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5 Shades of Xiu Jie Kai — Drama vs. Real-Life


Charming birthday boy Xiu Jie Kai turns 32 today! Born on March 6, 1983, Xiu Jie Kai (sometimes romanized as Shiou Chieh Kai) is a Taiwanese actor and singer who also has written two books on travel! The multi-talented star is currently entertaining viewers in not one, but two, on-air dramas, “Constellation Women Series - Aries Woman” — a Viki exclusive! — and “Dear Mom.”

Before becoming a leading man, Xiu Jie Kai left strong impressions on audiences with his portrayal of supporting characters in dramas such as “Mars,” “They Kiss Again,” “Easy Fortune Happy Life” and the blockbuster, sequel-spawning “Black & White.” Xiu Jie Kai’s versatility and acting chops made him so memorable that sometimes he overshadowed the leading actors in his productions. That’s saying a lot considering Xiu Jie Kai has worked with some of the biggest names in Chinese entertainment!

To celebrate Xiu Jie Kai’s birthday, in the name of fun, we present to you: “5 Shades of Xiu Jie Kai — Drama vs. Real Life.”

Is He Loyal?

DRAMA: In the Viki-exclusive drama, “Constellation Women Series — Aries Woman,” Xiu Jie Kai portrays Wang Shao Qiang, an architect who is a loyal boyfriend, if a bit naive, and a person who is always willing to help out a friend.

REAL LIFE: The same could be said of Xiu Jie Kai in real life! The actor has been in four of director Cai Yue Xun’s dramas and three of singer Della Ding’s MVs. It’s so nice to see long-lasting working relationships and continued collaborations in the Chinese entertainment industry!

Does He Have Luck With Women?

DRAMA: In the currently-airing drama, “Dear Mom,” Xiu Jie Kai is Chen Qi Le, a gym owner who has been earnestly crushing on the same woman for eight years. But if you were to ask him about it, he would deny it! “Dear Mom” takes you through the ups and downs of the lives of four daughters in the Li family.

REAL LIFE: In real life, Xiu Jie Kai has been dating Alyssa Chia, a fellow actress who is nine years his senior. The cute couple met through Alyssa’s younger brother and have only recently admitted to dating. Their relationship started out with Xiu Jie Kai training Alyssa Chia for a race, and their feelings eventually developed into something deeper. The two lovebirds spent the past Lunar New Year together and Xiu Jie Kai seems close with Alyssa’s mom. Here’s wishing lots of happiness to Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai!

Xiu Jie Kai with actress-girlfriend Alyssa Chia (Source: xinmsn)

Is He Generous?

DRAMA: In “Easy Fortune Happy Life,” Xiu Jie Kai plays Yan Yang, the kind-hearted grandson in a family of money-grabbers. He urges his cousin (played by Blue Lan) to forgive and forget, but his pleas fall on deaf ears.

REAL LIFE: Xiu Jie Kai is just as generous and kind, often donating his time to help the less fortunate and participating in charity events. Most recently, Xiu Jie Kai was at an event, wrapping dumplings with two young girls from a disadvantaged family. Upon hearing of the meager meal that their family would have for the Lunar New Year, Xiu Jie Kai urged his friends to donate funds so that the family could have a better celebration. Isn’t that heart-warming?

Is He a Good Friend?

DRAMA: Xiu Jie Kai as the adorable and sweet-natured Da Ye in “Mars” earned him the love of many viewers. Playing best friend to Chen Ling (played by Vic Zhou) made Xiu Jie Kai a fan favorite and the object of many love exclamations on fan boards.

REAL LIFE: Vic Zhou and Xiu Jie Kai are close friends who were once roommates. They worked on two dramas together — “Mars” and “Black & White” — and they attend each other’s birthdays, fan signings and book releases. Xiu Jie Kai also is best friends with Kun Da of “Love Cheque Charge” and Alien Huang of “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard” and “Lovestore at the Corner.”

Is He the Best Uncle?

DRAMA: This July, Viki users will be able to watch Xiu Jie Kai in “Alice in Wonder City,” a drama co-starring Aaron Yan! Xiu Jie Kai will portray Chen Hai Jie, a violinist from the countryside who is eager to make it big while Aaron Yan will play the established megastar.

REAL LIFE: Xiu Jie Kai’s character is enthusiastic about everything he does, which is what the real Xiu Jie Kai is like when he sees his niece! The uncle positively dotes on his small relative, and here’s proof!

I dare you to say this isn’t one of the cutest pictures you’ve ever seen!

A photo posted by Hsiu 〜修杰楷. Lefthere (@lefthere036) on

And, here’s another!

A photo posted by Hsiu 〜修杰楷. Lefthere (@lefthere036) on

If you follow Xiu Jie Kai’s Instagram, you’ll see many, many pictorial odes to his niece. Isn’t he the best uncle?

And there you have it — “5 Shades of Xiu Jie Kai”! Which side of Xiu Jie Kai do you like best? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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