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6 Must-Know Dating Tips From ‘Boysitter’ Episode 1

Are you a fan of Annie Chen and River Huang? Did you miss out on our Live Twitter Event where we watched the Episode 1 of the fun new Taiwanese drama Boysitter together? Don’t worry! Viki has picked out the best highlights from the first episode and outlined six great tips for dating and relationships, so you can get caught up!

And if you saw an anxious, claustrophobic and aviophobic long-haired passenger in the beginning of the episode, don’t freak out. She’s not the main lead!

Learn the ‘Art of Seduction’ According to Jian Ren

  • Offer to take care of a fellow crazed passenger in order to get in the good graces of the hot air stewardess
  • Clink wine glasses with her and tell her you’re looking forward to tonight’s collaboration.
  • Seductively run your hands over the girl’s arms and say the magic words, “We should go somewhere with romantic music, lovely lights and a big bed.” 

What We Think: Mmm, too cheesy for our liking. We’d rather he end up with the crazed passenger! Hehe.

    Have the Bartender Foretell Your Relationship Future

    • Go to L’attende Bar with your hair tied up in pigtails (Yuan Fei is super cute!) and whisper the secret words, “Boss, wed like one chocolate cake” to get your destiny read by the boss of the bar.
    • A pink concoction “Love Magic” is delivered to you. Congratulations! You’re with your soulmate!
    • A slice of chocolate cake is shoved in front of you. Darn, you’re not fated with that man. Yuan Fei and Jian Ren got this. ouch.
    • But guess what, the pink concoction is supposed to break up these soulmates because the boss of the bar has issues with perfect relationships. 

    What We Think: What? So Annie and River will never end up together? Oh well, at least the aegyo at the bar was cute. Someone throw George Hu into this drama!

    Don’t Bring Your Past Baggage

    • Time flashes back to 2008, where Yuan Fei is pestering Jian Ren to marry her.
    • She wags her finger in front of his face and looks pointedly at him. Super obvious.Put a ring on it!
    • Jian Ren draws a black skull on the date and proceeds to tell Yuan Fei that this is the fourth time she has proposed to him in the past two months.
    • She bites him on the arm as punishment.

    What We Think: Hold up, Yuan Fei! Guys might love a little initiative in his girl, but four times is waaaay too much!

      Learn to Distingish Between Love and Marriage

      • Jian Ren’s crazy theory is that marriage is a bond between two unwilling parties.
      • He seems pretty determined that he can continue loving her for another 50 years without marriage.
      • Yuan Fei gives an epic look of disgust at his twisted theory and stomps off.

      What We Think: Sorry, we’re with Yuan Fei on this one. A bond between two unwilling parties? This guy must have been watching one too many dramas.

        How to Get Someone to Agree to Marry You — Temporarily

        • Throw the guy onto the bed.
        • Promise him great sex while slowly unbuttoning his shirt.
        • Coerce him into marrying you while slathering his face with kisses.

        What We Think: Gotta admit, Yuan Fei was such a tease! It’s no wonder that Jian Ren couldn’t resist her. But it was short lived, unfortunately.

          How to Break Up With a Jerk

          • Scribble in permanent red ink all over his bedsheets, screaming “Go to hell, Hao Jian Ren!”
          • Throw confetti all over his bed with fork-pierced condoms.

          What We Think: Classy. Great exit. Where can we get some of those crazy condoms? Might make a pretty good Durex ad.

            So what do you think of this first episode? Did you enjoy Annie and River’s bickering as much as we did? Let us know in the comments below!

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