café and posted a White Day message to fans.
Hello~In charge of charms, multi-talented Jiminie’s here to write a post after a long while hehe. Without change, I’m here after having first of all, our music broadcast (schedule) stage today~~ heheh But!! To think about it it’s White Day today?? Time’s passing so fast kekekekekeke Did you have a lot of sweets?heheIf you give sweets on White Day isn’t it rather senseless~~ right? keke Why do girls have to give chocolates, while guys give sweets?! kekeke So I wanted to give both chocolates and sweets but there’s no chance to do so I’ll just upload this photo of me holding this much amount (of sweets)~ heh Before today ends, do eat a lot of chocolates~(Since I’ve given my consent, you won’t get fat keke eat it just for today~~ just for today only!)
Photo Courtesy of Fei’s Twitter

Miss A’s Fei posted a photo of herself for White Day. What a treat for the male fans!

Photo Courtesy of UEE’s Twitter

After School member and actress UEE (“Fool’s Love” and “Golden Rainbow”) was so busy filming that she didn’t receive any candy from anyone on White Day last year. She asks fans to send candy. It looks like an S.O.S. for sugar. The star will probably be flooded with it this year!

Photo Courtesy of JYPNation’s Twitter 

2PM members Nichkhun, Jun. K, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung and TaecYeon (“Wonderful Days” and “Who Are You”) all took time out of their busy schedules to personally make candy bags, and 314 lucky fans received the bags. How much of that candy actually made it into the bags is the question.

Photo Courtesy of JYPNation’s Twitter

Actor Choi Woo Sik (“Fool’s Love” and “Pride and Prejudice”) posted his White Day message to his fans via his agency, JYP Entertainment’s Twitter. 

Photos Courtesy of CNBLUE’s Official Twitter

Jung Yonghwa (“The Three Musketeers” and “Heartstrings”), Lee Jong Hyun (“A Gentleman’s Dignity”), Kang Min Hyuk (“Heartstrings” and “It’s Alright, Daddy’s Daughter”), and Lee Jung Shin (“The Blade and Petal”) prepared flowers and candy for their fans. Leader Yonghwa posted on the band’s official Twitter a message to their fans as a way of wishing them well and promoting CNBLUE’s tour they were doing at the time. Fans can’t help but swoon for these good-looking four. 

Photo Courtesy of Lee Hyun Woo’s Twitter

Actor Lee Hyun Woo (“To the Beautiful You”) virtually gave his fans roses for White Day and told them he loved them. Which lucky girl do you think actually got these beautiful flowers? 

Photo Courtesy of Kevin’s Twitter

U-KISS member Kevin (“After School Club”) posted this adorable picture for his fan club.


Photo Courtesy of Eugene’s Twitter

Actress Eugene (“Can We Love?” and “A Hundred Years’ Inheritance”) tweeted this pic of an amazing cake that husband Ki Tae Young (“To the Beautiful You”  and “Royal Family”) made for her for White Day. You can hear all the other guys groaning because their women may now expect something like this!

Courtesy of SidusHQ 

Talent agency SidusHQ released photos of four of its hottest stars holding a lollipop and a special message for their fans for White Day in 2012:

  • Jay Park  “Will you go out with me? I want to be happy with you.”
  • Hyun Woo (A Tree With Deep Roots and Pasta “It’s not hard to receive candy from Hyun Woo”
  • Lee Sang Yeob (Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love and Miss Ripley “Happy White Day! Please accept my candy.”
  • Kim Woo Bin (Heirs and School 2013  Wont you accept my candy as well?
To all the questions asked, fans all around the world are answering with a resounding yes! 

Photo Courtesy of Minzy’s Twitter

Minzy, member of the popular group 2NE1, posted a photo of herself eating a lollipop and wishing her fans a Happy White Day and wishing they received a lot of candy.

We can’t wait to see what our favorite Asian stars come up with this year and how they will give or receive gifts. Even if you have a special someone in your life, which star below would you most like to receive candy from on White Day? Take our poll!

Who Do You Want to Receive Candy From on White Day?

Choi Jin Hyuk (‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Emergency Couple’)
Kim Soo Hyun (‘My Love From the Star’ and ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’)
Aaron Yan (‘Just You’ and ‘Love Buffet’)
Yuki Furukawa (‘Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in TOKYO’)
Lee Min Ho (‘Heirs’ and ’The Great Doctor (aka Faith)’)
Poll Maker

What are your plans for White Day? If you don’t currently celebrate the sugary day, are you thinking about starting? Let us know in the comments. Happy White Day!

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