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Vote Now! What's Your Favorite Asian Drama of 2014?


We want to hear from you! What was your all-time favorite drama from this year? What was the one drama that you savored every minute of and waited with baited breath for the next episode to load — and then ignored your studies, job, significant other, pets, or kids to watch! Don’t look all innocent — we know you did! Don’t forget to vote for you favorite drama of the year below!

Maybe it was the sweet romance between unlikely couples in “Fated to Love You” or “It’s Okay, That’s Love”;  or the strong career women in “Love Myself or You” or “Fall in Love With Me”; the fated lovers of “My Love From the Star” or “Cunning Single Lady”; or the suspenseful storyline of “Jang Bo Ri Is Here.”

The epic love story that is out of this world in ‘My Love From the Star
The touching, more terrestrial love story in Jang Bo Ri Is Here

Let us know which drama from this year is your favorite! We will publish your votes in an upcoming blog.

What’s Your Favorite Asian Drama of 2014?
My Love From the Star
Fated to Love You
Cunning Single Lady
It's Okay, That's Love
Fall in Love With Me
Emergency Couple
Jang Bo Ri Is Here!
Love Myself or You
Hotel King
Incomplete Life
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