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5 Baby Name Suggestions for Birthday Boy Ji Sung!


February 27 marks the 38th birthday of Ji Sung, and fans couldn’t be more excited. But his birthday isn’t the only thing to celebrate; Ji Sung and his wife, actress Lee Bo Young, are expecting their first child in July. The couple has given the baby the nickname of Kwak Bo Be. Kwak coming from Ji Sung’s real family name, Bo coming from Bo Young, and Be coming from the word “baby.”

To help celebrate the newest addition to Ji Sung’s family, we’ve come up with five fun baby name suggestions based on the recent popular dramas that both Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have acted in!

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young dated for 7 years before getting married in 2013

Hye + Gi = Hye Gi

In the drama “I Hear Your Voice,” Lee Bo Young plays attorney Jang Hye Seong, and in his current drama “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Ji Sung plays a man with multiple personalities, one of whom is named Shin Se Gi. To Koreans, every name has meaning. In this case, Hye means intelligent woman and Gi means rising. If the baby is a girl, she will have the potential to do great things just by her name alone. 

Ji Sung displays his acting talents in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ by playing 7 different characters!

Jae + Hyuk = Jae Hyuk

Lee Bo Young played Kang Jae Mi in “Hooray for Love” and Ji Sung played Min Hyuk in “Secret.” Jae means wealthy and Hyuk means radiant, so this little nugget can possibly be a shining star like his parents. 

Ji + Young = Ji Young 

Not only will this name combine two drama characters’ names, but also the parents’ names. Ji Sung played Cha Ji Heon in “Protect the Boss” and Mok Ji Sang in “The Great Seer” while Bo Young played Lee Seo Young in “My Daughter Seo Young.” With this name, Ji means wisdom and Young means valiant (possessing or showing courage or determination). The baby will be both smart and brave. 

Ji Sung plays rebellious future company chairman Cha Ji Heon in ‘Protect the Boss

Min + Sung = Min Sung 

Taking the first part of the name from dad’s drama “Secret” and the second part from mom’s drama “I Hear Your Voice,” Min means people and Sung means victorious. We may have a future president on our hands with a name like that! 

Ji Sung first acted alongside Hwang Jung Eum in the 2013 drama Secret
Na + Hyun = Na Hyun 

Taken from “Kill Me, Heal Me,” where Ji Sung plays a 17-year-old twin named Yo Na, and “God’s Gift — 14 Days,” where Lee Bo Young plays Kim Soo Hyun, Na means beautiful and Hyun means radiant. So the combination will ensure that the new baby “shines beautifully”!

We wish Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young the warmest congratulations on their new baby and Ji Sung the happiest of birthdays. Do you have any baby name suggestions based on the soon-to-be parents’ dramas? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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