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10 Stars to Motivate You to Keep Your Workout Resolution!


If you are among the many people who made a New Year’s resolution to get into shape or work out more, research data show that this is the week (the third week in January) that you begin to lose your motivation. But don’t give in to the overwhelming temptation to hang up your gym shoes and eat another donut just yet!

To help you keep your work-out resolution this year, we give you 10 stars and their rock-hard bodies from some of our favorite dramas to inspire you to keep working toward your fitness goal!

Vanness Wu — Autumn’s Concerto

Guang Xi (played by Vanness Wu) is the perfect package in the Taiwanese drama “Autumn’s Concerto” — wealthy, well educated, charismatic and oh-so-athletic. If we had a body like his, maybe we’d become all those things, too!

Han Ye Seul — Birth of a Beauty

If the sight of Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul wearing tank tops doesn’t make you want to work out, we don’t know what will! Tae Hee (played by Joo Sang Wook) tells Sara (played by Han Ye Seul) that men are attracted to athletic body types like Kim Yun — with a BMI of 7.4 percent, body fat of only 10 percent and a waste size of 24 inches! Watch the inspiring workout scene in Episode 2 of the hit Korean drama “Birth of a Beauty”!

Mario Cimarro — Wild Cat

Luis Mario (played by Mario Cimarro) carries the burden of saving his family ranch from financial ruin on his beautifully tan, sculpted shoulders in the Venezuelan telenovela “Wild Cat.”

Chris Wang — Aim High

We wouldn’t mind if six-pack Santa came to our house bearing gifts at Christmas as Qi Feng (played by Chris Wang) does in the Taiwanese drama “Aim High”!

Carmen Villalobos and Khris Cifuentes — Made in Cartagena

Flora (played by Carmen Villalobos) and Watusi (played by Khris Cifuentes) show how competitive champeta dancing can help sculpt your body in the Colombian telenovela “Made in Cartagena”!

Chae Sung An — When a Man Loves

Baek Sung Joo (played by Chae Jung An) does a lot of aerobic stretching as she contemplates how to get Han Tae Sung (played by Song Seong Heon) to fall in love with her in Korean drama “When a Man Loves.” Watch the contemplative workout in Episode 11!

Julian Gil — Eva Luna

What woman wouldn’t pick Leonardo (played by Julian Gil) over his best friend when the man — and his golden six-pack — can look this cool while lounging by the pool in Venezuelan telenovela “Eva Luna”?

Godfrey Gao — Never Give Up, Dodo

Both Li Dong (played by Mike Sui) and Xu Fei (played by Godfrey Gao) try to impress Dodo (played by Yin Hang) with their rippling muscles. Watch the hilarious scene involving lots of beer in Episode 1 of the Chinese web series!

Wut Atsadawut Luengsuntorn  The Tiger Blade

When Yosthana (played by Wut Atsadawut Luengsuntorn) gets an unexpected visit at an inopportune time, he proves that great abs go perfectly with his mystical powers in the Thai movie “The Tiger Blade!

Which star inspires you the most to work out? Let us know in the comments!

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