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Kim Jae Joong, Our Favorite Idol-Turned-Actor, Is 29!

Kim Jae Joong just may be the hottest field agent in his currently-airing drama ‘Spy.’
Life just got a little happier, didn’t it?

January 26 is a day of celebration for the fans of singer and actor Kim Jae Joong, who turns 29 today. He wants to celebrate his birthday with his fans, and tickets to his birthday fan meetings in Korea and Japan sold out within 15 minutes — no surprise there! I’m sure many fans were disappointed when they couldn’t get tickets!

Let’s have a moment of sadness for the ticketless fans. (Photo source: Dr. Jin’)

But, don’t worry, there’s always a consolation prize. To celebrate Kim Jae Joong’s birthday, here are six surprising facts about our beloved idol that you may not have known!

He Was a Starving Artist!

Back in his early days, Kim Jae Joong used to donate his blood for the free cookies because he didn’t have enough money for food. Talk about a starving artist bleeding for his art!

And now, he’s drinking champagne. (Photo source: ‘Protect the Boss’)

He Can Handle His Spice!

In a contest with Super Junior on the SBS show “Explore the Human Body,” Kim Jae Joong ate a ghost pepper — one of the hottest peppers in the world — and didn’t bat an eye. In fact, he thought the pepper would be a delicious ingredient in some dishes!

Kim Jae Joong, I think we need to talk about stomach ulcers. (Photo source: ‘Dr. Jin)

He Has the Names of Two Guys Tattooed on His Body!

Most guys get tattoos of their girlfriends’ names on their bodies, but Kim Jae Joong has the names of his JYJ bandmates, Junsu and Yoochun, tattooed on his back. It’s a well-known fact how precious Kim Jae Joong’s group mates are to him, and Park Yoochun also feels the same way. He has Junsu and Jae Joong’s names tattooed on his chest, on the left side, right over his heart. It’s heartwarming to see how much love the JYJ boys have for one another!

Kim Jae Joong is man enough to have tattoos of two guys’ names! (Photo source: ‘Triangle)

He Was Inspired by Another Boy Band

The 1990s boy band H.O.T. inspired Kim Jae Joong to be a singer. Watching the group perform motivated him to learn to sing and dance!

What motivates Kim Jae Joong now? (Photo source: Protect the Boss)

He Overcame a Musical Disability!

Now that Kim Jae Joong is a much-adored member of JYJ, it’s hard to imagine him being anything other than terrific at singing. But, apparently, he was tone deaf when he was younger. So much so that his friends used to make fun of him in elementary school. Jae Joong failed his first audition when he was in ninth grade but joined a band after that and practiced diligently for a year. He auditioned again and entered SM Entertainment in 2001 at the age of 15.

Try making fun of Kim Jae Joong now. (Photo source: ‘Triangle)

His Birthday Celebrations May Extend Til His Next Birthday!

Born Han Jae Joong, our birthday boy was adopted as a young boy. His birth mother has said that his real birthdate is February 4, but Kim Jae Joong still goes by January 26 on his official bio. But that’s OK. The star is holding so many birthday celebration fan meetings — 30 by the latest news coverage count — that his birthday may extend all the way til next year!

Who wouldn’t want to party with this guy? (Photo source: ‘Triangle)

While widely known for his composing and songwriting skills, Kim Jae Joong also has proven his acting prowess. He recently won the Top Excellence Award (Actor) at the 7th Korea Drama Awards for his role in “Triangle and is currently starring in the action thriller “Spy.” Catch episodes only on Viki during its two-week exclusive in the Americas! And, if that doesn’t cure your need for a Kim Jae Joong fix, check out his other dramas, “Triangle, ” “Protect the Boss” and “Dr. Jin.”

생일축하합니다, 김재중! Happy Birthday, Kim Jae Joong!

What information about Kim Jae Joong surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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